Tarot Nick - may I have a reading?

  • Power guy sounds peachy 😛 There's a lot of these types in the office actually - both men and women.

    I think you're right that the confusion about the ex is clearing up. Feelings aside, i think we're being led apart because our energy is different. So the challenge for me is really embracing that this (not being able to reconcile) is better for me. Doesn't mean I can't care for him, or reach out once in a while...but just have to keep in mind I'm really reaching for someone who is more vibrationally similar. There are times when he and I are at the same place/plane (which are the times he will choose to interact with me) but we're fundamentally on different paths. Does that make sense?

    About him not being totally honest - is it something 'old'?

    For good or bad, a lot of people get 'stuck' on what I look like and develop preconceived ideas/fantasies about who I am - instead of getting to know me. They either put me on a pedestal and approach with the wrong intentions, or try to pigeon-hole me, or they judge from afar.

    That's why, for me, it's difficult to know when guys I fancy are being genuine or not - like my ex, like 'not so warm and fuzzy guy'.

  • I think that will make sense, it felt like he was holding back or not sharing a full story for his benefit. If you separate the feelings and change the circumstance, that should put you in a different place...changing or allowing a different reaction.

  • I think that will make sense, it felt like he was holding back or not sharing a full story for his benefit. If you separate the feelings and change the circumstance, that should put you in a different place...changing or allowing a different reaction.

  • Hi Nick,

    I've started job-hunting. Just wondering if any work opportunities are headed my way?

    May I have a reading? My current job is really draining the life out of me. My boss is mostly a nice person but I feel bullied and used. Burnt out.

    Power guy is my dad - seems to really hate my guts because I no longer acquiesce and I also speak up (i pick my battles though). It's a tough situation when adult children live at home. It is acceptable in our culture. But needing privacy and wanting boundaries on space/personal belongings is always an issue.

  • Danceur,

    Here you go,

    You will succeed, but it will take a little time

    be careful who you trust, someone is looking out for themselves...not you

    be careful what you are juggling...too much and the balls will fall...makes the decisions harder

    looks like you have a friendship budding...it was an ahhhh feeling

    it seems you have an idea that someone wasn't being truthful

    a different guy from the one I mentioned above... feels dull and stagnant

    trust your intuition, again about the warning of the person

    easy to say, don't worry so much..trust who you are...that worry will only drag negative influence and once you go there its the woooseys mee's (can't spell) but you get the idea

    the stuff you have above will work itself out, you will find out what is behind it and move on... again just keep being you...and you will land on top

    and of course you have to go through some turmoil to get there, so brace yourself and know you will be fine...just keep digging the muck, your solid base is there and you clean it out

    we want a nice clean stall so put your back into it... just going through the motions doesn't get it done it may not be fun, but hard work always gives you a good feeling when done, and you know you will look back and say it was WORTH IT...another lesson learned...

    Hope that helps


  • Hi Nick,

    How are you doing?

    Just curious - are you an Earth or Air sign? Neither?

    Thanks for the reading.

    Juggling - yes, am so burnt out. Overloaded, not just at work - the home stuff is getting to me also. Falling into depression in a way.

    Not getting enough rest, and my brain is all muddled up. So I need a bit of help understanding how many people you picked up, and who is who in your reading...

    My guess:

    There are 2 people. One isn't being truthful and is dull/stagnant, while the other is looking out for him/herself. Both are guys or could be either?

    I keep thinking the one who's looking out for themselves is my boss. She doesn't seem to care/wonder if I'm coping. Imploding...

    And a 3rd person - friendship. Perhaps the new girl in the office? She' lively and animated, but almost manic at times (can't keep up with her energy). But an interesting change for sure.

    No other friends - am being my usual Hermit self.

    Going back to the boss, she told me yesterday that she wanted to propose renewing me for a longer term, maybe a year instead of 6 months. My current contract expires in early May. I need a job but I felt such a sense of dread. I want to run away. This job is suffocating me - I can't see myself surviving here. i told her frankly I'm weighing my options and i want to see what's out there. and even if I'm renewed, I may not stay out the full term. She says I should give it a chance. To me, the only advantage I can see with a renewal, is an opportunity for me to buy time to find something else. I have already checked out mentally/emotionally - how can i continue to stay here?

    I have to believe there's a better fit somewhere else. It's just whether it will come in time. She doesn't get it that I'm not happy. As you said in the earlier reading what started out nice did not last. i started this year tired but hopeful, but now I'm fatigued and lost. This home stuff has cast a very dark cloud too, and my energy is all messed up with worry. I can't see the forest for the trees, and every week I just hold my breath for the weekend 😞

    I know what you're saying. I think this turmoil will be the catalyst for positive change in the end, years down the line. But it is so incredibly difficult right now, and it looks set to become harder this and next year. Breathe....

