And it was all going so well... Help please

  • Hi all

    With my limited knowledge of reading cards, I did this celtic cross reading for myself. I asked quite a specific question about a difficult situation in my life around my previous partner and his responsibility towards our children. With my limited knowledge, I feel the first part of the reading is telling me to take a step back, find acceptance and have faith that the situation will work out but not to expect an easy ride. I feel the second half of the reading veered off somewhere else and would appreciate some insight. Can anyone help out?

    1 - Queen of cups

    2 - Tower

    3 - Ace of swords

    4 - The hanged man

    5 - Knight of cups

    6 - 8 of pentacles

    7 - King of pentacles

    8 - The Charriot

    9 - Page of Wands

    10 - The Hermit.

    Anyone anything to offer? I'd really appreciate any insights.



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