Psychic help needed

  • I've been having intense, bizarre dreams at times for no apparent reason. About a week or so ago, someone took a nap in my bed and I'm wondering if I'm picking-up things from them. Wondering if this could be a gift that I'm just now realizing. Maybe could help someone if I'm correct. Any input would help.

  • No, these dreams are a result of the Full moon and earth energies at the moment - we are being sent helpful vibes to allow us to work through any outstanding issues or fears we may have that prevent us from ascending. I have been having them too as I am sure most of us have. If you can remember your dreams, they will be clues to what old issues from the past are being stirred up in you.

  • I know the moon can do alot. I think I'm getting something from the person who slept in my bed. Maybe sometime in the future I can help someone by sleeping with an article of theirs (or someone else.)

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