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  • Hi can I have a reading regarding my love life? DOB 3/4/1959


  • Hello

    Any sign of a special someone on my horizon? DOB 19/06/75

  • Hello my DOB is May 6th 1992 @ 9:28pm

    There is this guy at my job (busboy) who I really like and he seems to like me as well. He just seems a little reserved when talking to me at times. He is very flirtatious but seems to have deep conversations with me. We hung out this past Sunday hanging out-all night-kissing, cuddling, watching movies, listening to music and talking. We been texting since then but his reserved behavior question does he really like me.

    Does the busboy like me or is he just playing around with me?

  • HighPO9

    Thanks for the reading. You hit it all bout right for me. I seem to get more done on my own and i do love my time alone. The part of being confussed, i sure hope it doesn't get any worst than it is. ha. It was also good to hear that i will have the strenght to get through when the time comes. The future looking good sure helped the feelings out too. Thanks again, and Blessings to you.

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