Astra Angel... is there anything you need?

  • Astra,

    was killing time and read one of your last posts... you help so many people do you need anything?


  • Hey Nick!

    Thanks, hey if you are up for it I would love a reading, anything you are picking up on me. I am really struggling with my material life (financial) and am trying to make a go with fine art - that has been a painful path and I am really really trying to determine if that is really over, and ending and I need to focus elsewhere, or keep going with it.

    My love life too could use a major overhaul so anything at all that you could see for me there also I am most grateful.

    Thanks a lot for reaching out! Looking forward to whatever you can see.

    Also if you want a reading on anything let me know and happy to do that.


    astra (Mike)

  • Astra,

    here you go,

    you have had slight success, important thing is use your courage to keep pushing..

    feeling down... things feel like they are piling...

    doesn't help when money is tight

    the question shouldn't be about defeat... unfairness (need to work that one spin it the other way)

    I know it doesn't help when you feel betrayed... and restricted

    also doesn't help when the woman is back stabbing and talking...

    there is good advice coming or someone looking out... strong older male... lawyer type

    your worries are about being defeated... or feeling defeated

    because of the way you are feeling... decisions are going to be tough

    which may lead not to listening good advise (be open and concentrate on listening)

    good thing is you will work it won't take too long

    ok feelings are on the table.... what do they tell you... I'm feeling a big wooos e me. Which I'll allow for about two seconds. Now comes the slap off the back of the head and a Snap out of it.

    hahahaha, sorry, my humor... and you have to smile it's a requirement.

    Seriously, you know you can change what is said. Take a breath, listen to the good advise (not mine because you know what to do) plan on how to get out of whats going on. One step at a time one brick at a time and before you know it the weight is lifted... (yes easy to say from this end) I like to bust them... you need a smile anyway...if not I am....hahahahha

    hope that helps


  • Hey Nick

    Thanks for the reading that was a blessing and really helped!

    You are right, everything you said was spot on. Will heed your advice in spit of the woe is me as everything is actually going great to be honest. My original watercolors are really starting to pick up in sales and that is looking nice. I have a fairy girlfriend so that is nice too. And extraterrestrials will be landing any day now to take over the planet. Just kidding, I do like sci fi though... and Deuteronomy 32:35.

    Looking forward to the lawyer....

    Best to you Nick! Let me know if I may return the favor sometime!

  • you will be fine, last card was Ace of swords...

    Sometimes it just takes to see if from a different perspective...

    So last night was your binge time to be yourself....

    Glad I could help, I'll yell if I every need you.

    Keep smiling

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