Advice on a reading I did for myself

  • Hi all,

    I just discovered this forum and I'm looking for some advice/second opinions on a reading I did for myself. I'm not hardly a professional so I'd like to see what people with more experience have to say.

    It was a celtic cross spread. I asked about going to med school (which is a big career change for me). The result was like this (my attempt at a diagram)


    of pentacles




    3 6 (crossed w/ 9 pentacles

    swords wands queen of pentacles

    wands) hierophant

    4 7

    wands wands

    I won't put my opinion yet, I don't want to taint what people think. Thanks in advance. This is a great forum!

  • It would be easier to see the cards in their position if you numbered them, but you sure have a lot of wands and pentacles. Why not go to medical school if you can?

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