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  • well I have some good news to share. My appeal was granted for my vet tech program! 🙂 Thank God, cause if it wasnt my future would have been doomed for sure. thank-you for believing in me and staying positive 🙂 however, that was just the begining, there are still other challenges Im going thru right now. Im working right now but money is still a major struggle,and my boyfriend wants to move further away from city. But I dont have a reliable car or make enough for gas to commute far for work and school. nor the time for long drive between work/school. it just cant be done, i need to stay in area until i graduate. I know he hates it here but Im at a loss as to what can be done. Basically its up to him for how he wants to proceed. He is still over the road truck driver with his friend(our roommate). He is on the road now and it sucks, he left yesterday and i miss him already! 😞 I cant retake the quarter til its offered again at night which is mid january, so i do have more time on my hands, and more time to miss him and be bored! So whatdo you see for my near/immediate future? any new developments, words of advice, etc.?

  • So you are prepared to follow whatever your boyfriend decides for your future?

  • Im not sure what you are asking. as far as moving, yes i would like to move eventually but i cannot yet cause i need to be close to school. i do not want to move back in with my mom. there is too much tension in that house especially with me cause my family doesnt like my boyfriend. and also my ex stepdad who has sexually harassed me since i was 12 has been visiting my mom and over at the house alot lately. they have a kid together(my little sis jessica). anyway I hate that man and i feel uncomfortable around him. so I dont want to be over there when he is there. So what do you forsee happening here in the near future? and what can i do to ensure things go in a direction that would be good for me?

  • I mean, if your boyfriend wants to move out of the city, would you follow (because he really wants to go)? Or what else would you do?

  • Because I feel your lives are moving in two different directions.

  • Yes I would like to move with him but I cant just yet because I need to finish school. are you saying he will leave me? because I want to be with him forever. Will he wait for me to finish school before leaving so we can move together? I do not want to move back home, my family doesnt want me around and I will have to see and deal with my perverted ex stepdad being at the house all the time. Our roommate said to me that i would flip out if i knew what was going on over at the house, but he wouldnt tell me what it is cause he says i always go back and tell my mom everything. what is he talking about? whats going on over there? will my boyfriend leave/abandon me?

  • I feel your BF is impatient to move on with his job and life so he may leave you behind if you don't comply with his wishes. He feels a little now that you are holding him back. This frustration will grow as time passes. He rather has the feeling that it is the man who should call the shots and the woman to follow. I feel it will eventually come down to what you love more - your BF or your career.

  • Ok, but he knows that I dont have a choice. if i dont finish school we will be in debt for the rest of our lives. he says he wants to marry me, and even though he was hesitant about having more children he did say he would be happy to have one with me. I have been the most stable, longest relationship he has ever had and those who have known him the longest says he has changed alot "for the better" and has settled down greatly since iv been with him. So are you saying he is a fake, who is just using me? it just doesnt seem like him at all. He also knows that I dont have anywhere to go, and i dont want to move back home where my pervert ex stepdad is starting to spend alot more time with my mom and over at the house. supposedly almost every day! He acknowleges that he is lucky to have me, i make our place ahome, and take good care of everyone. no one is stopping him form changing his job, cause he is a truck driver it doesnt matter where he lives. cause he is over the road and is home for afew days at a time. so he can where for any company he wants. His biggest thing is that he doesnt like living in the neighborhood we are at, its not exactly but close to being "in the ghetto" lol. we live in small apartment"house" with 4 other families, no backyard, etc.. I dont like it either. I too would like to live a little further south. Now before he was dead set on moving back to tennessee where his adoptive parents and his dad live. his dad said he could get him a great deal on renting a huge farmplace close to his old home. but I told him that i dont want to live so far away from my hometown, which is cleveland ohio. beacuse if he is on the road then i wont have anyone nearby to hang out with, like friends/family. I told him if he wants to go then fine but then we wont be together anymore. so he decided to break down and compromise, he said forget tennessee and asked me if i would at least be ok with southern ohio, couple hours from where we live now(in cleveland). Thats something id love, i always dreamed of living southern ohio. its out in country yet a reasonable distance to visit family/friends. I have maybe a total of one year left of school,then ill be done. I cant understand why he would be willing to give up on the idea of going home to tennessee which he was so adamant about it but not wait for the year it will take for me to get a degree that will help both of us have a lifestyle we want. cause he probably wont be able to do it by himself, he dont make that great of money. my career may make more than him! and he knows that. he says all the time how proud he is of me and how he wants me to finish school. and he knows if i quit it will negatively affect his finances cause ill be debt for the rest of my life and he would have to support me.

  • No he is not a fake at all - why would you think that? it's just that he may tend to place his own interests before yours if he thinks he must. He really hates where he is living and is not sure how much longer he can take being there. It stresses him out being in such an environment and makes him want to stay out on the road longer to be away from it. He wants change and he wants it very soon.

  • yes i understand that. he did say he would be willing to go to the next county about 40 min away which is a little better. How do you think that would go for us? will it be successful? how will it g oif we did move there? oh another question. my boyfriends best friend who lives with us, well he had his girfriend/mother of his child living with us,but she gone now. she has become vindictive, threatening us, and one of her guy buddies threatening to rape me in the middle of the night. what do u think will occur with this situation? the guys are leaving for the road today, will i be safe while they gone?

  • I don't feel the next county will be far enough for your restless boyfriend. It would only be a temporary solution before he wanted to move again. The problem is you need to be in a permanent place to finsih your education and he wants to be on the move, two differing desires which will be very hard to satisfy to both your heart's content.

    You should notfiy the police about the threats made against you so that there is a record with which you can counterthreaten this woman and her thuggish friends. You can tell her that if anything happens to you, the police will know who to go after and that she could have her child taken away from her. I feel this would frighten her into backing down.

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