Tarot Nick - may I have a reading?

  • Hi Nick,

    Your readings are rather different and interesting.

    Would you be able to do one for me? Just anything you pick up on.


  • hahahah, I am differnent... I'll pull some cards tonight...

  • Hi Danceur,

    Here you are,

    looks like you having some trouble, fighting...not in a happy place

    money wise you just took a stumble

    you tried something and you had some set backs (tied in with the last card) not all is lost...courage is needed.

    To your question... what started out looking great...not so great now... and it 's making you worry

    all that recently just blew up

    There was mistrust... and you depended on others

    unfortunately... there is still more to worry about..someone is not being truthful keep an open eye out yet..

    someone is going to give you good advise to help (so you have two people one good and one bad giving you advise, be wise and figure who is whom)

    again i need to caution you... I don't know if you started this with a friend or family or if your trying to rebound from what just happen and your going to go into something else, but if the plan is not sound and not solid... i would caution against doing it.

    you still have a lot of hope and love...tough to do when things fall apart but give love out and it comes back to you

    some of that fighting is from taking a hit money wise, which it seems hard to get away from...

    Tough one, I feel your hurting... I have a sad feeling that I pick up from the reading...

    Ok deep breath

    how can we put you back on the road... I know you have courage and a good heart so we will use that as a base... had a swell of goodness when I hit that one card

    You started something...and it didn't work.. but you had the courage to try, that is something too.

    Trick is on planning on salvaging what you have now. I get the feeling you need to regroup and plan each step. You need to figure out who is not telling the truth or hiding things so you are not trusting that person.. that would just compound things.

    hope this helps


  • Hi Nick,

    Thanks for reading.

    Yes I've been struggling financially - though this has been going on for some time. It isn't recent.

    Would you be able to share more - are you able to tell if your reading is in relation to work and colleagues or my personal life, friends, relationship? I'm not quite sure.

    I'm feeling really disappointed about work. I inherited a mess and I'm trying to fix things slowly but I don't have the resources or support to do my work properly. Everyone is overloaded. I've recently been confiding in a few colleagues so I don't know if the person I can't trust is among them. Or if it's the team leader who doesn't give a hoot about me or how I'm struggling. I'm demoralized.

    The other thing is that I was let down in a relationship. I still love this person but he betrayed my trust. I've spent a year trying to make sense of things and learning to let go. Made an error in judgement trusting him, I guess. Have made a lot of progress but it's been tough because he's in my environment, but acts like I don't exist. I recently decided I want to put the friendship to rest, so that I can release the hurt feelings, learn to forgive him and move on.

    I'm just not really sure how to contextualize your reading, and how to identify the person who's not been truthful.

    I feel alone and lonely and yet it's often more comforting to be by myself. I do try to have courage, maybe I'm foolhardy at times. And even though he broke my heart, there is still a lot of love there, and I long to find the right person. Then again, right now I just feel weary. Haha, an internal tug of war.

  • danceur,

    Ah this is where my difference comes in handy,

    You must still be worrying about this because I pick up on emotions more than anything. I see you and Astra have been talking...good thing...but I am too lazy to read them all..hahaha, but when i do a reading its better for me not to know... i don't want my brain to get involved. I'm better when i just explain what I see... i think later. So good that you are on the road setting yourself back, but someone is not telling you the truth... that is still affecting you so that is good to know. Also try and make sure what ever your being set up with at work is a viable plan. Its one of those hard ones where you have to do as your told or do you have flexablity? When I get the one card someone elses plan and you have to go thru it; history tells me someone didn't think out the whole plan... so if you can give input so you don't get stuck... and I know all about the downhill flow...it gets messy. I also work with people who have deflectors on high where if the finger comes to them they CYA and bend the finger somewhere else. The good thing is if your warned....and I am trying to do that...you can prepare for it and back yourself up with documents. Do the email thing...ask your boss is this what you want...on paper; and file it away. let me know what you think...


  • Hi Nick,

    You really sense that someone is deliberately being untruthful towards me? Maybe you're sensing some anxiety from me as I'm worried that things could blow up at work. Things are so messy and they were not well thought out way back when (years ago before I was here), so I'm caught up in it now. Been trying to tweak things, but I'm so tired from fixing...

    You're not the first person who has suggested that there could be backstabbers at work. But I don't know who they are. I'm lost in my own frustration I guess. Will just try to be careful. I reckon it should be the workplace, as I don't interact much with others outside of it.

