A Message from Mira of the Pleiadian High Council

  • Greetings, I am Mira. I salute you from the Earth Council and from all of us who have your welfare at heart. We have 100% of our focus on you. What is occurring on the Earth right now is monumental. Whether it is your oceans, the core of the Earth, your ecosystems, weather, drought, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes, all are contributing to the realignment and balancing of the Earth’s energies.

    Some of these energies are impacting your personal lives in the form of relationships, finances and personal transformation. It adds up to change in the grandest sense. Many are having trouble adjusting and adapting to these major forces. The currents run strong across the planet. Everyone feels it in one way or the other. It is not making for business as usual.

    You have political upheaval and economic upheaval in some pivotal places. Bear in mind this is contributing to the making of a new way of being on the Earth. As sad as it can be to see the old slip away it is important to remember to welcome the new into your hearts. How do you know that it won’t be better? It could be a lot better.

    We observe how much humans like to hang on to the past, even if it is a painful one. The familiar seems safer for some reason that we find unusual. In the Pleiades there is no such hanging on. We are present for each part of the now moment. This brings us peace. Most humans have yet to learn this presence, but through some of these situations in which you find yourselves you are marking the way for further understanding of this way of being.

    You are making inroads as you strive to create a new balance wherever you can. It is love that makes this possible for if you remember some of the sayings of your spiritual teachers: With love all things are possible. It is with a loving heart and accepting attitude that you can build the bridge from the past to this now moment.

    All of Creation is focusing on the Earth. There are millions of space ships surrounding you waiting until the appropriate divine time to make themselves known. We only want what is best for you. What happens on the Earth affects all of Creation. We are not allowed to force our will upon you or any other planetary systems. We work together for the common good.

    In the remainder of your earthly year 2012 you will find blessings and miracles everywhere. This is part of your ability to manifest and create your new future. Look for the gifts in everything and know that everything is an opportunity to welcome in the Light, a brighter future.

    I am Mira

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