What do the numbers 7 and 11 represent?

  • I keep seeing the numbers 7 and 11 on a regular basis. I look at the clock and it says 7:11 or 11:17 or 1:17 or 7:17 ect. or ill see addresses with those numbers or even lisence plates. I do not look for them intentionally it just always grabs my attention. sometimes this will happen for several days in a row than not for a couple of weeks this has been going on for quite awhile. Does anyone know what the meaning of this is?

  • Okay since no body helped me figure this out I figured it out for my self. It means I freaking Rock!!!!!!

  • Maybe it means you should get down to 711 for a Slurpee...ha-ha...just being lame here...seriously though, do you have a numerology book?? Or maybe you can pick one up at the library?? I have one, but it's buried in a box right now, as I'm living with relatives temporarily. Or Google a numerology search on those numbers...I have been seeing alot of triple #'s lately, such as 333 or 444 on the clock, road signs, etc...take care, LeeAnn~*

  • I have the same experiences happen to me and it's normally right before something happens but the thing about it is I have no clue what the number's truely mean . I just know that my spirit guide is trying to tell me something to get me to pay attention when I'm not paying attention!

  • Thanks you guys. I think its a good thing right? Arent those supposed to be "lucky numbers" I had some real terrible life changing experiences in the last year and maybe this is a way to tell me that things are gonna change for the better soon. Sunsetz a slurpee sounds good. Maybe Ill meet the man of my dreams or buy a winning lottery ticket there! lol

  • Hey, there ya go...sounds like positive thinking...LOL...I've always associated 7 with Heaven or God....11, I believe, is a master number.Here's a link that might better explain it --but I do believe it's best 'self-interpretted' as with dreams also....


    I was in labor on 7-11-1985 with my daughter...I so wanted her birthday to be that, but she entered the world shortly after midnight on the 12th...ahhh,well...Hugs, LeeAnn~*

  • Thanks LeeAnn. I found another link its http://www.cafeastrology.com/numerology2/index.htm. it said my life destiny number is 7. and my personality number is 11. it was helpful and yes i have had similar experiences with the numbers 7 and 11. usually important events happen around that time for me. I just love this forum everyone on here is a blessing.

  • ha ha ha. the time i posted this is 7:11. Okay now this is just getting rediculous.

  • Hello lovinmylife .. Maybe a little humour here..but my new relationship is presently being hidden from my family ..there,s a reason for this so as a result I write things in on my calender when he calls or when I can see him & I use 7-11 you see his initials are G.K. that,s my way of keeping a record. Ok.. now I am sure you would like to know why he is a secret ..well It was once a very serious relationship 35yrs ago and my kid,s at the time did not like him, So I do not want to tell them unless I think it will be good this time. So far it is not . But I have my record.

  • Nice Leonida. I completely understand. Sometimes it works out better to keep new relationships too yourself anyways. I usually only tell a couple close friends if I start seeing someone new. At least for awhile. That way if it doesnt work out I dont have to explain it to everyone. And its not fun adding pressure from your children to a relationship. HA HA HA. I love it!


    7's and 1's, such as 711 or 771 - This is confirmation that you are

    doing great. You are on the right path, so keep going! This is a sign

    that you have chosen your thoughts well and that you should focus

    more steadily on your objectives. Be sure to add appropriate emotions

    to your thoughts; for instance, feeling grateful for the gifts you

    have in life. Gratitude will speed the process of your manifestations."

    Source = Number Sequences From The Angels

    by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D -- blogs.myspace.com/clubmojan

    "171, 1771, 1717, 7711, 1177 - These signs indicate that a lesson had been learnt on your Spiritual Path. You have learnt a lesson that your Spirit Guides want you to learn, one that is important and is necessary for you to progress on your path."

    Source = http://www.spiritual-path.com/numerology.htm

    Hope This Helps 🙂

  • 93/93/93

    the #'s 7 and 11 are both very good , 11 isthe supreme nuber of magick, magickal rituals ,currents etc, 7 is a very holy number given to the yhvh ,more info on it would be to consult aleiters crowleys book 777 and see the correlations .


  • Hey thanks to all. Very intelligent insightful group of people on here . how did I ever survive without this forum I will never know. lol I have gotten so many positive responses on here I am becoming addicted. You guys are like the church I always wanted to go to but didnt exist. I feel love, love , love tonite!

  • 11- is the number of Light

    777- manifesting physcial reality on the Earth plan

  • Hi! loveinmylife... Just want to tell you I am right there with you this is a great forum and yes it is very helpful. Leonida

  • Hi Lovinmylife,

    I agree with you about this site, I think we all deserve a pat on our back's !

  • Hello,

    Found your query very iteresting as I was faced with this a few years ago. Yes the numbers are in Doreen Virtues's book, Healing with the Angels. The information is very accurate and correct. What is actually happening is the angels are communicating to you through numbers. This is how they start their communication and get your attention. The number 7 is the hevenly number of completion.. and 11 is the psychic number.. so you have a message that is telling you to believe in your path. It is clear, consise and uncomplicated. Pay attention to your dreams and listen the voice that 'just pops into your head'. They are communicating with you..

    Love and light...

    Mirs 😆

  • Very Cool stuff as I have recently began meditating on a deeper level than ever and I suppose this is the confirmation I needed. Also was presented with a job opportunity that I am excited about but wasnt sure if it was the right thing to do. I think this is def confirmation that I am on the right track with things I am trying to accomplish. Because if things start going the way I have set my desires on going, I could change the lives of alot of people around me and that would make bring me much fulfillment and happiness. Thanks to you all for your advice.

  • hello Tiger63, Many yrs ago my father whom I was not really close to asked for me while he was in hospital , his life was very near the end , of course I went, the nurse at the time told me he wanted to taldk to me about numbers . we took it as strange but thought it must be the medicine, any how when I approached him and it was his few last words his message to me was .... This is very Important and you my dear must remember I am giving you out of all my 6 children MY NUMBERS they are #3...#7...#13. He died 2weeks later .. at 12:03 a.m. the 13th day and was in room 3 at 7 east ave. I can honestly say that his numbers have been around me all of my life .,sometimes good some times not. Yes I believe in # Leonida

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