• Blossom Goodchild: October 5, 2012

    Blossom: Once again hello to you. I know that it is for us to create our New World, and for me that seems to be more of how I want to FEEL in it … when living a life that I desire for myself and the betterment of all. Yet, I thought it may be nice if you could perhaps give us some things to visualise regarding what we are working towards creating. Might help us get there a little quicker!

    In Love and Gratitude we are here to speak with you this day. Many of you are FEELING the immense /intense energies that are stepping up as they filter through into your atmosphere. You are finding more of a connection with your Higher self … in that you are able to find more Joy on a regular basis. If it is not Joy then it is Gratitude, if not Gratitude then it is Peace .

    It is different for each … and for those who are saying ‘That’s not how I FEEL. I FEEL miserable’… We say to you that you are simply allowing the intensity of the Higher energy to bring up that which has to be got rid of. That is all. Once free of burdens that do not serve … you too shall FEEL the Joy etc. of which we are speaking.

    As you FEEL this Joy … we suggest you anchor it … by recognising the expression of it. It is a most noticeable FEELING around your entire Being and you FEEL almost like skipping!

    KNOW that what you are FEELING in this way NOW is just the starter button … as this Joy spreads and expands within yourself … you will find your days to play out in a manner that you had not really expected … for the FEELING and pleasure that a single moment shall bring … had not quite been within your comprehension .

    You will find too that your FEELINGS towards others has expanded in LOVE. A general overall wellbeing is arising within the self and when appreciated it is a natural occurrence for this to link up with the hearts of those around you.

    This is a perfect and yet … oh, so easy way to lift the vibration of the planet as you came to do. We have noted that many have complicated matters and allowed the minds doubts and fears to make a mountain out of a mole hill as you would say



    To FEEL LOVE is exactly ALL there is to do … in any given moment … about any given thing … regarding any given soul.

    How freeing it is to let go of all concerns and simply TRUST that all is well and all is to continue being well.

    How glorious a FEELING when your BEing TRULY accepts that you are here to BE LOVE in order to complete your task.

    Dearest friends of ours … we are so very much in tune with the song that YOUR HEARTS are singing. The dawning of the New Era is upon us and so much excitement ensues.

    It is indeed exciting on many levels. So, we can FEEL the change rapidly taking place ‘with-in’, how quickly will things change ‘with-out’?

    Things will change according to the pace of one’s KNOWING. As one accepts the gifts that have awoken within and realises their worth, then more and more rapidly shall new technologies and advanced systems be anchored into place. You shall remember so much of what you once knew. Therefore as memories click into the forefront of your mind, they are manifested in an instant.

    Will our houses and trees and parks and seas etc. all appear pretty much the same to us?

    Eventually they shall appear differently. Your house shall be customised to your needs and your convenience. Your transport will be highly advanced from that which it is now.

    As for Mother Earth’s transformation … Yes things shall appear differently because there shall be newness to much of Her as she gives birth to a richer soil and purer waters. The colours around you shall not be the same as now … and yet as with your sunrise and sunset they shall present themselves in all shades of pastels to enhance the glory within you.

    In times further down the line … as White Cloud has spoken of … it will be common for those of other worlds to be integrating with you in yours … and it shall be also that your vacations shall not be limited to countries just upon your planet.

    There shall be a sharing of ways. Teaching one another of one’s cultures. Yet as we say this is not in the ‘immediate future.’

    It is quite hard to imagine in all honesty. Yet I am sure it shall be like it is now. It wasn’t that long ago that computers didn’t exist … now look at us! So I am assuming we shall become accustomed to all the newness bit by bit?

    Indeed. It is of importance that you remember that everything you are presented with is part of the plan and there is not one thing that is beyond your capability of dealing with. No matter how it may appear at the time.

    Those sentences … when you speak like that … can set the mind in a whirl.

    Only if you choose to come from fear. Again we should like to speak of this.


    Yet when you say ‘there is not one thing that is beyond your capability of dealing with. No matter how it may appear at the time.’ … it is natural for me to be a ‘little fearful’, because that could mean anything!

    Exactly … and it does! Yet this is what we are reiterating.

    ANYTHING MAY HAPPEN … yet when that ‘ANYTHING’ happens …. KNOW that ALL IS WELL.

    KNOW that it is simply part of the plan to move you on through to the next part of the plan … and then the next and then the next.



    Yes. I do. And I shall do my very best to remember it NOW and ALWAYS.

    This transformation of your planet that is occurring at this very moment is one that heralds notoriety throughout worlds. We are as eager as yourselves to watch as it moves into its different phases. All eyes are upon your Mother Earth. All energy is being sent to Her. We KNOW that all shall be well; yet, at the same time, we are very much on alert to make sure that all goes as smoothly as it can. There are those who spend each moment and have done for a very long time … ‘in prayer’ for this occurrence to happen with ease and grace.

    Oh the rejoicing when the actual shift has taken place.

    Yet it is to be a gradual one right?

    It has been so and indeed shall continue to be and yet may we put it this way.

    When one goes through their schooling … every year they move up a grade. In the first few weeks of experiencing the new grade … one can feel a little out of their depth for they are learning skills of another level and things are not in their usual familiar place. Perhaps new teachers … new surroundings … and yet … the playground, the gym, the hall are all the same … So there is NEW and unfamiliar mixed with the old and familiar as one adjusts to this Higher ground. Yet after a few weeks one FEELS so much more at home once again. They FEEL comfortable and at ease and when looking back to the classroom of the year before … the students seem so much younger and one feels it hard to imagine that they were ever like that!

    In this new world dearest friends … every breath you inhale shall be one of LOVE for the self and for the very existence of the self and ALL.

    Again … hard to imagine. Well I can imagine it … yet hard to grasp that it shall be a reality at some point, because many are so used to struggle.

    Your world has been caught up in a barrage of mistruths in order for those in desperate need to control … to hide you from the beauty of what is real. When you experience for yourself that beauty … when you FEEL FREE … and you have no idea encased behind the bars that hold you …. what freedom feels like … yet when you TRULY FEEL FREEDOM BELOVED SOULS … you will rejoice beyond what you know rejoicing to be.

    You will understand WHY you had to go through the struggles and upheaval and all that has battered and bruised your soul.

    ALL WILL MAKE SENSE TO YOU and how happy you shall be to KNOW that even though you didn’t KNOW it at the time … EVERY SINGLE MOMENT WAS WORTH IT.



    EVERYTHING shall be in a better position because of this transformation that you have so bravely come down to accomplish … from the most prestigious placement.

    OH BELOVED ONES … take a moment or two or three or four … to FEEL the GREATNESS of WHO YOU ARE and WHAT IS TO COME.

    FEEL it in your heart and let it speak to your soul. Your soul will react with a catching of the breath in recognition of this TRUTH.

    The strength that is gathering within the plan … the momentum that is building … the uniting of souls in LOVE that is creating such vibrations of happiness … All this is HOW IT WAS MEANT TO BE.

    We are on target. We are in alignment with the stars and the planets. We are in alignment with each other.

    Go outside when possible and outstretch your arms … opening your heart to the skies and give thanks. As each of you do this, you are connecting more fervently with one another and strengthening the bond that unites as ONE.


    KNOW also we FEEL this energy that you send out for we are ONE with you IN LOVE. It cannot be any other way.

    For there is only LOVE.






    BE LOVE.

    Got it! LOVE YA. In Love and Thanks.

    Indeed. And we mean that literally …. BE IN LOVE … IN DEED.

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