Captain could I have a reading please?

  • Hi Captain,

    I was hoping you could do a reading for me when you get the time - I am currently highly considering moving to my home country at christmas - its just a feeling i cannot shake , i have been living in the city i'm in now for nearly two years and I still can not say that i'm 100% happy here...i guess its just fear of instability with work etc thats keeping me from moving back.

    i am just wondering if i did move home is it the best move for my higher good?

    my name is elaine and DOB is Jan 18 1983.

    Thank you.

  • Elaine, I get a vision of you trying to find your way thriough a dark fog, lost and confused, without direction. While it is comforting to want to go home during such a time, it would not be in your best interest as there is troubles at home that would leave you feeling tired and frustrated. I feel you need to be more clear on what you want from your life then go after it without stopping until you get it. I feel you do not have the energy to do this while you are in a fog and also because you tend to give your power away to others (especially men) and by believing randomness or luck rules your life and not your own good self. When you come to believe that the power to create your own fortune is in your hands, the fog will dissipate.

  • Thank you Captain for your reading, yes i am entirely confused as to the right path to take at the moment, if i do go home i won't be living in my own homeplace but rather an urban city that is far enough away but close enough to be able to get home in a few hours! At the moment where i am living i cannot travel outside the country due to my visa restrictions - work visa only - and i am finding it incredibly difficult to obtain my papers for travel. i have been here for two years without any visits to my home or outside the country itself and i'm finding that i am feeling trapped here! i am finally trying to get a grasp on what i want out for my future for my own best interests and that being in my mind at the moment is to move home at christmas time, spend a few weeks with my family and then go on a few weeks away to Australia to see what i feel for that country and then return home and try to get myself set up and settled somewhere.

    thank you for your time for my reading, i really appreciate it;

  • If you want to stay where you are and be happy, you need to start seeing it as 'home' - otherwise you will always feel like a visitor. Until you sort out what you want and what it will take to make you happy, however, nowhere will be home for you no matter where you go. Home is really inside you. You have to do what YOU want, not what is socially acceptable or what your friends and family will approve of or that will help you fit in and belong somewhere. You need to gain control of yourself and your life to be happy. Don't let anyone tell you how to be or what to do. Your life choices have to resonate with something deep inside you. Learn to direct those powerful creative energies of yours you outward rather than turning them inwards into mental anguish and analysis. Listen to your intuition, then act on it, instead of dithering which way is best.

  • Great advice, thank you Captain. 🙂

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