Tarot Nick - may I have a reading?

  • Hi Danceur,

    This is what I picked up,

    You are having trouble juggling more than one thing at a time

    after struggling you found something that worked

    you are feeling restless and looking for a change

    something worked out which will give you strength to go on

    a guy that can at times be forceful but he means well, there is energy to him

    you have a lady to watch out for...back stabber and trying to work for her not you

    you can't see what is coming and it's stressing you...also the woman above is tied to you not seeing

    Justice will be done, feels like a good balance

    you get through some struggles and it gives you strength to go on

    you are looking for others to say it is ok

    you are not going anywhere right now with affairs of the heart....it feels stale

    so work through it, work through the little battles and it will give you strength to tackle the bigger ones. Step back and figure out why you are restless

    hope that helps


  • Hi Nick,

    I'm so sorry I missed your reply and only saw it now.

    You're pretty much right about all of it. I know why I'm restless - I want to make changes in my life, go my own way... but there are now new and repackaged obstacles. I think (know) they're lessons. But it's incredibly tough to finally feel momentum and be thwarted yet again and forced to remain in the same situation (plus with an even greater load and less help). And yup, love is non-existent...lol. I want so much to open my heart (not that there are any prospects)... but with everything that's happening, and all the struggles...any hopes I had have gone to the back-burner again.

    I do feel that i cannot trust the women in my life in general, at this time - from my boss and colleagues, to my family members. People tell me one thing and do something else at the 11th hour.

    If you're able to, can I get a new reading? There will be a lot going on for the next 3 months, and I just need some insight.


  • Hi Danceur

    Not sure where this first one is going but I'll give what I picked up, you will know

    You have been moody, but in a snapping way and something about not so much sneaky but doing something for you, you want something and are pushing for it

    Your upset socially, you need calm and to move slowly

    You will get what you deserve money wise

    Disappointment on something you wanted

    Confirmation on the money, something to smile from

    You want something too much, and you are rushing or being hasty

    Watch the money you get, there are some bumps that you need to plan for

    Something good will come

    It may take a little time just be patient

    A guy will show up, he seems nice...but peek behind the curtain...there are flaws

    Your emotions will be strong, remember to breathe...let the brain in and not just emotions

    You have a fun month ahead...hahaha


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  • Thanks Nick!

    The first line make a lot of sense to me It seems that liberation sometimes involves doing things quietly (a bit on the sly) - in order to sidestep drama temporarily. I would never want to upset people intentionally - but it's reached that point at which I can't move forward if I depend on permission.

    The events from the previous reading are running concurrently to your new one - which resonates too.

    The woman - I believe could be my sister.

    I'm upset and 'running hot' because of my her There's decisions regarding a temporary move/accommodations - and she led me to believe we were on the same page. Little by little, she started to cut corners with what we had agreed on, and now she's switched sides. Out of the blue, she tells me she doesn't believe in what we had planned - and wants to follow the rest of the family, now that they seem to have some plans. She played me. For 2 months, she made it sound like she was completely on board.

    She could have been upfront earlier. I'm disappointed in her and with the situation. This is something I wanted to do for me. I wanted us to live on our own, in a more comfortable albeit costlier setting. You are right - I'm in a hurry now to try and finalize something - a place of my choosing that can accommodate my family - as a compromise, so that i don't have to give up my plans entirely. Trouble is, based on what you're saying, it seems my way may not be the right one? I'm confused...

    I am trying to let the brain in - believe me - but wow it's hard. I am willing to go with the family's plan if it is a viable one (anybody's guess), although I will still be terribly disappointed because it will be more basic/communal - when I really wanted more material comfort and privacy especially, and was willing to pay for it.

    Underneath all of this, is the stress of a care-giving responsibility, and worries on the health of the one I'm taking care of. And my own health issues. I'm burnt out, stressed, and not getting enough help..part of the reason I wanted to stay at a nicer place is to mitigate the increased stress. Like treating the move like a bit of staycation instead. I know it sounds frivolous... but I've been putting my needs last so much, I cannot take it anymore. I don't want to do the poor mees...and I'm trying to take charge, but I'm also becoming snappy and forceful 😞

    Momentum + obstacles = crazy emotions

    Wish I didn't keep meeting these guys with the curtains 😛

    The other one from the previous reading - is it the same one?

