Will I find love

  • Hi AstraAngel, My name is Karla-Ann, my birthdate is the 03 june 1969. I have been divorced since January 2006 and I have not found love. I feel so desolate and alone that at times I feel that I am incapable of meeting someone.

    When will I find that mate for me? Where should I go to meet that mate. What to do to find that mate.

    I feel so unloved and alone - seeking your kind wisdom and help.


  • hey CaribBeauty

    I pondered your question for quite a while and had a longggg reply all written, but the bottom line is I don't have any answers for you, I wish I did. It makes no sense to me that the Universe would create a world where hearts are broken, relationships fail, people abuse and manipulate one another, control, and leave folks like you us in places of loneliness and emotional pain. Maybe they have soap opera television in Heaven and we give the angels a lot of laughs. My relationship history with women is pathetic, so I am not a good person to give any wisdom, as I am totally clueless about finding a companion (I've been divorced for almost a year. I have about given up on finding anyone who has a clue about true, tender, connected, communicative love relationships and I dreamed up a fantasy lover or two to hang out with, they are nice I just can't touch them.

    Sri, I am not in the best of moods today so maybe another day I will have better answers!


  • Hey caribbeauty

    I will share a few things with you that I did get yesterday. Maybe it will spark something for you.

    The only real practical tip was to network with your (girl)friends, those who are already in committed, working relationships - do you know anyone like that? May be hard to find however there are a few perhaps. Do you have a close friend?

    Anyway I would communicate to them that you are seriously looking for a companion and will offer a REWARD to them should they be able to find someone for you and it results in MARRIAGE. $10,000 comes to mind. You may not have that much money however the guy you meet could. The reward needs to be significant to get anyone helping, people won't get involved these days without money.

    I would offer something to them anyway. FREE massages for a year. Something. Make it fun. Make finding a companion a fun experience for you.

    Run small space ads in the classifieds also, declaring to the world that you are desiring a companion... have your girlfriends screen them... eventually you should find someone. Takes determination. Maybe create a free blog (wordpress/blogger) and have that be your 'profile' page. Put every nice thing you can think of about yourself. Again, work with a friend to help you.

    Money talks though... or some sort of incentive.

    Those are practical steps.

    If that fails you can always pray, that has been known to work.

    Here is my original text for your reading, you are welcome to wade through that and see whether anything jumps out at you... it is a lot. I pondered your situation for a while...

    Hi Karla-Ann

    I am not sure I am the best for any "finding love" wisdom, I am not doing so great in that dept myself. 🙂

    However... I know that Heaven-Universe loves us, you, me, all of us and though we find ourselves sometimes in places where we feel alone, it must be serving some sort of purpose, I hope. Either that or they are out to lunch up there and forgot about us.

    Okay I will draw a few cards and see what it seems to suggest...

    Justice - Hmm... so there is a justice issue in your life. Could be from the past. Some situation that you felt wronged in, and injustice, could have been connected to past relationship or marriage? I am starting to see that the justice card is telling us that justice issues are handled from above, not by us.

    So, you could be feeling a "weight" in your life connecting back to the past. "How could that have happened and they get away with it?" and in love that can be very painful. After all, you opened your heart to someone and trusted and then to have that happen? It is painful. So this is a good card to say YOU WILL SEE RECOMPENSE IN YOUR LIFE in other words, you will get the LOVER you deserve!!! Someone really nice... instead of the someone really (another word here). So this is good news for you, it shows that the Universe understands your situation.

    However, I know that doesn't really answer the question of when, where and what to do to find that special person for you. I think the universe is working on your behalf even though it hasn't felt like it for a long time.

    8 of Swords, this is intellectual energy you are working with. Organizing thoughts. This is a sign that you are really thinking of what in the world do I have to do to find love?! You are very much thinking about this issue... of finding a mate. The justice card is expressing the imbalance the fact that you don't have a companion close at hand and that represents an "injustice" in the eyes of the Universe! The fact is we EACH are supposed to have a companion. The animals get one, why don't we, right? Hey, I hear you. So you are totally aware of the inequity of the situation and it is painful.

