Advice on VIRGO and cancer relationship pllleeeeeaasssee

  • The story is quite long but I'll try to condense it.

    Basically I am a Cancer and he is a Virgo (a year younger than I am.) We began "talking" last year sometime maybe April of 2011 and continued through the summer. We spoke almost everyday or every other day. Then when we got back to school that fall is when the epic Virgo distance started and I've never experienced that with other guys so I would ask about it and once I even proposed that we stop talking he said no he wants to work it out, but then that December he said he has things to work on emotionally which was aspired from me he said, of course my feelings were hurt but I understood it. So when that winter break was over and school started we acted just about the same I just gave him GREAT distance and early this year maybe in January we got into this argument because I told him I was just going to let him go and he agreed. Later he told me he didn't mean everything he said including that. As the year has progressed I took a break from speaking to him for like a month and he missed me A LOT, said he was getting all emotional lol..of course I made fun of him a little and said what let me find out you re getting all mushy he laughed. This summer leading til now is what I want to question though, This summer we were both busy, and I helped him with extremely burdening things then would give him space again then for his birthday I threw this epic party for him because he told me how all of his birthdays were awful. Then a day after he told me that he just wanted to be friends and that he didn't want me to wait it was kind of all of a sudden and he said he didn't want me to wait and that he was thinking all of this "PREMATURELY"? I was upset of course, but still kept it cordial. He was supposed to help me move last Sept. but I could not reach him so I just left him alone for only a week he told his friends I just vanished off of the Earth and when he found out I text ed one of his friends he decided that it was safe to text me I assume and he asked about my mom at like 5 something in the morning. I also found out over twitter he said I was on his mind and he didn't think I was on his. WELL DUH you told me you didn't want me, though I love the lad. Anyways from that mom convoy I directed it back to us or he did Im unsure but he asked what did I feel about him now and what do I want from him, which caught me off guard because he said "prematurely" he doesn't want me anymore or like me anymore, and so I basically told him that I see hes busy and I am too hes focused on money and graduating and Im pretty much getting things in order and I told him though I love him still I dint trust him, what I want from him is a fantastic friendship that may lead to something that will actually give us a real chance (because I do believe they we may have moved quickly) and that in then end I would like us to come together and end up like "Juno". (Ya know the movie?) He said that he hears me out and "We can do that". SO how does our future look or how does he feel? I believe he told me that after his birthday because he didn't want me to wait or get hurt by him whilst waiting, but in reality he actually does want us the work when the time is right perhaps? He knows I love him, I really would like to have a relationship with him when were both ready. Advise please and what does this mean for us? Thanks! ^___^!!

  • He's also pretty open with me about anything unemotional he also invites me to his events indirect ally and based off actions is still sexually attracted to me as well. If anymore info is needed I'll be sure to supply it.

  • I doubt it if you will get a response here. A lot of people here have bad experiences with Virgos so they are tired of giving out suggestions. I'm married to a Virgo and I'm happy with him but it doesnot mean you will be. It takes a lot of patience and understanding to be with a Virgo. As of now you already have a lot of dramas with him so I think this is a difficult relationship to begin with. You dont need a psychic for it you alone knows how this relationship will go because of the experiences you are going thru with him. We all have choces in life be miserable or be happy its as simple as that.

  • Actually I don't see much drama exactly. And I love him my patience fid him is atlunding like how you said I know a lot of people who would have given up a long time ago but I see he's worth it. We gel very well we just began way too fast and though it feels right now I'm wondering if were on the right path since he agreed to my plan of becoming close friends and progressing our relationship slowly working up to a relationship especially since I know he isn't ready he's out doing Virgo stuff truing to satisfy his "self journey" and what not. I'm just trying to make sure I am in the right path or what to look out for or something because unlike others with bad experience cues I really DO NOT want to lose him to another person. When were together , on both ends, we mesh beautifully and I refuse to settle for someone I believe is less than I am worth.

  • Hi EpitomeofCancer,

    How are you doing? Any good news? If you like the guy just go ahead and see how it works. If it does not work then it will be a learning experience for you. I wish someone at least one person reader responded to you but like what I said a lot of people here are just tired of Virgos. There are no such thing as I want to make sure. If you like the guy just go ahead and at a certain point you think its not working then its time to let go. We all have a certain point when that point gets to unhappiness then goodbye.

    Blessed Be

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