  • Danceur,

    The feeling I got was that you were moving too quick, when you want something sometimes it blinds you to the little things.

    Try and step back and see if there is something that can work, try to take the emotions out of the thought process and look at it from both sides just to get a different view. I am not saying your wrong in how you feel, just sometimes calm gives a different perspective. That is just me...

    The guy that is coming is not the same one as the other reading... he will look real nice in the beginning...just remember the curtain... sounds like you need some fun

    The first card did not sound like the picture I have in my head of you... I have learned my job is just to give what I pick up... I know you would know what it meant...

    if you need anything else let me know,


  • Hi Nick,

    I re-read your readings and realize there is a larger theme/message.

    There is a lot of momentum for change right now - most of are external events, over which I have no control. And there's a ripple effect of wanting to change some personal circumstances at the same time. To use the momentum before it peters out. Trouble is it is just about more than I can handle and it is really affecting me. It's not only fun that I need, but rest. I'm working myself to madness, not just at the office but at home, handling the care-giving, preparing for the temporary move, preparing for the changes that will come... I'm under duress and reacting (over-reacting some times). Good luck to the guy, because I'm really in a sulky frame of mind..

    What i really want is to be independent and move out of the family home one day. To break things down and rebuild myself. If i don't use this momentum to walk the baby steps, I'll drop back into stagnation. And it'll be harder to keep moving forward towards change. I've never felt this much of a push to change things, but at the same time, I can feel the fatigue just consuming me.

    What's best for me, isn't the same as what my family would prefer. We're not all evolving at the same speed/in the same way (no one's fault) and it's hard to find middle ground sometimes. Sometimes that means taking action that is less forthright than I would prefer. Small things...but you get the idea. You probably have a much nicer picture of me in your head - I'm really not that at all. Flaws, warts and all. I just hope I'm still a decent person...

  • Hey Nick,

    May I have a reading?

    We did the temporary move - it has been tedious and expensive (and my emotions have been explosive at times). I'm also entirely sleep deprived, but I'm mostly loving having my own place (with sis and my cat) - away from the rest of the family. The energy is so much lighter here, and i feel free and content. We're due to move back home this weekend, and I'm dreading it so much 😞 I don't belong there. I also worry about how my cat will adjust too - although he had a hard time here initially, he is very much loved and cared for. I used my vacation time to stay 'home' w him so there is a lot of face time. Back home, he is ignored a lot.

    Also, glad to see you are all still here 🙂 Thanks so much for hanging in there!

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  • Hi Danceur

    something with work and money, it comes from skill

    you still have family issues to deal with, money is involved but also emotions

    watch whom you trust, don't let them make all the decisions...it may not be the same as yours

    it comes from a misunderstanding

    remember you are who you are, be strong and think what you want and make it happen

    there is a man who wants what he wants, strong willed, he wants something to work a certain way

    you have hope and strength, don't let the little things cloud your judgement

    there is a woman you are thinking about, she is strong and quick witted, usually its a good card of watching out but I have a feeling you are either worried or questioning her

    there will be new opportunities, a small smile with it

    things are going to change, some upheaval before it happens...be calm and deal

    you are going to have to juggle a few things at once, you can do it, just be yourself and think before reacting, you get through it

    hope that helps


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  • Hi Nick,

    Thank you so much.

    Could you clarify a little on this

    "something with work and money, it comes from skill"

    Also this..

    "watch whom you trust, don't let them make all the decisions...it may not be the same as yours

    it comes from a misunderstanding". Is this a family or work thing?

    I wish my emotions weren't all over the shop...it isn't me. For the past few months, I've lost joy and just become angry and forceful. It's like I can no longer repress my ideals/wants and the urge to be liberated..and I'm pushing against anything/anyone. I do have hope and strength and i want to stand my ground, but I'm struggling to control the aggression and worry.

