Tarot-Nick, Any Chance Please?

  • Afternoon Nick

    I've seen you've assisted quite a few members on here with your intuitive readings and wondered if I may encroach upon your valuable time to ask if you would extend your kindness to me......

    I don't really have one specific question to ask because I have several and don't wish to be greedy but if I could have a general reading and perhaps a tendency to slant upon the career aspect.

    Many thanks and have a great day

    YB XX

  • Like I tell my girls sucking up don't work...flashing the eyes goes right passed me..hahahahah

    I'll pull a reading for you later tonight....

  • Hi yummybrummy,

    Here you go, looks like you have had some anxiety lately but are now able to breath and relax

    I get the feeling you have been either short tempered lately or only wanted to hear what you wanted

    your feeling good about yourself...confident

    you came thru what ever you went thru... like after a struggle, your taking it in and saying I got this...

    this must have happened recently... you took some hits along the way, just make sure you put it in perspective

    Know who you are, know that you are strong and can do what ever you need too

    This must have been a big struggle, but you are thru it and will have a chance to reflect and breath

    In the back of your mind your thinking about a dreamer

    your going to be able to work well with friends, you'll be able to adapt and have self control

    you have realized there is hope and you can do it

    Now you are ready for new beginnings

    What ever you went thru wasn't fun, but your thru it and the best thing is you are ready to start something new... i get the feeling you cleaned the slate... so draw something pretty and go for it

  • Thank you Nick and I shall refrain from eye fluttering 😉

    To be honest it seems I'm still going through this 'thing' - has been a really tough year so far and things are not improving. Received some pretty bad news last night which now has me worried to death and I pray it will be rectified in a positive manner. This year has seemed as though I'm having one bad knock after the other and the previous knock hasn't finalised before another one appears so they're overlapping.

    I'm aware there's one major area to resolve 'all' of what's happening and that's to move to another job that pays well where I'll have the necessary finances but despondently I feel I'm exhausting all existing opportunities, applying and receiving no response from anyone.

    Yes, I have been short tempered and I still am but that's yet a reason due to another existing problem.

    Anyway I do appreciate your time Nick and thank you again.

    Have a lovely day

    YB X

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