A reading on my confusion?

  • I have gone to a "psychic" who only want money to "guide "me on my current situaiton. I absolutely believe in the gifts of true psychics and Mediums. I unfortunately went ot one that was not honest and $150 later I left feeling I had told her everything and she had not told me anything. And only wanted to know if I could afford her $1200 fee in order to straighten out my life.

    I am looking for some guidance or readin on my current situaution. I was wondering if there was someone that could give me insight.

  • I've never done anything remotely for someone I didn't know well, let alone at all, but I'm getting a strong feeling that in your case, I should try and it could wind up being successful. I can't promise, of course, but if you feel comfortable doing so, tell me what's up and please include a physical description of yourself. I'm looking at your icon and feeling a pull; that's what I'm going by in offering.

    I warn you I have seriously no experience doing this remotely for someone I don't know, and when I say "no experience" I mean "absolutely none". I also don't use cards (yet), astrology, or other similar methods; I'm likely to focus on the surface or depths of a vessel of "wild" (unfiltered, straight from the Earth) water if I use anything.

  • Quite not sure what you are saying??

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