Tarot Nick - may I have a reading?

  • Nah I'm just stubborn...and ouch...hahahahhaha

  • Everything has it's alternate perspective. Stuborn is also fortitude at it's best. I am very stuborn. A taurus trait. Endurance and fortitude is a Kinder self atribute. I do not think you are as tied up in your perdicament as you imagine. You are gifted enough with letting go to be psychic but to be really good at serving as a psychic you must have an equal amount of feet on the ground to keep your gift at maximum power. It is not all one or the other. It is a good thing to have both.

  • Agree!

    See, Nick, we are rooting for you. You've got this - however it turns out 🙂

  • Still Strong Like Bull (sound affects: Deep resonating voice) then the violin .... ahhhh with aches and pains of feeling old...hahahaha

    Oh so I can blame it on being a Taurus...Nice.

    (couch moment) or I can blame it on being knocked down when I was young, accept your place and what your given... it took a long time to figure how that added to being Taurus...hahahaha and how to break the chain. I chopped up those links but left them on the floor to trip on them once in a while, but I didn't pass them on to the girls. They saw shinny objects and must of picked up a piece or two, but in small doses it is fortitude.

    Yes I will be fine either way, but I never felt powerless which brings on self doubt, since I was little. Goals and hard work let me push through those feelings. I had to step into the one patch of quicksand where if felt every time I struggled made it worse, but I found a strong vine and I am pulling myself out along with prays and thoughts of others pushing me (when is he going to start pulling, he's heavy) So I am slimy but I won't let go. Thanks for the thoughts.


  • You speak like a Poet! How Taurus of you. : )

  • I thank you for your prays, I can see God saying enough already...he's got so many people yammering for him just let him pass. One step down and I am very thankful, now the next step is to find something that I can grow with, more hard work coming but I am ready. I can breath now.


  • Ooh there's a smile 🙂 Awesome!

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