  • Hi Danceur,

    I will start out by saying you will be fine because you will make it fine.

    say that a few times...fine, fine, fine...falling apart...fine, fine, fine...hahahahaha; what's good about being me is I don't need an audience....stupid jokes make me smile...and you shaking your head...hahahaha

    what I felt was someone a feeling is what I pick up...to watch your back, what I call at work knife in the back practice...you ask a friend to take them out because someone is doing something for themselves and burying you....

    You will figure who it is after, the feeling was through out so I don't think you can avoid it, but you can try and protect yourself mentally. Being aware and crossing your eyes and dotting your Tees helps. It doesn't deflect it but they don't get buried when you pull them out.

    If I remember you were skeptical going into this job, ok your intuition was on but you needed money and I am sure you learned something...even if it's one thing...even knowing you did something and it doesn't make you happy but you can keep plugging away anyway. You can take a positive from a negative. Is it draining...yeah so the lesson is to try not to put yourself in that same position next time around.

    Time to tackle the home thing...what can we brain storm to make it better. My personal guess is its about space (personal space) and communication. I don't see you as high maintenance look at me type of person.. The hermit side is quiet I like my space. (just my mental picture) but if you stressed there that will bleed into your other areas...that makes it harder to get out of your own way.

    (too much stress at work today so my brain is jumping all over, I am going to bounce again)

    the dull guy was one person...more of ahhh don't worry about him

    If your unhappy then its time to start looking , it starts with a thought and a baby step to making it happen.

    I'm a Bull, trying to figure out which end...hahahaha watch were you step....hahahaha

    heads up, right away the feeling was you will be fine ....so I'm back to where I started...fine, fine, fine, so smile and tackle one thing at a time.


  • Hi Nick,

    Sorry - I meant to reply. It's just things blew up at home and I was in a bad place for a while before I calmed down. Back injury is also flaring up big time.

    Lots of hurtful stuff was said to me. People trying to force their will and ideas, and being very hurtful. Yes you are right - it's about boundaries and communication. Privacy too.

    So you're a Taurus? Makes sense - really early, calming energy. How do you remain so centered? Even when you said you were stressed, it didn't come across like that.

    If you're not too busy, may i have reading?

    I wonder if I'm out of the woods with this back-stabbing thing. I thought it was work - but I haven't really experienced any more turmoil than usual....so I'm guessing it's the home situation. I do feel betrayed by certain family members ...but at least now the feeling has dissipated mostly...

  • Danceur,

    here you are,

    It's ok to be kind but also firm, continue to use your keen observation

    also if you want it, go make it happen...you can do what ever you need too

    who ever the guy is, looking for a fight, got the banging on the chest thing...ooh look at me.

    you are going to start something new

    seems like the betrayal just came to a head or is coming to a head

    continue to use your intuition, you will ride out the storm

    you have a guy watching out for you, he is the head of something

    there is a nice guy you have been thinking about, not the one mentioned above, this one is patience and listens

    there are some setbacks to what you expected to happen, keep working hard though don't give up

    your not going to get out of what you are in right now so keep plugging away

    as you plug away and work hard you will see what you accomplish...there will be a gain

    hope that helps,

    Had some fun growing up... lots of growing pains... I learned what not to do from others and promised myself I would break the chain... that took some time, those links don't break easy. Then you forge your own stupid links...and can say what did I do that for...hahaha, and I can laugh at myself. sometimes I'm the only one laughing...but that's ok. When I am stressing I try and step back and say it's me that is putting on my own stress; sometimes it works...other times, but you look at the waited emotions and say ok how did I get here...what can I do to make it better. Hopefully at that point you whacked another link.

  • Hi Nick,


    As usual, I do not know how many guys there are in your reading...lol.

    Is it 3? The one spoiling for a fight, the one who's looking out for me and the one who's patient and listens.

    I don't know who they are to be honest. Lately I've been retreating even more into my shell. I just don't know what to make of anyone, when even 'reliable' people are going 'flip-flop'. Do not like the sound of the one spoiling for a fight....even when I'm quiet, somehow I have these jokers in my midst.

    "...your not going to get out of what you are in right now so keep plugging away

    as you plug away and work hard you will see what you accomplish...there will be a gain"

    I'm assuming you mean I'll have to stay put at this job? Am (very) slowly coming round to that idea. I wanted to leave with a vengeance but it seems the Universe feels it isn't time. I'm fighting to get the terms I want on my renewal - it feels a little like if I'm not vigilant, someone will try to sneak one past me...kinda stressful. I believe it also refers to the home/house situation which looks set to be a long drawn affair..for the next few years. I hope last month was the bulk of the betrayal, because I've only just returned to equilibrium and I cannot take another hit 😞

    Growing pains...haha perhaps I relate. But because I'm a late bloomer it feels like everything is exploding all at once. I want to de-link myself from everything/everyone, and I'm facing adversity from both myself (struggling to come up to speed with the changes) and from others (who do not want to let go, who do not want to accept that i've changed).

