The Pleiadian High Council – We Revel at the Strides you are Making (Part 2/2)

  • Those on your world who have been subconsciously taught and programmed to fear us or to automatically assume that since we are a perceived outside force on your world, we must have some type of malicious intent, will instead be able to have a bit of a Lighted perspective of the matter and will naturally lead themselves upon discovering such a perspective to enable a bit more trust in us and a bit less fear of us, which will have a wonderful effect on your collective energies.

    Couple this with the many, many Lightworkers who have been waiting and waiting for our presence to be made known on your world and who will be adding to the marvelous array of positive and uplifting energies upon our presence being made known, and we do indeed feel that the events which are to be brought forth in the immediate period ahead are in fact going to go quite smoothly.

    These events are going to go smoothly because they have been planned to, and while you dear awakening souls have been showing as well that you are indeed capable of handling an evolutionary experience on your own without our intervention, such intervention [is still being given] to make the playing-field fair so that you dear souls can undergo your experiences without meeting an ultimate destructive event that would be caused by the dark souls on your world who do not wish to see your collective ascension played-out.

    You dear Lightworkers and Light Holders will be offered an amazing array of cleansing and healing energies upon our presence being made known on your world and we ask you to begin aiming your meditative efforts toward the decloaking of us and our ships in your skies, even more so than many of you have already been doing.

    Our presence upon your world will be the natural result of strides that you dear souls have reached along your growth, as was so with the various civilizations of your past whom we have contacted and helped to initiate themselves into purer states of consciousness and perception.

    You dear souls will have reached the collective and individual energetic strides along your Life paths that will see our presence accepted as the energies backing these events will reach even the most hardened of unawakened souls and while there may indeed still be fear and mistrust garnered toward us in the immediate period ahead, whenever we begin sharing our technology and helping all on your dear world to attain the abundance of finance and the abundance of Life alike that many have not yet been given, we anticipate that the fear and mistrust will be shrunken-down and our calming energies during the initial ‘event’ will help this to come about.

    You dear souls are Loved infinitely and beyond measure, and as we issue our communications for you all to absorb through your temples and receive a clearer view of your immediate future as a result, we revel at the strides you are making, as does every soul throughout these higher realms.

    You are finding your fourth and fifth dimensional states of consciousness coming to you with more ease upon each realization of your inherent Multidimensional consciousness, and we have quite enjoyed watching and being a part of the always-decreed ascension of your world that is playing out in wonderful and glorious leaps and bounds at this time.

    You dear souls are feeling the expansions in yourselves at this point and those of you who are not yet feeling such expansions are to feel them exponentially in the time ahead as you progress further along your Lives and while you are connected to our specific energies at present, we say that the Ascended Collective is truly infinite in number and has been watching and assisting humanity for longer than you dear souls could fathom at present.

    We watch you dear souls and attempt to get ahold of you if we can and if we cannot, we simply wait for a time wherein you would be more understanding of our [immediate] presence and wherein you would be more able to perceive of the message that we are giving many of you.

    Through your intuition, we will nudge you toward specific thoughts or actions in your Lives that are ultimately meant for your growth as a dear, evolving soul. Many of you who are beginning to wish for contact with us will find such contact garnered for you in the time ahead, as you work through the veils in yourselves that would otherwise inhibit such contact and upon doing so you find an inherent, expanded and opened-up part of yourselves that has been ready for this contact all along.

    You have numerous helper-guides around you at this point who take many different forms. Some of these dear souls are around many of you at any given time that you will benefit from their presence around you, and such souls are blessing the area around you all and are helping you to clear-out your auric field with such blessing.

    Other [guides] are stationed within your chakras which are opening up and expanding at this point, and the goal is to assist you in opening these chakras and to help you find the resulting expansion of your channels. You will find that the number of us souls who are assisting you at this time goes far beyond what you would expect and we are all playing different roles which are aligned with helping you to attain a collective and individual ascension.

    As we make our final impressions for this communication and express our gratitude to our scribe for the lending of his energies to merge with ours and form this communication, we express that you are to be taught so very much in the time ahead about the nature of Living within dimensions purer than physicality and about the structure of our [ascended] planets as well and how they adhere and conform to higher dimensional structures of reality. You will not need to breathe, eat, drink or even see physically in the realms of the fifth dimension and everything simply is.

    You will find an expanded perception that will see you naturally ‘seeing’ hearing’ and feeling things in an entirely-new way and in a way that is at present, quite unfathomable to you dear souls. While you are still undergoing the lessons of breaking through your limited selves at this point, we tell you that at your very heart and core you are unlimited and infinite beings.

    Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.

    (1)- I will have to admit to not knowing what this phrase meant at all whenever it was used and when I looked it up, I found that not only was it used in quite the proper context by our friends within the PHC – it is also a reference to the television show Star Trek! Go figure!

    _(2)-It seems that what’s being said here is that a part of disclosure could be the decloaking of ships and the opening of various energy gates around our world, but even those manifestations must require a bit of initial discussion so that humanity is only slightly shocked into awareness, and not shocked into violence or hate against our star brethren.

    It seems that the Galactics could be relying slightly on the manifestation of such things but they remind us that there must be a bit of initial disclosure before decloakings and energy gate-openings can be accepted.

    Wes Annac_

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