Looking for love ........

  • Hello , I'm female and in my mid 20's . I'm looking for love since the last 5 years . But never found or dated anyone during that period of time . The very very few guys I've been interested in were either taken or didn't even care to notice me 😞 I'm a not bad looking although that's not very important . I am smart and nice . Maybe my personality is not pleasant enough to guys . I don't know . I have consulted a few psychics and they all told me I'd find love within the next few months . But nothing ever happened 😞 Now I am really fed up and would like to know the truth . Will I find love this year or should I just give up ? Thank you.

  • Little spark I am sorry for what you are going through. Being single can be difficult and lonely at times. My opinion is that you need some dating experience without the pressure of finding "the one" guys pick up on that even if you arent saying it. Maybe try an online dating site but be careful and have your dates meet you somewhere in public and never give your personal info. Try a lighthearted approach that you are just doing this for fun and see what happens.

  • Oh yeah and really just have fun! treat your dates as if they are a new friend and enjoy your time with them as much as possible. Relax, smile, be yourself and be confident that if there is no chemistry than you just made a new friend.

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