    8 of cups. Okay. Now we are getting some cups that is good. So this justice > 8 swords > connects to this same "organizing and setting in order" emotional energy of love. So you are on the right path. You may not be aware of it, but you are in fact doing the right things to find love. You are making your request known, you are dreaming of love, you are seeking someone, in your heart (cups). THere is a lot more going on with you in your love search than you realize.

    6 of Pentacles. This is material, physical, tangible. Everything we have seen so far represents intangible spirit aspects, thoughts, path, emotions... this is someone you can touch and hold and who loves you back physically.

    7 of Cups - so back to dreaming of love again. It is looking like you have made some efforts to get out and meet others (6 of pentacles), but it has not really worked and you find yourself right back where you started from - dreaming of love and that's about it.

    The Moon - and along with the dreaming comes strong emotions, and at times they can be overwhelming. The Moon is very much mysterious and a little dark so it is easy to be frightened to and conclude "OMG, am I NEVER to find love?" The Moon can cause that kind of reaction. So the advice here is to remember that no matter what you feel at any given time, no matter what it looks like you are still in the right path to find the love and companionship you seek! No matter what. Even though it seems like such a long time that you have been searching.

    8 of Pentacles - and now back to the physical. So a pattern is becoming apparent - emotions - something physical that you do - emotions - something physical that you do. So I am getting the feeling that you have been trying to do something to meet that someone, it simply hasn't worked out yet. We are also looking now at a lot of "8" energy in this reading, and that is VERY GOOD EXPANSIVE energy helping you now to find love. I like to see 8's as DOOR cards also, so a lot of 8's in this reading tells me a door is developing for you in love. May not look like it, but I do see that as a very real development.

    The Sun - See? That is very bright, this is one of the very best cards to see for a bright tomorrow where you DO have that companion, love, closeness again that you miss. The Sun says a new day is coming for you. A dawn approaches, a light at the end of a long tunnel for you.

    The Sun also uses a lot of cups and pentacles energy so the reading is showing a lot of cups-pentacles energies which will help us determine a strategy for you. Cups and Pentacles - emotional/feelings and something physical. That is important as we move forward.

    2 of Pentacles, more pentacles, and this is a very nice companion card. Can also mean a move for you too. Are you willing to make a "move" for love? Do anything? Go anywhere? I don't know your family situation, looks like you may have kids? Anyway you are due for a move on some path that takes you into a new physical situation to find love.

    Then the 6 of Wands which is success, all working out, whatever has been set in motion thus far in the reading attains victory here and you are fulfilled and happy, your path has taken you at last into the arms of someone who is really nice for you.

    I think I will pause right there we have enough cards to begin to see what a good strategy will be for you.

    major cards are the Justice card, the Moon, and the Sun. That message is "no matter what happened back there leaving you in a place of feeling like the Universe has abandoned your longing for love, and though your emotions and fears at times seem overwhelming to you, that THE SUN WILL RISE in your life and bring you someone absolutely perfect for you.

    We want to look closely at the Pentacle cards as they are practical things you can do to flow with that desire of yours and do the things it may take to find love.

    we have a 6 (sharing, easy going, flowing), 8 (organizing, expanding, and a door) and a 2 (balance, affirmation, companionship, duality). So the pentacles seem to be saying something like SHARE - ORGANIZE - AFFIRM A COMPANION in some way, along with being willing to move if need be (in some way, at least be open to a physical change of style in your life to find love).

    Right now you are immersed in a lot of 8 swords energy so that is organizing energy of thoughts. That is good.

    Ouch! I just hit my elbow. Hmm... You know the old saying "going around your elbow to reach your thumb"? It could be that there is a much easier way to find a lover than the approaches that you have been using or considering. Could be a lot simpler than you realize.

    Doors. Keep in mind that people are all looking for the same thing, love, the real thing, closeness, companionship, physical intimacy... so with all of these 8 - door cards here... seems like a door is certainly opening for you in love.

    What does she have to do? When? Where? The only 2 cards in the reading that are congruent are the Sun card and the 2 of Pentacles. So that sounds like a Sunny + Move (physical).

