• Hi again!

    I'm making a habit of this, but sometimes I need to hear views from others about things so I can then make up my own mind.

    At least twice I can think of, I've had a visit from a white owl. Both of those times, something ended in my life. The last time, me and my last partner saw it on the road, and it flew off as we approached in the car. A couple of months later, and Rodney left me.

    Driving home tonight after being out with my kids and their friends, another very large white owl flew by the car and out of the way.

    I'm now worried something else is going to end, and don't know what!

    I googled white owls and discovered they usually signify an ending of some sort, or sometimes a physical death, so that is why I'm worried. I sort of feel like I've had enough changes in my life in recent times, and not positive ones 🙂

    Anyone with some knowledge on this, please respond! I'm so tired, I don't know how I'm supposed to deal with more stuff being taken from me ...

    Thanks again in advance.



  • PS: I was driving alone when the owl appeared 🙂

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  • Can anyone help me with this one?



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