    I suppose you're right - about whacking one link at a time. But it's soooo painstaking. Why can't it be like the video games when you can obliterate many all at once 😛

  • Hi Nick,

    Haven't seen you around much. Hope you are doing well personally, and with family and work.

    If you have time, may I have a reading?

    I renewed my contract and start work on Monday after a short break. Obviously not happy to stay here, but trying to see how I can make things work. Wondering what's ahead.

    With home stuff, I'm trying to make sense of things, and make changes. Feel like I have a target on my back. Others do not understand my Hermit ways.

  • Danceur,

    Here you go,

    there is a delay, there is something or someone working against you...its like its just out of site and you can't see it but you know its there

    there is an obstacle, or a little stuff to go through

    its ok to just be you....even if you need your own little space...it lets you relax

    your worrying about a plan that...is eihter not thought out all the way or your not putting your full effort into it

    if you want it to work, make it happen

    be tight with money, there is still stuff to work through

    it seems its up to you, you have the ability to make things happen when you work hard and want something... if you want it seek it and make it happen

    something may come up that is different...keep an open mind

    don't get down if things don't seem like they are happening, you have to fight that and keep fighting...at that point you are just fighting yourself

    you are going to have to fight that feeling...if you get down...then you will just go through the motions.... that doesn't get you anywhere when you do that.

    what happens after that is you throw everything up in the air and say fall to me....

    ok we are going to need to focus on this one... I feel emotions and a pile building...then a rut...then the poor mees.... so lets go back to you can do what ever you want and Accomplish IT!

    it is one of those times where you have a few things hitting you and it snowballs..trick will be to isolate each one and take a step at a time, don't let it all come down and it won't feel as bad. Plan ahead and if you want it make it happen...

    I'm good, just being quiet...you do the right thing and wait for the best....

    hope that helps,


  • Thanks a lot, Nick 🙂

    Yes - I do think I'm entering a tougher period - work, home stuff, new stuff with the folks, conflicting emotions. Wanting things that feel out of reach. Feeling out of sorts and not really able to see the way forward. And a sense of 2 steps forward, 1 step back.

    I'm going to try to keep my head down and keep my cool. And hopefully keep my wits about me and follow all of your advice. Glad to hear you're doing good. You're a Taurus right? Happy belated birthday! 🙂

    Thanks again, Nick - will check back with you later on.

  • Hi Nick,

    What do you think about divination apps? Like this http://apps.virtual-fortune-teller.com/

  • Hi Nick,

    Hope you had a good birthday and a good June 🙂

    I kept your reading in mind...did not manage to do much, in terms of affirmative action, but managed to keep it together for the most part. Really hoping the worst of it is over.

    Recently, I feel a sudden urge to let go of people - just say adios and maroon myself somewhere. I guess it's more of 'getting away' from people I suppose. Wanting to stay under the radar or just wary of getting close - totally opposite from how I felt in May. Perhaps now with Saturn retrograde (I'm a Scorpio), some old themes are resurfacing too. Karma and how to resolve it...that's been popping into my mind too. It's a bit unnerving and I'm trying to understand it all.

    May I have a reading - whenever you're ready?

    Take your time.



  • Hi Danceur,

    you have hope and use your intuition

    you have the power to control what you need...you got to want it and then go get it

    money difficulty...be tight and frugal

    watch you don't over due.... small steps or moderation

    you wanted something to start but hit a bump in the road.... keep working at it

    something about a dull guy... I just wanted to go blah....not that he is bad just boring

    again be smart about money... this was more of a prepare and watch your choices

    you are working hard at something and good becomes of the hard work

    make sure you plan things out and have specific goals in mind....if not you will just go from thing to thing and just reacting not planing and reaching goals

    you will reach a balance and make things work

    but you will have to struggle for it... you need to really want it...plan it out into little details...work each step....and get it done.

    Hope that helps,


  • Thanks Nick - this reading resonates 🙂

    Having trouble with planning and staying on the plan.

    Procrastinating because I'm so busy at work, and so tired. and now sick.

    And trying to watch money - yes this is tough.

    Thanks - I will work at this.

  • Danceur,

    oh man that's two in a row tough ones, but the first thing that popped at me was you haven't changed. It' s in you if you want it; you can make it happen!

    Keep smiling,


  • Nick: I have not been on this site for a long time. Glad to be back. If you have the time, could you answer whether or not my husband and I will get the condo we put in for. I heard there was a stronger offer than ours. My thanks to you and your good service.


  • Hi Sharon,

    Sorry dear - this is actually my personal thread.

    You can start a new one and send your request to Nick there.


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