  • Hi Danceur

    Money popped up from working hard,

    not sure if the second one was work or family, it was more of a feeling like you were relying on someone and they didn't have the same thoughts as you did, so t he outcome wasn't what you wanted.

    It sounds like you have things coming at you from different directions, the trick will be to slow things down so you can deal with one thing at a time and then you will be able to work things out.

    Be prepared for some blow up and it won't hit you as hard, then deal with one thing at a time and before you know it you will clear each problem, after that you will be ready for new opportunities.


  • Hi Nick,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Was busy moving back.

    I feel so displaced - don't feel at home in my house.

    Once you've tasted freedom...

    And yeah right off the bat there are already arguments, disagreements with family...

    Just today, we had the plumber over and I specifically stated what I want, left dad to oversee. I came back and it's different. I blew up and asked them to change it back - and dad acts all affronted, as if I changed my mind (when they changed things without telling me). Tried to pressure me to accept things.

    I'm trying to slow down, but momentum persists. Body and mind are so tired. Struggling to keep up. On the other hand, I want to make changes. Finances are an obstacles to many of the changes i need. Trying to temper my expectations but it feels like I'm being led to want more.

    The move showed me a glimpse of what is out there.

  • OK then there is the goal, how can you make it happen?

  • Don't know how to.

    Finance (or lack of) is a big obstacle.

    I'm in a space I do not like and does not work and there is a frantic need to make a transformation.

    Thus far, I've tended to acquiesce to lower cost interim solutions, to quell the frustration and spread out expenses. But the frustration has reached boiling point and I cannot seem to sooth myself with delaying tactics. I was living with inadequate fixtures/clutter the while time. I feel as if I can't calm my energy down unless i drastically alter my personal living space - de-clutter and re-organize the environment, until such time that I can really afford to move out (probably couple of years down the road).

    No way I can earn more at my job, even though it's up for renewal. And I'm too drained to get a second job. I was saving steadily - and the temporary move ate into that a lot.

  • Hi Nick,

    The good news is that I have made some progress (if only emotional baby steps).

    I want to go back to school - if possible in the latter half of next year.

    Will be almost 38 then, and I can't afford it at all, and I've got to get past this injury/mobility issue....for which progress has been v slow. But well, I'm putting the intention out there.

    For the moment, I'm struggling with employment again. I desperately don't want to be here. I've been applying for jobs since last year - but the market is not doing good. So I'm in the process of renewing my contract again. Grateful to have a job, but not happy not having benefits, and having to work for a micro-manager who wants me to cc her on everything - and a company that is so disorganized and inefficient. I love my autonomy...and i'm bored with the work.

    Could I have a reading to see what lies ahead?



  • Here is a thought, also look into certifications. I have my Masters in Business but it is not opening up doors. I am studying for my PMP cert in combination...if I can ever pass it...that will open doors. Its nice the MBA which will give me at least a look but it doesn't seem to knock anything down. On interviews they ask do you have this or that, even if you know it...they are looking for the certs...just a thought.

    I'll try to get to it tonight,


  • Sure take your time.

    PMP - Project Management?

    Just a thought here too - would you be interested in being a trainer, in your area of specialization?

    Not sure - but i think an MBA (or any Master's degree) would work for that, in conjunction with industry experience and any other certs. May have to be certified as a trainer though.

    My intention is to do something completely different from what I'm doing now. Explore other abilities (which I hopefully have). There is no future in what I'm currently doing. Jobs have dried up. They're all on contract (with no benefits) and I don't want to struggle with employment anymore.

    So I'll need to get a basic degree first, then some solid work experience. Ongoing education/certification is a must for this line of work. Issue is now that I already have a basic degree and I don't qualify for government subsidies and most scholarships (there aren't many to begin with) etc and I cannot afford the fees unless I'm prepared to borrow (and be in debt for a long....long...long time)... Not fun to be paying off student loans till your 60.

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