Can somebody please help with dream

  • I had a dream that my two friends and I were walking too our room. THis was at a motel.

    IT was a nice place brown and green but their was people fixing on the hotel. One of my

    friends walks in front and she see this man and he said something to her and then he

    took her into the room and he was the police, but me and the other girl could not understand

    why he was arresting her. Then I was on a bus and it was clear and blue skys and the bus the

    windows were very clear and their was a lady that was getting on the bus and she told me you

    should have told me I could have got the ticket for you so you would not have got offf the bus. Then

    I was in a hair school or salon and I was in the bathroom and in the bathroom I was telling some

    lady about what happen to my friend and I could not understand why the police would do that to

    her. And in the bathroom to use the toilet you had to push the level with your foot , so the toilet would be the right size for you to sit down on. Then the man came in and told me I had to leave because this was a place of business. And then I woke up.

    Can somebody please help me with this.

    Thanks Illona

  • This appears to be an anxiety dream related to employment and social status. You seem to want to get ahead, (example: the nice hotel) But can’t seem to understand how to get over the hurdles (not knowing why your friend was arrested). You feel that if you had made other choices (staying on the bus) things might be easier for you now. There is a desire to go back to school or further your education in some way (the beauty school) However, you are feeling that you may not measure up (having to size the toilet). You fear you somehow don’t belong where you want to be (the man telling you that it is a place of business and you have to leave.

    I hope this helps.


  • Hello Manifestdreams

    Thanks so much. I am in school now for my masters in forensic psycholog. I guess this would

    be more for employment. Because I do have a fear about work, because I have not been working in the last five years. I do think that if I would have done things a little different it would

    have been a little different. That is true that i feel like I may not measuse up is so right.

    Thanks so much


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