Need advice from captain please

  • Dear Captain,

    I am an indian..been living in thailand for 1 year now.i have been active on some dating sites and met many girls and one of them has interested me.shes a thai girl..on our second meeting i tried to kiss her and she said she had good time with me,but she doesnt like me i stopped all contacts ,but she called me after 2 weeks and asked to meet.since then she we have been hanging out regularly .its now like we meet 2 or 3 times a day,have some drinks,she stays over at my room.we kiss and hug,but no sex.

    shes been talking to me about her best friend who was with her at school.whenever shes not hanging out with me,shes with him.i asked her if shes in love with him,but she said they r just friends..shes still on dating site and still looking at her options.but i have a feeling shes keeping me as a second option if she cant find anyone better.

    last saturday after the drinks i asked her if she can be withme forever,but she said she cant as she doesnt love me..still she comes over to my room and we still hangout but i feel a little distance now..i am not sure if i am in love with her,but i want to be..i am planning to cut off contacts with her again.delete her from whatsapp,FB and all and see where it takes me..

    she feels of me as a friend and she calls me to meet whenever shes sad or alone..

    pla advice captain if this friendship can turn into love any time in the future..and what should be my plan ot action if it were to be so..

    i am aquarian and shes gemini


  • "i have a feeling shes keeping me as a second option if she cant find anyone better

    Your instincts are correct. Don't get involved with this manipulator.

  • PS Don't trust what people say online. Go out and meet real people. Mingle and get socially active - I feel you will meet a very nice girl that way.

  • dear Captain,

    thanks for the advice .the only reason i felt she was genuine is that she told me frankly that she dint love me.anyways i think i will take ur advice and stop all contacts

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