    And yes, Astra has been instrumental in helping me come to terms with how I feel about the guy I used to date. Extremely grateful for that 🙂

    I didn't want to tell you too much either, as I know you read differently. But I guess I got a bit lost, so I tried thinking out loud, in writing...lol.

  • Danceur,

    There is still something going on, came up three times...

    "There was mistrust... and you depended on others

    unfortunately... there is still more to worry about..someone is not being truthful keep an open eye out yet..

    again I need to caution you... I don't know if you started this with a friend or family or if you’re trying to rebound from what just happen and you’re going to go into something else, but if the plan is not sound and not solid... I would caution against doing it".

    So what I get and sometimes and I am not the best wordsmith....(trying to work on that) there is still something you need to look out for; I think you have two things one someone is looking out for themselves and two make sure what you are working on is solid. meaning it needs more thought or there is a flaw somewhere. Try to step outside the box and see if you can improve on it if that’s what you have to work with. Unfortunately work can be a me first atmosphere, The I in team gets added then the fingers point. From where I work...that happens from time to time and the best way I know how to deal with it is a paper trail. My problem is I never spell team with an I and I end up shaking my head that I did it again, sometimes it isn't good to be nice but I can't help myself... I always can put my head on the pillow though. I digress... have fun figuring it out...just what you needed more stress... hahahah (I have to work on my humor too! I'm a bad buster) hopefully you smiled.


  • Hey Nick,

    Haha, yeah you made me smile. Thanks for that. It's a big deal, as I'm frowning a lot these days..lol.

    If you're picking up my energy/emotions, then perhaps it's really that I'm feeling let down by people a lot. Lately, it's my team leader. I'm affected by her, in that she doesn't stand up for me (or anyone) and dumps more on me than I should be responsible for. It's very disappointing when a team leader only looks after numero uno.

    Well I won't stress about trying to figure who, what, when, and maybe take your advice to try and shore up whatever I'm working on. I'm not as careful as I should be... just a bit sad at the moment and making mistakes. Argh.

    May I ask you another question. Do you sense anything developing, in terms of a compatible love relationship?

  • I know where your coming from it's hard to say no...then they give you too much and errors creep in because your trying to do everything. Then you run out of time and they go why is quality slipping... duh you overloaded me... they want it both ways. Hard to do but better a little late with quality...then meeting the date and then getting ripped because they will only remember the ripped part, not what got you there.

    In the reading I picked up just a little on the relationship you had...work was stronger. I like to say wait a month and I will gladly give you another reading. It's lets things clear and you can work on the things that came up. From experience one or two thing come in strong, work on that and then time will do its thing. The same thing can come thru saying you still need to work on it or something else...a new life opportunity percents itself. As you know life is full of opportunities...hahahaha some you want others you go why me....any time you need a bad joke or a roll of the eyes...I'm usually browsing to see if I can help.

  • Nick,

    You described it exactly. People always remember the mistakes you made, instead of the things you did right/well. I feel taken for granted and taken for a ride to be honest, in this Catch 22 situation where I am overloaded, don't have enough resources and yet am expected to produce results. Well if you give peanuts... comes to mind... 😛

    Yeah that makes sense, to wait a bit before a next reading - I think work is on my mind a lot, so that's gonna come through the strongest.

    I think I do plenty of rolling of the eyes already..lol. Am just gonna chill and enjoy the rest of my weekend.

    Thanks again Nick! Much appreciated 🙂

  • Hi Nick,

    Can't believe this came to fruition so quick. If I interpret it correctly, then the issue about someone not being truthful has surfaced.

    I lost my job today. I was actually on contract and they terminated a year early. Just 3 months ago, I was told I was performing well. My team leader was very emotionless about it. Don't know if this is personal, as in someone doesn't like me, and they will just rehire, or if it's really that I don't fit into their plans moving forward. They are outsourcing many of the services to other countries, so this would have happened anyway. Just wasn't prepared for it to be so soon. Also thought I was well liked by most people there (maybe aside from team leader).

    Feel this is meant to be, as I wasn't happy here. But I'm worried about finding a job - the market is not good. Are you able to see if there will be a better opportunity soon?

  • Hi Danceur,

    That was quick you didn't even get a chance to paper trail yourself... in this case I'll do a reading

    Lets see,

    ok you throw all you emotions and dreams up in the air waiting to see what’s going to fall first...

