Don't mean to be a pain

  • can somebody please tell what they think about these two jobs.

    I have applied for the city of irvine for a Public Safety Assistant job it is p/t

    I really do like the job and think I would be awesome

    the second job is the one that is for me. This is Illona 's job

    It is "Investigator- for the Dept of Insurance for the state of california

    I know this is me. I can do this job their are some things I can't do

    like drive but that is ok because everything else I know I can do it.

    I have my ba and aa in criminal justice and working on my masters

    and I just want to see what somebody see for me about these two


    Thanks Illona

  • Hi

    I sense u have good chances on both of them. However in these times it is all a lottery. It is not so much desided on what u think u can n is good at, it is more a question of do u have something the other applicants do not have. Then it is the interview face to face where they test to see does the person on paper match the person in real view. Among this is also do we have the correct chemestry to b working together aspect.

    So hon, gurd ur girdle and remain logic, coollevelheaded, calm n collected. Await the replies.

    best wishes


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