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  • Listen to your inspiration and your inner voice. Are you doing what you are meant to do? Did you find your sense of purpose/ your life path? Let me help you find and set your goals, focus attention, access your creative spirit, stay inspired and follow your dream. Because is Halloween time of the year, I am offerig a FREE tarot consultation to the first 10 people that answer this post. For an accurate reading please send your D/O/B together with your specific question. Love and Light

  • Hello HighP09, thanks for your offer. Here is my question: What advice or guidance is there for my relationship? How can i strengthen our bond?

  • Moonalisa I see your birth card is Number 7- the Chariot and your shadow card is 16- the Tower. That means your life is not boring.. Well you are constantly on the move and you go high only to fall from there, and then again the same cycle. That is not your fault.. but with Tower as your shadow card it will always be something dramatic in your life every 7 years or so.

    That means even a divorce or a separation is possible. That is the big picture.

    Now regarding this particular relationship I did a 3-card reading. The main problem is unresolved conflict. I truly believe that you will be happy without this relationship. There should be no regrets, as you will only achieve more if you get out of it now. I know this will not be easy, but the more you stay the more unhappy you will be.

  • HighPO9

    Thanks for offer. May i please get a general reading, DOB: March 4, 1964

  • Thank you High, yeah, many ups and downs in my life. i have never thought of it as a cycle but now i can see that every 6 years something unpleasant, not to say traumatic, happened in my life. 1994, 2000, 2006 were quite painful for me. This year my 'tower' has collapsed again. i wish i could do something to avoid the dramatic events but is there anything that can be done if such is my lifepath?

    As for the relationship, i feel happy and emotionally fulfilled in my current one, just thought i could do something to strengthen our bond. There are some obstacles but i believe the problems can be solved as time passes. Could it be that you picked the vibes of another man in my life who used to mean a lot to me? We went separate ways a few years ago and it took me a lot of time to heal after it. Recently he;s been trying to get in touch with me more often than before.

  • Hi MoonLisa would I be able to get a reading on love and my career? My date of birth is 3/13/88.

  • Sorry HighP09 can I get a reading please

  • HighP09,

    Thanks for your generous offer. My D.O.B is 25/10/79. My question is how do I go further in nurturing my creative abilities/impulses, and remove any real or perceived blocks?

  • Hi HighP09, can you give me a reading for this month? My DOB is 24/09/89, and I'm feeling pretty lost in career and love right now....

  • Hi WWomen...

    I can see what you are asking for a reading too.. Your birth card is number 9- that means the Hermit and your shadow card is the Moon. These are somewhat difficult cards. You perform best on your own and like to spend time alone. Your shadow card shows you will most often be confused and have problems seeing reality. For that reason it would be best if you had someone else, someone you trust to ask about your situation. Do not trust your instincts as may lead you into more confusion.

    Ok-ay since you never asked for a direct question I did a past, present and future reading.

    You are just coming out from a difficult time. You are waiting to see results, but there are delays at the present moment. You need to wait more, so please be patient. Your future looks good, as you will get the strength you need to achieve your goals.

  • Sorry.. I meant.. why you are asking for a reading too.. not "what"

    Moonlisa- I did look into your current relationship. I do still believe this is not the right relationship for you.

  • thank you HighP09, i'd like to ask one more question, if you do not answer i'll understand. Do the cards say why it isn't the right one?

  • Hello HighP09! I would love to have a reading done please! DOB is 11/15/54 and I looking to see what is on the horizon for me. I lost my husband a year and a half ago and I can't seem to get over the loss. I want to know if I will ever get over the lonliness and grief. Thank you!

  • Hello HighP09!,

    Thank You for this generous offer !

    I would like to know and understand the love situation of t for me ?

    do you see any thing coming up on this situation ? What is advice for me in here ?

    Happy October month to you !!

  • Hi HighP09

    I would like to have a reading. any information you pick up.. my dob is april 8 1985. Thank you!

  • Can I have a reading my dob is nov.30.89

    Thank you

  • Hi! Can I please get a reading in regards to my love life. DOB is August 29/87. Thank you os much.

  • Moonalisa- there was a reason.. but I did not know how to put it in for you.

    There is bondage.. more like a relationship for the wrong reasons... and there was the Star reversed- meaning no hope for the future.

  • Thank you for the clarification HighP09, i'm really grateful for your answers.

  • I have been in a romantic relationship with S for 4 yrs I gave him an ultimatum, will he listen to it or are we going to rift apart. Also I have been interviewing for a better job I have two interviews coming up what can you tell me about my changes of nailing one. Or should I stay in the one I have.

    Thanks for the offer

    JUne 18, 1969

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