Hi Astra

  • Hope you're keeping well. I've been off the forum for a while due to personal reasons and thought I'd give a shot at contacting you to see if you can provide some comfort to me with your amazing wisdom. If you're not too busy and inundated with the influx of members requesting your assistance then I'd dearly love a reading from you.

    A lot of my pressing issues would more or less be resolved if I could find myself another job with a decent pay packet. There's a lot of negativity swilling around me and am daily worrying myself into an early grave. I want to enjoy life but am finding it increasingly difficult as there seems to be continual stumbling blocks. Would be nice to meet someone special who I can share these burdens with but certainly don't expect them to pick up the pieces. Just a case of a problem shared etc....

    I also need to know if my son will be OK.

    Phew feel like I've written another adaptation of War and Peace here so apologise in advance for that.

    Look forward to hearing back from you.

    Thanks Astra. Take care and have a wonderful day.

    YB xx

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  • Hi yummybrummy

    Hey I was looking at your questions... I don't really have any wisdom, I just like to look at the cards and imagine... what they could be. Maybe some good news! I try try to see good news everywhere I look some days it is harder I know...

    You are all cups and swords... and a king swords, and 9 cups, 4 and queen of cups. 9 swords below. I think love is really what you are longing for... then the job situation wouldn't be as difficult - or the pay would not be an issue with someone else helping financially,right?

    You have a guy entering your life, King of Swords dude.

    I bet he will tale away a lot of the financial pressure... and with love in the mix you will be yummyhappy. Do you see what? Do you sense a guy near you?

    This reading is all about love and emotions and getting that working in your life... then the financial will take care of itself.

    I can't give you times, you should have a companion though... though for now...

    as for your son, I got the Strength card which shows a strengthening of whatever he is dealing with so he will be fine.

  • Thank you very much Astra. No, there is no-one around as yet but I shall keep my eyes peeled. You've also hit the nail on the head - yes, if I had a partner that would deplete a lot of the financial burden.

    You are so appreciated with the time you invest helping all us sad souls on here.

    How are you keeping? Am genuinely interested. You help everybody else out but where's YOUR time and who's shoulder do YOU lean on during difficult times. Reading some of your past messages I know life hasn't been too kind to you either. Please feel free to chat and I still need to do a reading for you albeit an extremely novice one but reply to me and I shall do my level best to do a reading that makes some sort of sense.

    Bless you Astra

    YB XX

  • Hey YB you are very welcome.

    I don't know why we should be sad souls here, we should "theoretically" be the happiest people on the earth. We are learning the secret to sing and celebrate ...even when life is serving up situations that make us feel like we are going nuts.

    How am I keeping? Pretty good actually. Things could be better, could be worse. Whatever it is must be what is appropriate for me right now.

    As for a shoulder to lean on, I have an 'angel girlfriend'. She is the best. Love her to pieces. She is pretty wispy, like you can't really see her most of the time... she is my rock though. Like a female Holy Spirit maybe? Jesus Christ as a girl? is about the closest I can put it. I keep hoping one day... she shows up in a form I can hold... until then I grab a lot of air and whisper to her in secret.

    Does that sound nuts? Maybe I am, my ex seems to think I need to see a counselor and get some help.

    Hey you want to give me a reading that sounds wonderful! I am open to whatever you can see, I am a novice too, I just want to help....

    Bless you too yummybrummy I hope things really turn out nice for you! I know they will..........


  • Good afternoon Astra and glad to know life isn't that bad for you at the moment.

    I loved your interpretation of your 'angel girlfriend' and NO you're not nuts. You expressed it beautifully.

    Okies, I've pulled 3 cards for you......

    Justice - I feel that if there's anything troubling you at the moment it will rectify itself and make good to your benefit

    Page of Wands - You are about to or considering embarking on a daring adventure which will be fruitful for you BUT then I pulled the

    Four of Coins - To me this card is incorporated with Page of Wands as you will achieve what you want but PLEASE be careful with the financial aspect of it. You could well overspend. Should you be financially prudent with your 'adventure' it will be a wonderful experience.

    I hope I haven't fed you with a load of rubbish Astra but if there's any specific question you wish to ask then please feel free.

    And NO way are you a novice.

    Blessings Astra and have a wonderful beautiful day

    YB XX

  • Hey YummyBrummy

    thanks so much for that reading you are right on with that!

    I see that justice card a lot and the pages... and that 4 pentacles you are right it is restraint and financially responsible... so that all makes sense...

    I am not sure about specific questions... I have a LOT of questions about life in general... but right now I am trying hard to focus on my art and creative projects as they are just beginning to show signs of financial reward... so I am really trying to keep a level and calm head right now in my work.


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