Tarot-nick if you have a time

  • so today, i moved out far from my home, and im all alone, i dont know anybody(plus i wasnt on the college for first week) i dont know the city, this is my third time i got in college.i really cant give up.

    so im really afraid of everything, how will i live alone, will i get friends, will i be good at college?

    so can you take a look, how things will go? my sign is vrigo 🙂

  • Hi nency,

    It's an exciting time, try not to miss classes; playing catch up stinks...

    Here you go,

    you ran into some complications

    you have some obstacles to over come... i feel like you stubbed your toe a few times

    its getting to you, don't get mad and don't be inflexible...you have to deal with it. It's best done on a clear mind...think it thru

    To your question...things are stale and it feels like it blew up

    it seems you had a tough time with your family or family member

    its time to let go and grow... don't cling to older ideas

    you will be happy and be able to smile.... give it time

    There is a guy on your mind, but it seems its always a fight

    which leads to ups and downs...being upset

    that leads you to not be sure, you want a nice sunny day but you are stuck in the mists so you cant see

    with all that you still have hope and inspiration to come

    Be open minded and think and plan, you have some stuff to go thru but know there is a light at the end of the tunnel...you never lose that...

    Hope that helps,


  • it's terrible, im alone and confused. my sister is sick, she needs my help, but i cant be there for her, if i wanna go to the college.

    i hope it's gonna turn fine 🙂

    hm, a guy, idk, i have a girlfriend tho 🙂

  • You will be fine, just know you can get thru it.

    its the same feeling...different gender; whom ever you are close too. That will just add to the stress level, so look at the big picture and see what is best for you and work towards that goal. Hope rings thru....

  • thank you, i hope i will 🙂

  • can u do a reading, shoul i met this girl, i met on internet? she is a younger then me, gemini i think 🙂

  • nency,

    ask me in about a month and I will gladly give you another reading. Focus on what you need to do for you, if you can in a sense clean house, it will be easier to deal with new happenings that come about.


  • ok, thank you 🙂

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