Tarot nick- reading please

  • Hi I had an interview yesterday . The interviewer told me she wants me to go for another interview on Thursday. I am not sure about this job since its only part time and not full time. I really need need guidance to see if this is the right job for me or should I continue looking.

  • dfrance,

    I'll do a reading later, as you know I will pull off your emotions and help you see what you are feeling from a different perspective. I won't be able to tell you yes or no, but you know yourself best and you will be able to decide; sometimes it helps to see from a different perspective.


  • thank you

  • Hi dfrance,

    Here you go,

    you have competing and conflicting ideas, the combinations don't work well which causes the conflict.

    Think out your ideas...don't wing it or just do it because it's there..

    Your restless and worried

    To your question things are blowing up and you can't get out of your own way

    things haven't panned out like you want

    Job wise things are hard not working out... and that's beating you up

    Don't use hope and faith... something is going to turn

    With all the burdens you are feeling, it's not helping your thought process. When your down things don't look clear and it clouds the judgement

    again hope pops up... you have the courage to do it

    contentment and happiness is coming

    keep an eye out for a strong vindictive women...she shows up once things get settled. The card is by itself so it hard to read why. I wouldn't trust her...

    Ok I think that kind of tells you that right now you need to change the way you are thinking and feeling. I understand it's not easy... i feel the burden, but it lifts. You also need to work hard on how you want to be. Easily said not done. Make a plan and not just to get by, but something you really want and take the steps to get there... you will.

    Hope that helps,


  • Hi Tarot nick so is this job right for me or something else will come my way? Also the vindictive women you mentioned is she part of my job or my personal life?

  • Hi dfrance,

    being you are conflicted, the question becomes is this what you really want to do? or are you doing it just to have a job and because its there?

    Time will tell on the woman... she's not here yet, when things calm down she will pop up. Thing is to keep an eye out so you can prepare.

  • Thank you. Yes Tarot Nick this is not the job I truly want but I just need a job at the moment to pay for my bills and to save for a car, but haven't been able to find anything yet.

  • Ok good, that's a starting point; trick now is what do you want...something you are going to put everything into...the feeling I got was this popped up and you applied but your whole heart wasn't into it. Then add in all the pressure you are feeling and that affects what you portray to other people. Play devil's advocate... your sitting across the table and your interviewing you what do you want to see? what are you seeing? do you look like the right fit? posture, body language... are you portraying an image the person wants to work with... All these type of things goes on during an interview. When its something you want that comes thru in the hidden language of your body. So if body and mind are distracted or upset... maybe you slouched or weren't Pippy...or way to nervous; When it's something you really want...the good things shine thru... don't despair hope is coming... Work and Plan what you want...and make it come true.

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