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  • Hi there 🙂 Its been a while since I've been in here. So so soooooo much of my life has changed and I can't believe where I am now. Things seem pretty darn good. I think I'm in a good place with work and school and the kids. I do wonder though, bc from a relationship standpoint things seem kind of latent. I've met some great men and learned some good lessons about what I want/don't want, etc...but I can't help but wonder if anyone long term will be stepping into my life any time soon or if I'm just going to fly solo for a while. I suppose the only reason I care is bc I loved being in my last relationship, the laughing, the partnership, being wrapped up in arms. For a long time I was just focusing on me but I feel like I"m more ready than ever and I really look forward to being with a good, solid, kind, secure man. From what you can tell, does it seem like that's in the works?

    Thank you in advance 🙂

  • Yes, you are baking the cake--the frosting will come! By taking the time to fill your life without a man it actualy attracts a space for the right man. THE RIGHT MAN! The one who is secure enought to apreciate a woman who is not needy. Know what you want and be patient. When we are happy and busy with life in a hopeful way we exude a tangible energy that is attractive to secure men. When we wander around looking a bit down, lonely, craving it attracts rescuers who seem great at first but it ends up a nightmare as they only feel secure as long as they keep rescuing so they sabotage security in a woman and stunt her growth. Abusers also come smiling when they sence a wounded woman. So keep on feeling the gratitude of your life--gratitude will attract a man. Not when you are looking for him but when you are not! November will be a good month for you--a change in directions that may be subtle but you will feel change coming. I see big hearts on Valentines day and balloons. An older man is in your future and you will learn a lot from him. BLESSINGS PS--I see the number 13 as important. And an Aries influence--either directly or in the planets or moon but definetly an Aries attraction.

  • 13 is my favorite number. 🙂 One of my friends was laughing and joking with me last night and proposed. He said we were going to get married on saturday, which is hilarious because it is also the 13th. Haha. Such a funny guy. Looks like this 13th will be a great day with lots of laughs at the very least! I really do have a big batch of great ppl in my life that keep me plenty entertained.

    November is my birthday month and it's shaping up to be a great one already! I'm looking forward to it.

    An older man huh? They tend to like me...

    I'll have to look up Aries. I don't know what kinds of characteristics are associated with that one. 🙂

    Thank you!

  • The Aries influence may not be just a sun sign but have a moon or important planet in Aries--have you ever had your birthchart done? The aries could also be an April reference but I really feel spirit meant a reference to the aries sign. I just say what they give me and try not to think about it too much. Like when I said 13--had no idea why they said it but now I do! Old guy attracter? You must have a big heart. I attract old guys and children myself!

  • Oh yah, some of the best conversations I've ever had have been with 75+ men. They will literally come sit right next to me and strike up conversations. I'm super personable so I talk to everyone but they always seem to stand out in my mind...great teachers! I think maybe they are right when they say I have an old some ways I'm immature and in others I feel like I know more than my time. No complaints though, it keeps my life fairly balanced.

    13 is also an interesting number in that

    1. I've always liked it, it feels very comfortable to me -if that even makes sense.

    2. My ex-husbands grandfather said it was his lucky number. The only time he ever crashed an aircraft was when it wasn't number 13.

    I hope you are having a great day 🙂

  • It's a childs safe heart that attracts old men and children! Otherwise, they are invisible mostly to the adult world. When my kids got old enough I always started sending them to do erands while I watched of course so they could interact in the adult world--first time I sent my youngest to buy an icecream from a park vender he came back frustrated and said mom I felt ivisible! Adults cut past him--the vender ignored him--he had to yell hey! My best older lady friend laughed when I told her that as she said as a little old lady it was the same battle--if you didn't muster some big energy you were invisible! Old folks get ignored! They can be so fading away--calm and unhurried that they disapear BUT they gravitate to a person that has a wide open child like unconditional heart--AND not afraid of old age---our society is very bad at seeing old folks---people do not want to see it. AND yet you are right we cut ourselves off from wisdom--God meant for us to bond tribal wise--elders to younger. I so agree with you! Everyone needs a great elder buddy!

  • Blmoon,

    I completely agree. Honestly, my life is richer because of the attraction. It never fails, I'll sit in starbucks and an old man will come sit by me and just start talking. They are so genuine- with nothing to lose... I wish the world would take on that same belief; that honesty would behoove all instead of acting within a facade. Having lived through so much, they've got it right...say what you mean and mean what you say. The gratitude is phenominal, and the complaints are valid...heck, what a blessing to just "be" where you are in the moment, whether that's happy, grumpy, or otherwise!

  • I think We attract the invisable because we ourself can be invisable--we slow down in the moment when we sit back and really look around us and go outside ourself and in that way the world comes in as well. We can be peaceful as passionate. I often have butterflys land on my shoulder or little creatures hop on me as if to say hello you are one oF us.I think this is a nessasary part of having a creative nature as all forms of art require careful observation--an awareness. BLESSINGS!

  • That made me smile, "you are one of us"... it's true, that universal connection is ever apparent. I love it.

  • BLmoon,

    Wanted to give you an update. This "friend" that proposed in my original thread ended up warping into one of the best relationships. I didn't mean to fall for him, BUT, I did. He's leaving, and I'm OK... I feel like I'm in such a solid place in my life that he adds to it, but doesn't define it. That said, I'm going to miss him like craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy...phew, hurts a little to think about. How blessed am I to have found a love that impacts enough to elicit that?!

    The weird part about having him in my life is that not only has it given me reason to think about me, going forward, but also what I want my life to look like. I have to ask, bc I'm going on 36 and it kinda hurts my heart a little, do you see any more kids in my future? I have wanted, for sooooo long, to have a few more but I feel like with my life's direction, and the fact that I"m possibly becoming single again, that it may not happen, and it's a little disheartening. 🙂

    I've got good things going on. I"m happy and in a good place...and so lucky to have loved again!

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