Being stared at

  • hello i hve been wondering about this male figure that i do not know or never knew but since the first day of being in high school on the public bus he started to stare at me hes been doing that since 9 -12 he stared at me for a gud amount of seconds that day till i spotted him but to be honest with you it could have been because i was so thin because before i started high school i lost so much weight during that summer and now im at college and hes at the same college as me and hes in my german class and he kind of still does the same thing as if he wants to say something to me or want to be friends with me i dont know i didnt really care but now im just curious after seeing this movie called cloud atlas... and im a huge body language reader a huge huge and ive picked up so many diff things at diff times but now im curious to know what another person can pick up

  • i dont know if i should give the name out or anything else

  • He sees something in you. If you are not weirded out by his staring, then it's all good. I don't think you are. I simply feel he's seeing YOU. You will get an opportunity to approach him. I feel he's got a message for you, apart from other things 🙂

  • yeah im not weirded out by it- just curious- sometimes i dont even mind but just curious to why...really hmm ill try to um get closer cuz i notice its been him thats been doing that and ive been pushing away

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