Can anyone help interpret this reading please?

  • Hi all

    With my limited knowledge of reading cards, I did this celtic cross reading for myself. I asked quite a specific question about a difficult situation in my life around my previous partner and his responsibility towards our children. With my limited knowledge, I feel the first part of the reading is telling me to take a step back, find acceptance and have faith that the situation will work out but not to expect an easy ride. I feel the second half of the reading veered off somewhere else and would appreciate some insight. Can anyone help out?

    1 - Queen of cups

    2 - Tower

    3 - Ace of swords

    4 - The hanged man

    5 - Knight of cups

    6 - 8 of pentacles

    7 - King of pentacles

    8 - The Charriot

    9 - Page of Wands

    10 - The Hermit.

    Anyone anything to offer? I'd really appreciate any insights.



  • Hi saranavitch,

    I see you reached out twice... were all the card straight up or reversed? that will make a difference

    everyone can have different interpretations of a reading... there are many books that give good definitions... find one that clicks with you. It's a feel you get, because sometimes the descriptions will tell you opposite meanings and when you first start you don't have your bank of information up yet. So its a matter of getting comfortable and in time you learn to trust.


  • Hi Nick

    Thanks for your reply

    All of the cards were straight up.


  • Hi saranavitch,

    everyone is different, when I do a reading I know I'll pick up on your emotions, other people and ask questions...some do yes and no questions....then there are all types of set ups... the thing I am trying to say everyone has their own style...I think...that what make each of us unique... the trick is to keep doing readings...and learn to trust yourself. You will find your way what works for you.

    Here is what I think you picked up on in your reading.

    1.- Queen of cups; this is’re a good person and you can get done what needs to be done.

    2 - Tower; the pot is being stirred...conflict, emotions, change...all being mixed up and bubbling

    3 - Ace of swords; there’s a lot going on, and you are holding your own

    4 - The hanged man; there is a pause where you can breath... waiting on decisions

    5 - Knight of cups; a nice guy..who is a bit of a dreamer

    6 - 8 of pentacles; you’re going to be learning something new...for school or work

    7 - King of pentacles; a good older guy..stable and wise

    8 - The Chariot; things are working out

    9 - Page of Wands; younger guy.. different from the one above...

    10 - The Hermit.; someone will give you good counsel

    There are a few things, as you do readings you will learn and work the meanings to who you are so you can stay with the general meaning till you build up a bank. The spread you can find what the set up is and the meanings on where they are placed. When you do the reading and your mind is all over different doesnt flow well...the cards jump all over... this also happens when you are learning to do readings...they jump so its harder to get a feel.

    So try and focus your mind and keep to one thought... if you do it enough you will get comfortable

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