For the person below me

  • This is a tarot one card reading i will choose a card for the person below me and they will give a little bit of feedback on wether they can relate to this influence or not and choose a card for the person below them and so on here goes , i will ask what influences are surrounding them at this present time

    To the person below me

    The 10 of wands

    There is alot of weight on your shoulders you are doing to much you need to take a load off delegate , get or accept help .

  • Livingona prayer

    How does this work? Isnt it better to read fr the person above us?!I pulled a card fr you:Its the star.

    You are creative and inspired right now. This reading thread is your gift to others. For clarification I picked up another card and it shows this special touch of yours will be extended to your home and possessions right now.


  • Btw I feel 10 wands applie to me for this whole year;)and maybe also to many others here.Time seems to be flying at high speed right now!

  • i am not much of a tarot reader but i just want to try. 🙂 The card I drew is Temperance, for you Suramya. Temperance indicates healing, balanced emotions and harmony entering your life so maybe after the time of so many things happening in your life, a bit overwhelming perhaps, what you can expect is the time of peace and balance. it's a nice card so i am happy to be the bearer of a good news.:)

  • Moonalisa

    Thank you very much! Temperance has been coming up a lot for me recently, so you should trust your gut:)

    I hope someone below reads for you. I am sorry I got the death card, which might signify the ending of a relationship or a certain phase or pattern in yr life.Even before i touched the cards three of swords flashed in my mind's eye.If any of this is true, and I hope its not, and Im way off, I could try a reading for you in another thread.

    All the very best

  • Thanks Suramya. To be honest the cards i have drawn for myself lately are not very favourable either: tower, death and 10 of swords keep turning up for some time. That coupled with disturbing dreams and gut feeling signify that there may be something unpleasant i should be ready for. The whole year has been full of situations that triggered extreme emotions in me, from deep sadness, loss of faith to the feeling of happiness and joy. i am a bit tired. 🙂

    Hm, when you reach the bottom the only direction is upwards right? that should bring comfort.

  • moonalisa

    I just did a detailed spread and you are right about the present being the most anxiety inspiring phase in this change for you. Things are going to change for the better professionally and personally for you, though the change may be rapid , as the Tower came up again. Younger admirers/men coming into yr life, a critical person (one who is judgemental) moving away. In yr work or profession area there is a dominating egoistic person(male). But the overall outlook is very good esp financially as you got 10 pentacles. some good times ahead with friends as well.

    Change may be scary but is for our higher good I guess:)

  • Thankyou Suramya,

    yes i am feeling creative right now .

  • This is what the feeling of anxiety probably comes from - fear of the inevitable change. Thank you Suramya. 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

  • for a person below:

    King of pentacles- now is the time for you to follow the established way of doing things. Practical approach, patience, persistence, hard work to achieve material stability comes to mind.

    He can also represent a reliable and supporting man in your life.

  • That is great moonalisa i hope we get more participants on this thread .

  • Haha Mags, I could not resist it...I really miss our contact, just been busy moving house and stuff but now I have gotten settled I have more time on my hands. Poetic said you were missing me.. soooo I smiled when i saw your thread and drew a card for you. It is Strength. I did a bit of reading up since I am not yet completely literate with the meanings. Could it be that you have stepped outside your comfort zone in some area of your life, maybe in your inner world, not so much your outer world, and you need to draw on all resources available to you to move forward. You need to use discipline and control to get where you want to go, and you should be on the alert for base emotions and impulses. I used wikipedia to get an interpretation and based on that this is what I think might fit you. I do see a lot of determination surrounding you my dear friend and that is a really great thing, like you have grown stronger in some way. You are taming that lion.

    Hugs and will mail you xxxxxxxPaddi

  • Hey Sheelagh ,

    What a nice suprise to see you here , i am sorry i havent been in touch but i have been thinking of you always .Strenght yes i can totally relate .alot has been going on i will fill you in more in an email . I have a very sore arm at the moment it is killing me so i am off to soak in a nice hot bath Look forward to catching up again soon .

    Love and hugs Mags xx

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