• Hi again,

    I had a dream last week which seemed a bit odd, although could be significant for me at the moment. I'm pretty sure it was my ex husband who stood before me, shirtless, and said "the job will happen very quickly".

    I'm not positive whether or not this applies to my work situation or some other aspect of my life, even though he said "job" (I know dreams can be a bit cryptic sometimes)!

    Is there some insight someone has about this? It seems strange that my ex husband would appear in a dream of mine anyway, considering we hardly have anything to do with each other.

    Thanks for your wisdom in advance!



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  • Just thought I'd bump this up a bit, because I am still perplexed as to its meaning. I often have trouble interpreting my own dreams, so hope someone has some insight here πŸ™‚

    Thanks again in advance!



  • Hi Moon50,

    In your dream how did you feel seing and hearing your husband's message ? Any particular emotions, associated with it ? Also is there any issue in your life right now that needs to be resolved ? That's could be "the job" - something that needs to be done, which probably will somehow happen spontaneously and quickly. Being shirtless might mean some kind of "naked truth" ...Also the dream could be about your husband, actually, about something happenning in his life, where he will be exposed, vulnerable, or something of that kind.

  • It means you have been asking others for direction and sometimes without realising it you ask someone who really is not trustworthy. Think about it---would you ask your x for advice? Have you asked others lately about job, money, career situations? Being shirtless gives the advisor a something missing metaphor. And a lack of respect as in the shoes and shirt required sign.When dream images do not ring a bell you should go with the feelings--feelings often say more. Did you feel confused? Did you feel it was cryptic? The dream may reflect a similiar moment while awake. BLESSINGS!

  • Voply,

    I felt odd after this dream and wondered if it did directly relate to my job/financial situation. I am looking into another way of making an income from home, so that could be it. It's the shirtless thing I was perplexed about! There are many things that went on in my marriage, so I don't know if there is something undealt with from it or not. It could be. But I want to thank you for taking the time to analyse this one. It really stumped me!


    I did feel confused when I woke up, as I said to Voply above. And I did find it cryptic! Usually I can get the symbols/images, look them up, then piece them together to fit with what the dream meant that was relative to me. This time has me stumped! Although, I have been consulting with a local lady who does NLP therapy - I don't know if you know of it - and we've been looking at my inner child, as I've constantly been getting child/children cards in my own readings, and I have felt there was a message there, and that I had some issues to do with my inner child. I had a sort of "father/daughter" relationship with my ex and maye this dream was something to do with that. But still, the mention of the "job will happen very quickly" is the thing that got me stymied! Thanks for your insight here, and I hope I'm not offending anyone when I say I'm still confused about its meaning. I guess it'll become clear some other time, and both yours, and Voply's answer, will make more sense.

    Cheers both of you!


  • Blmoon, also I'm not aware of asking anyone advice about job/finances, as such. Or my personal life for that matter. But again, things will probably become clearer and this all will make sense ... mehopes! xoxoxox

  • Moon, I think you are right - it could be simply about the new working opportunity. Somehow I feel that being shirtless means certain sincerity, truthfulness, but it really depends on your feelings about it - it could also mean disrespect, poverty, all kinds of things...just depends on what you personally associate with being shirtless. It might simply mean that you are financially struggling right now (being figuratively shirtless), but the job will soon happen - that's in fact the most obvious interpretation. The fact that the message was delivered by your ex husband might mean that at some level you trust his judgement where work/business is concerned, or might not mean anything at all.

  • Being shirtless in a dream can signify financial worry. That coupled with the fact that your ex said, β€œthe job will happen very quickly,” suggests that this dream was probably related to your search for extra work or financial concerns. I hope that this was a prophetic dream and you will soon receive the financial security you are seeking.


  • Thank you all! This does now make more sense. I do trust my ex in financial matters, so if I were to ask him for advice, he'd give it and it would be positive advice.


    I am worried about money and would like to achieve financial security. I do have a pretty crappy attitude towards money though: I am afraid of it, have been brought up to believe that it's all a struggle and that's how it should be, ie, rich people are bad people and it's the good folk who struggle. I am trying to change that thinking around and it's not going to be an easy road! And I also hope this is a prophetic dream πŸ™‚


    I think you are also right. I am glad this dream became clearer through asking for the insight of others. It had me really stumped! So thank you again, for your help πŸ™‚



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