Tarot.com's changes - Problems finding anything!

  • Improvement is always a good thing but everything has changed and now I can't find anything from the tabs at the top of the page. If we can't get around the site why bother? I can't find anything anymore. At least fix the tabs at the top back to the original format. Sorry to be negative Nellie but I thought Tarot.com might care to know. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • I am so with you on this! I haven't logged in for quite awhile and I'm stunned. I can't stand this new site. Like you said, why bother. I went to see my number for the day and it said I needed to personalize my account and click the button. I click it and it takes me to some odd page where I can't see any place to personalize. There's no more about me, or any of that. I really am rethinking coming back.

  • Ladies,

    Yes it takes time to get a feel for this modernized site yet everything so far is found by me. Just everything is spread either at the top or at the bottom of the front page. Regarding personalizing I agree that isn't that clear. Yet for what I found in my account there isn't much to update. The about me that you are looking for is called simply my account and that is the very first tab wayyyyy up on the front page on the same level as to where you can log in to the entire site. It's on the dark small bar next to your karma points.

    There is a logic ..it's just named differently.

  • The new site changes are not user friendly.........definitely not easy to navigate to familiar sites....not sure what the gain is & not sure I'm able to find my way

  • I'm not able to find Tarot forums... if i loose this link I haven't been able to find a way back

  • Amused,

    It's at the bottom right corner of the homepage, under "About Tarot.com" - Community.

    I had trouble finding it at first too.

    The new format is not very user-friendly.

  • Danceur

    Thanks! Didn't think to look under Community


  • It's kind of a shame. It used to feel like home. Now it feels like they just want you to spend money constantly. Did someone new take over? In my e-maiI I am constantly getting offers to pay for some sort of reading, but almost never get free readings or Karma coin game notices. It seems like they are trying to sell us to other companies through trial pay! What's that all about? If they have been having karma coin search I guess I missed it and who is Jessica? Her picture is always at the end of the sales ads I get in my e-mail several times a week. It seems very commercial to me. On a more positive note we all loved Tarot.com so please change it back to when it was manageable and pleasurable... what we looked forward to before and after work. Thanks. : )

  • Yes it does appear the site's primary function now is to promote its own products and make money. The forum section where you can get free readings is hidden away at the bottom where newcomers probably won't see it. Seems they have sold out so you would have to wonder how long the forums will last here. Shame!

  • I just have a problem getting into the forum,

    I type in search engine Tarot.com/forum.. now.

  • I also have feeling that the reason for these changes is commercial - too many people were getting free readings on the forum and probably not enough were willing to pay money. I hope they realise that it would be counter productive to close the forum altogether, as without it Tarot.com will gradually seize to exist, as most people who do ocasionally pay for the services are those who are also interested in the forum.

    However, they've hidden it well - a small print on the bottom of a page...which is not a great way to attract the new members to the site...

  • We may have to be prepared for the eventual closure of the site if it continues in a commercial negative fashion - and have an alternative place for all those who still need this type of community advice and information sharing. And just a general get-together for support and friendship.

  • I think that's a very good idea, Captain. It's a question of learning how to create, or to find this kind of space... I think we should all give it some thought and hopefully come up with ideas.

  • It is sad, because this site used to be a daily ritual for me 😞

    I am very unimpressed with the new format and feel the same way as the others...the atmosphere is too commercial, no longer mystical or friendly (not the people, the atmosphere).

    I have saved what I wanted from my journals and then deleted everything. Am now looking for alternative tarot sites; I will miss all the friendly people here. Maybe one day, in time, I will come back to see if things have been changed again.......

  • ADMIN,

    I thought I'd jump in with all the requests for improvement here. Naturally change is always an adjustment and although I may understand some of the changes they are not always what is in the best interest of the greater good. I wish you continued success and am as always thankful for your forum here which allows us too communicate with one another.

    But I would also like to say we have been having a contniuous problem on "the thankful" thread with posts not showing up or going missing or being delayed sometimes it seems like days. I don't know if this is a programming problem or if other threads are experiencing the same problem but I would ask that you look into this matter and attempt to correct the problem. It would be very much appreciated.


  • Incomplete drab gray and white tabs at the top of the page while the advertisements are bright and colorful. I bet most people can't even find the forums to comment on the problems.

  • Change, when based on material motives, is never for the better. There are free websites available on the net if we need to start a new site. I feel this one is taking a turn for the worst.

  • Unfortunately Captain,

    I believe you are correct. It is very difficult to find the forums, and it may just be because they want it that way...which is sad (commercial reasons does seem to be the motive :(), but I don't want to lose contact with all the wonderful people I have spoken with over the last few years on this site. You all have been so wonderful. 🙂 So, just in case I don't get another chance, THANKYOU! Thank you for all you have done for me and others as well! 🙂


  • Okay,

    There was an a lengthy time that the new site was beta. I didn't like the feel and was glad that the transition wasn't one that was sudden. Yet I addressed the matter of the forum as I couldn't find it on the beta version. This is the result of my and probably others request. As you notice the template is the same as the old version and everything else is new.

    Yes I agree that the commercial knack is stronger as the mystical feel on the old one. To a point I also agree that it will chase people off the site.

    Like many I hope that it isn't the end and that Tarot.com is seeking a way to transition the enormous data and traffic produced on this template unto another one. Hopefully without loosing too much data.

    ADMIN ...it would be greatly appreciated if you can communicate with us here on the forum as to what is going on. And if we are still welcome yes or no.


  • As further confirmation of a turn toward the commercial, notice that the forum address is now "product.tarot.com/forum…"--conversations on the forum, just another of the site's products. It seems that as with Facebook, it's the advertisers, not the users, who are considered the primary clients--an approach that nourishes the seeds of its own destruction.

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