Big Big changes coming my way, pretty scary, any and all insight

  • Lord 2012 has certainly been a year of upheaval for me! Going thru a divorce (very drawn out process for no reason that I can figure out) foreclousre (how long do I have before the sherrif knocks on the door?) and more than likely a job change, but feeling very restless about remaining in the same field. Any and all insight about what on earth is going on would be greatly appreciated!

  • Hi buzzingpalms,

    Here is a reading, I will pick up on your emotions hopefully to help you see from a different perspective.

    there is a new friendship or opportunity

    you have been fighting ... something about infidelity....

    there is good luck around you

    one of your questions was about a guy...he is not being smart...and double dealing or craftiness going on

    Know you have the strength to get thru all of what you are going thru

    your other question is about a younger guy...talks well and handles himself well

    things are working out... work hard and it will come

    your worried about money...but I get a feeling it will be a little of the load

    with friend or family you are still going to have a burden...doubt... bumps and bruises

    don't get down and shut things out... you need an open mind and know you have the strength to work thru this...I see bumps but if you get down and can't see your way out how will you? it's in you to be able to get thru...

    your money problems aren't going to go away... your going to be nervous about loans, try and plan or see what assistance you can get.

    First know you are strong enough to do this, it's not going to be fun but don't get on yourself. I have a family member going thru this as well. It's an emotional horror ride. hopefully you have someone to talk too... make sure they are on the same cell phone plan...other wise the spike in the bill...sorry digressing..that's me...see you can almost smile...even at attempted bad jokes. Know you have a hard road but it's not all bad, keep your head up and work hard, you will get thru it.

    hope that helps,

  • Tarot Nick, thank you for the response. Today was a hard day, my realtor, (also my husband's brother's wife whom has been supportive until 2 months ago) called me today to let me know that she was withdrawing as my realtor. I am hurt, but I also understand it is hard for her as well. After her call, I started reading through the over 400 text messages that my soon to be ex has sent me. Good Grief! He is soooo emotionally draining and needy! But then, it finally occurred to me, that I was free! Soon I will no longer have to deal with his energy draining self! No more can he control whom I speak to, if I go to lunch or dinner with the girls, it doesn't matter! I can now do what I want without having to deal with the silent treatment and hatefulness. How liberating. And now that the bank has decided that they are not going to modify my mortgage, they are moving forward with foreclosure, there is nothing else for him to fight me over. So what if the judge orders that i give him this or that, it doesn't matter! I have finally come to appreciate the gifts that I have, and they are none material. I have finally figured out that the spirits are forcing me to do a thorough "house cleaning", eliminating all unneccessary malarchy so that I can get on with what i am supposed to do in this phase of my life. Still unsure, however, which direction the next phase is taking me.

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