Tarot Nick - may I have a reading?

  • Hi nency,

    I'll do one tonight for you,

    How is your sister is she feeling better, and are you still at school...from a prior thread. Being I got the gender wrong last time. I'll just pick up what your feeling, you will know the direction.


  • hey, thank you 🙂

    last time i was home, she looked little better then before, i hope it's gonna get even bette and go to the college . im still in school really strugling here. dont know if i have strength to this. but im trying.

  • Hi nency,

    your going thru some stuff but your ready to take a pause... take a breath and build up your strength

    there is someone, sounds like a good talker...and listener

    your getting ready for a change

    the over whelming feeling you have been having is ready for a change

    it seems lately things were just slipping out of your hands

    your also worried about failing...separation

    someone is going to watch over you

    more then one person

    with a friend new beginnings are possible

    there will be some tension in a relationship... you will need to have balance

    use your intuition and trust yourself.... it will work out

    I get the feeling you are past your last hurdle and are ready to move forward...new opportunities, just remember to trust yourself

    hope that helps,


  • yes, exactly. i feel like i have no control, and i feel im not good enough for this, and that my parents will be disapointed.

    you see new friend? i dont have anyone yet, and i feel lonely sometimes. and i feel like annoy everyone cos they already have friends.

    uh i hope my relationship will stay strong.

    so there are coming better time, the hard ones are passing?:)

  • You are good enough, and the feeling I got was both of your parents are with you..

    I felt like you are talking to someone..who likes to talk and listen,

    take this time to be comfortable with yourself, it’s nice to have friends but it’s important that you are comfortable with yourself. Example that just popped up.. your sitting with someone and there is that awkward moment of silence...what does your head say...fill the space because of nerves or you both know there is that void and you don’t know how to fill it....or soak it in and be comfortable with it because if it is a true friend it won’t matter and you can relax. For that to happen you need to be comfortable with yourself... it’s hard to teach and learn.

    I did get the feeling of a turning, so some of that pressure will pass...there will always be new stuff but that's living life.

    the other thing was believe in yourself.. those were the two strongest feelings from the reading.


  • thank you 🙂 im hoping, i will get through this currentl here, i dont have anyone, im not very social person, but sometimes i also want to talk to somebody and go somewhere not alone.

    but my gf is far away and it sucks.

    i really need to remind myself to believe in myself 🙂

  • Hi Nency,

    Could you create a thread? This is actually my personal thread that others seem to be using.

    Hope you understand.

  • Hi Nick,

    Some points you brought up are very helpful. I feel a lot calmer now, knowing that I did right by the job, and it's not necessarily something wrong I did that caused me to lose my job.

    Still, there's a lot of uncertainty and self doubt is bound to creep in. For sure, I'll have to simplify things, even financially. Am I interpreting it correctly that you pick up on 2 guys?

    I work around women mostly and I've not been interacting with friends much in the last month. So I think you may be referring to my osteopath. He's a nasty piece of work, awful attitude, but I guess he's skilled at what he does - although he's rough, and I don't like that. I just don't know if I should continue getting treated by him since I dislike his manner but I've had more improvement with him.

    The 'bad' one - I can only imagine that's my team leader. She never liked me because I spoke up about stuff. Never had my back either.

  • The first person was on your mind "Who's the guy? from me think twice (not a nice vibe....)" you scared me for a minute... I thought you had met someone, and the way your feelings came out...not calm... I thought you met someone .. I was oh gees... so it was more of someone who upset you or that was bugging you..either way not a nice person.

    this one "did you run into that person that came up.. the bad one? you were recently disappointed" was a reference to the last reading I did... seems like it popped up... seems like when it rained it poured, you were getting it from all over

    this one "with your emotions flying it’s important to pick stable people around you, I feel another guys presence...again not a great feeling" was in the friend spot...again I didn't get the warm fuzzes from him. Thinking from past threads you have been wanting to meet someone, I just hope when you do, it’s not just to be with someone and its someone who will treat you the way you should... added that you’re not in the best frame of mind...adding baggage fees with a poor choice won't help. read thru the jibs just trying to give warning and a warm smile.

    any questions give me a yell,


  • Hi Nick,

    I had to read through what you said a few times, before it made sense to me.

    You really are different. It's rather like you're writing down what you feel as you're feeling it.

    So sometimes, it's a little hard to understand.

    But it makes sense... if I'm understanding correctly.

    You're picking up on my emotions because I've been thinking a lot, about being let down.

    So thoughts of my ex, the ex before that, the team leader, also my boss are just flying around.

    And I also think about people who are just not nice...

    Maybe because I've also realized there were many people who also cared about me and loved me. And colleagues who will miss me now that I've served my last day.

    Maybe it's a little like reckoning. 'Questioning the meaning of life' type of thing. Seeing the parts that mattered and those that shouldn't. Including letting go of those who've hurt me, some of whom I still care about. Wondering why my instincts were so right about some people who weren't trustworthy. And yet so wrong about others in whom I placed my trust and got burnt. And yet a part of me still thinks about them, misses them. It's just so twisted...and depressing.

    I hope for the same thing - to meet someone who will treat me right. Just a little weary of things.

  • Danceur,

    Bingo you get the ring....

