What do you see for me???

  • I just would like a reading regarding the future of my love life please. I have alot of questions but figure it's easier to just ask for a reading. Thank you!

  • You are at the end of a cycle. I get an ending you have recently experienced, whether that be a relationship, or simply an attitude. In other words, you are releasing the past and getting yourself ready to move on into the future. You must focus on what you WANT rather than thinking you'd like this or that in a partner but really, it's impossible to get that. Say to yourself: "I want a loving relationship where we are on an equal footing in most things". Once you can believe that you can and will get the relationship you want, it will manifest. Don't look back asking why this happened, or how you could've changed this or that and beat yourself up over it. Rather, look back by all means, but take the lessons learned and tell yourself you won't repeat that behaviour next time.

    I am getting two things: either you are smallish and dark-haired, and/or the man coming into your life within three months is of similar description ... or both 🙂 I see amazing intelligence and an ability to "see" things (you). You have this gift also, but haven't fully realised it yet. I see you doing Tarot readings and teaching/helping people with their life purpose.

    Do you have children? I'm also getting small kids ... two? If you don't have them now, I do see them in your future, but one of them won't be biological. I am getting two of your own, plus another that comes in well after the first two.

    I am also getting an issue of forgiveness, either towards a parent or significant authority figure. One thing I say to anyone who has a negative issue with someone in the past is not to hate the person, but hate what they did/do. "Dislike" is a much better word though! Hatred generates bitterness and resentment. Think of Jesus on the cross as he died saying "forgive them Father, for they know not what they do". This applies to you here, as only when you can get to that, can you move on from this issue. I feel this has been influencing your relationships to some degree, which is why I feel it came up.

    I hope this helps!

    Let me know if this makes sense to you.



  • Hi moon, that is alot of info! Are you sure you see me having kids?! That can't be anytime soon! Lol the man I'm seeing now is short with dark hair but has no kids. But we fight alot. I just finished school and am trying to focus on getting my career started. Deep down I'm still somewhat unhappy. I think i am still in love with my ex (he has 2 daughters) and still am trying to move on. I think that's interesting that you see me with a gift? I found out when i was younger i can hold something, like a necklace and move it by just looking at! But that's all lol thank you for the advice 🙂

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