    Good thing is you knew you needed a change... this is allowing it to happen

    your going to be juggling a couple things at once...if that happens you are going to have to concentrate harder to focus on one thing at a time... remember the more balls in the air the harder to keep track

    I get the feeling your first reaction is going to be find anything..just be common

    remember to have patience

    don't over due ... I'm feeling don't over react...easy to say from the sidelines...

    You have a pause in the struggle

    good thing is this change is going to allow you to grow

    New opportunities

    your killing me here....you didn't lose the bad one from the other reading... someone still pops up, still keep an eye out....(I wish I had the skill to come up with a name....)

    and the ten thousand dollar question...yes I showed my age... old tv shows... see you still have to smile or roll your eyes.. A requirement… New skill or learning that leads you in the right direction.

    If your asking me is it going to be tomorrow… I’d say the pause and patience is a key. Are new things going to happen…Yes, easy for me to say because I’m not paying your bills don’t just do something to do it. It won’t satisfy you…

    Give me a shout when you get it if I don’t talk to you before then,

    Hope that helps


  • Hello,

    I am sorry to fall into this topic from nowhere but I would like to ask tarot-nick if he could look at my topic and give me some insight please?


    There are many topics open so that is why i did not want to open another one

    please sorry again for this little interuption.

  • Hi fishyOne,

    Question, I have read some of both blmoon and Astra Angel threads to your questions. They are both very good and offered good advise. I am different from them in my readings, I guess I come at the question from a different angle; which is from your emotions. Is your question about you and how you will deal with lifes oppurtunities? or something else? If it's about you I will gladly give you a reading, If it's about the guys feelings, we can't control his thoughts or actions, but your free will is open to you and your thoughts and actions. Let me know what your thinking.


  • dear Nick,

    it would be about me.

    thank you

  • Hi fishyOne,

    This will be a pull on your emotions to help you see from a different perspective,

    your thinking of someone new... you want it to work out

    there is a separation...something behind it that you don't know

    your feeling restless and are worried...a little fearful

    you have a new will and you want it to work

    recently you couldn't make a decision...you were not looking at the full picture

    your going to take a pause and breath after a disappointment

    you are still disappointed because you wanted something to work out

    some of your fears are because you want to hold onto something

    The guy you wanted is going to be exposed... he was cunning

    still have caution, you want to start something new... it may take time

    There is a good guy out there, you may have to wait a little

    When you want something and close your eyes to things that are around you... you will be disappointed because you may not want to see or hear what is being showed. You will find someone, there is a nice guy out there ...just need patience... and to keep your eyes open to see everything, this way if the first one doesn't work out you will know what to look for. Being able to breath and think will help you help yourself

    hope that helped,

  • thank you dear Nick.

    Yes it has helped I really like your perspective on things.

    Sorry again to Danceur on hijacking his topic.

  • Hi Nick,

    I've gone for 1 interview and they seem to think I'm a fit, but I don't feel the same way. I will learn new skills and the job itself may suit me, but I don't think I will fit into the environment. It feels stuffy and stiff to me.

    I don't want to settle for just anything, but as you said, there's bills to pay. I've got 2 weeks to go before I finish at the current job. Do you see other opportunities opening up for me? Something more suitable?

    Just been having a bout of ill health recently - misalignment issues to be exact. I've been seeing a chiropractor who was highly recommended. But I'm not sure I trust him or the treatment anymore. I don't know what he's doing but it doesn't seem to be working for me. Thinking of trying something else.

    I still don't know who the 'bad one' is. Hopefully it's not the chiropractor...lol.


  • Hi Danceur

    Sandy didn't play nice with others...

    Your emotions are running.. deep breaths....

    things are still confused but you are dealing with them a little better

    Who's the guy? from me think twice (not a nice vibe....)

    to one of your questions, make sure you think things thru, I'm getting something that you just winging and didn't think just reacting....

    did you run into that person that came up.. the bad one? you were recently disappointed

    ok know you have the skill to organize...set things up and make it work in your favor

    that is important to know because I think your going to be running into a stagnate period, which means you will question yourself and have doubt

    all that doubt is weighing on you

    with your emotions flying its important to pick stable people around you, I feel another guys presence...again not a great feeling.

    be smart with the projects you start...they need to be sound if you enter them

    I get the feeling of being frugal is a wise thing... try not to over due... time for being simple I think....

    not a fun reading, but the important thing is know who you are and don't doubt yourself. Try and plan ahead and don't act on emotions at this time.

    hope that helps,


  • hi 🙂

    why i feel kinda of attracted to this guy, like i need to get to know him. it feels weird, and i dont know does he feel the same, probably not?my sign is virgo, his libra

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