    When I do a reading...I try and detach myself and write down each card as they come. So I feel more emotions that way...if I let my brain in the way... I come to assumptions that are from me... that's why you see the last paragraph... I give comments and observations after I have reread what I wrote... I try and make sense of it after...most of the time I have two to three cards that validate each other.... or the past card confirms what you are feeling. If the reading is a little mixed then I am picking up on your emotions drifting back and forth. If I was doing a reading face to face I would ask to pick one question....then it comes out stronger and flows easier...and the second question is usually separated... but I also do it that way because I won't tell someone what to do...the cards that came up are important...but important to the person... and I love deep conversations...meaning of life stuff, so I am sure my readings are influenced by that too....ok rambled enough.. hang in...good thing is my timing of future has shortened...so before long I expect to hear you got that good job two readings back....


  • Hi Nick 🙂

    Haha, seems like there's many of us who dig the meaning of life stuff. I think it comes to point when we just start to go inwards and ponder.

    I do hope that the job comes along soon. Just starting to get a bit antsy. Worrying about finances, missing people I need to forget. Too much time on my hands I guess. What's that they say about an idle mind being the devil's playground? LOL...

    Nick, I'm thinking about someone right now. I wish I weren't. What vibes do you get?

  • Hi Danceur,

    From Nov 4 reading...

    "with your emotions flying it’s important to pick stable people around you, I feel another guys presence...again not a great feeling."

    look back in the reading it was later on so at the time would have been in the future... You know I won't tell you what you should chose, just letting you know I didn't get the warm fuzzes when this one popped up. Look back and see if this fits your situation now.

    usually I’m good for 1-3 months...but I have brought my time table closer... that’s why I ask to wait a month between readings...it take time for the cards to play out.

    Probely not what you wanted to hear.... either way keep your eyes open and trust your heart...you will know.


  • Hi Nick,

    Actually it was exactly what I thought I would hear (esp with regards to the person I was thinking of). Was trying to find out whom these energies, that you'd picked up earlier, had been referring to.

    I didn't know that you'd been referring to future events. Because it's only now that I'm thinking about this person more. He's my ex and there's a lot of baggage there, and I've been trying really hard to let go. Being busy at work helped a lot and I feel a lot more neutral about things. But now that I'm not working, it's messing with my head again.

    About work, I remember your earlier reading mentioned being cautious about things I start, and trying to see them through. If there were an opportunity for me to take a job (purely for financial reasons - to help me tide over), should I take it. OR wait for a job that might be more suitable.

  • Danceur,

    I would never tell you to do one or the other, I will tell you what I picked up in feelings...but choice is always yours... 🙂

    from the last reading...

    "be smart with the projects you start...they need to be sound if you enter them

    I get the feeling of being frugal is a wise thing... try not to over due... time for being simple I think...."

    the feeling I had was don't enter into risky projects, it was a feeling of just doing something to do something... plans not thought out usually falter....


  • Hi Nick,

    Ok maybe can I ask you a different sort of question?

    I've been recently seeing a bodywork practitioner for lower back issues. He is a decent old man and experienced, but it doesn't seem to be helping so I'm considering a different form of therapy and practitioner. I spoke with this new person over the phone today and he was patient enough to answer my questions. As this will involve quite a number of sessions with extensive physical contact and a sizeable financial commitment, I need to go to the right practitioner who will not take advantage of me personally or try to rip me off. Do you sense that he is someone I can trust?

  • Hi Danceur,

    You are feeling restless

    something good about money, like your thinking or planning

    Disunity and misunderstanding...with a guy friend

    you are feeling confined...that is creating indecision

    a setback you are going thru but watch your emotions

    who is the guy you are thinking about...different from the one above

    good news is coming soon you will make out

    the guy you are thinking about is he a good talker...he seems to be on your mind

    Have self control and work with others and things will work out

    stop the negative thoughts... trust yourself

    things will calm down...let them happen don't worry yourself sick...

    Nothing about the practitioner.... but like I have said before it will work out just give it time.

    Don't be your own enemy, think things thru and be yourself.... My guess is the first guy is your previous friend, but it looks like someone new has popped up or will.

    Control your emotions and be positive, it will work out.


  • Hi Nick,

    I'm thinking it might be the massage practitioner, not a guy friend.

    He used a very aggressive approach, didn't ease into it, and it was was very painful for me.

    Physically and emotionally. I think he created new misalignments too. And I'm feeling physically ill as a result, which is contributing to the nervousness I feel.

    He is a good talker and I let my guard down. So I'm mad at him and myself, for trusting him.

    Were you talking of 2 people? Don't have many guy friends, only acquaintances and then the health practitioners I've been going to for treatment.

    Yeah I think I really need to calm down. You're right - restlessness. I'm trying to control my emotions and release these negative thoughts. But it's like I don't know where my center went. Think I really need to get back to dance class. Maybe not enough of physical exercise because of the injury.

  • Hi Nick,

    The company I interviewed with almost 2 months back has finally contacted me.

    I wasn't around when the call came through so I'll be calling them tomorrow.

    I really hope that there will be an offer.

    Is there anything I need to be aware of? Do you pick up anything?

    It's not like I have much of a choice now as I have had no other interviews - but is this the opportunity I have been waiting for - assuming there is an offer?

    I am hoping that there is at least a decent increase from my previous salary and that there will be fairly regular hours (that is what they indicated in the interview).

  • Hi Danceur,

    Go back to the 10/10 reading, took a little but you will get something... believe in yourself, show confidence and be organized which came up in the other reading.

    You will be fine


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