    I am going to draw some more cards... so far I am only seeing that you need to move or experiment.

    Page of Pentacles - the first court card - That is the same energy as the 2 of Pentacles only it is oriented more vertically (heaven and earth)

    10 of wands - a path crossroads so a move and then a crossroads

    10 of swords - an intellectual choice point

    Then a 7 of pentacles (imagining something physical) so that completes a 6-7-8 pentacle straight.

    Then a Knight Pentacles - that is the page all grown up. Physical focus.

    I am seeing there is a lot of physical "something or other" that you will do to find this companion.

    The last 2 cards are also congruent, the Knight and 7. So we have these pair now...

    SUN - 2 of Pentacles = Sunny, bright moves

    7 of Pentacles - 8 of Pentacles = Physical imagination and expanding, organizing, stepping out

    The Sun card is the "face of a man" in some esoteric understanding of the Tarot. So that Sun could be your person. Together with the page and the Knight. So we can at least begin to see what he is like. Bright disposition, he is very much a down to earth person, very physical. Very much touch and holding kind of person.

    1. He is the King of Pentacles. Probably dark brown, black hair, that is your companion. A few months, 1-3 months when you will find him

    2. Where should you go? 10-10... does 10 mean anything to you in terms of a place? What places have a lot of 10's?

    3. What does she need to do to find him? that 6 wand position is the KEY for what you need to do. We should focus there for some practical steps. Wands are very creative and daring. They are our path and choices and plans. And roles. You need to adopt a new role somehow to find him. We want to move you to a new place, a new identity, a new role. That is important for you to do.

    The first thing you need to do is AFFIRM that you will have a lover. There is no maybe about it. Establishing yourself as a "love winner" in this is very important. So you need to create an atmosphere around you where you FEEL that you have already succeeded at this pursuit and HE is with you. Because he is/will be with you. Period. There is no maybe about it. You WILL have a love companion. So begin to really affirm that in your life. Heaven wants you to have him, the Universe wants you to have him, so there is nothing that can prevent this from happening.

    Have you tried the dating sites? Ugh, I know... match.com is one. My son was playing with matches counting them this afternoon right before this reading.. matchmaking, that could be a word for you. I wish there was a TAROT dating site or something where people could hang out who all share a love for heaven and can voice their desires for love easily. The only challenge is that it seems it is mostly all females in this realm... where are the guys? Waxing their cars?

    What have you done to find a companion? Are you meeting people at work or church or organizations? These are all the standard words of advice… join clubs, churches, etc to meet people. You have probably already heard that.

    Experiment, try new approaches, think outside of the box.

    I have thought about designing a dating site/service that really works and is free... most of the pay sites are all bogus. plenty of fish is a dating site I have tried that/played around with it, and others too, just curious, even AshleyMadison which is a hook up site for "illicit" affairs. Didn't work for me haha... none of them work if you ask me, you are better off working with your friends.

  • I can look at your chart too

    Gemini. So communication is very important to you. Probably what happened in your marriage was a communication breakdown. For you to have a quality relationship you need the companion to totally be on your same wavelength. There can't be any control issues either as that is also evidence that the controlER is refusing to communicate and has simply walled themselves in where its there way or the highway. So your marriage went to the highway.

    Moon in Cap - your emotions are probably very much under control and then at times all of a sudden the dam breaks and you are a mess.

    Venus in Aries, your love 'stye' is somewhat intense, so while communication is important, the way it is expressed physically has to be no-nonsense and very passionate.

    Mars in Sag and it is opposition to your Sun, so this communication need you have with your mate is intensified even more with this placement.

    What I see happening with you is that you are able to size up a companion so quick (by virtue of whether there is any real connection in communicating) that you don't hang around to try to date them any more. You meet. You exchange a few words. And you think "nope... " and move on.

    So you could be meeting them, its just that no one has excited you enough in the communication area to cause the relationship to blossom.

    So... that could be a sort of roadblock for you. I know that you WILL find someone its just that your communication needs are very important and the right person will be a pearl. A real gem for this Gemini!

    Hope that helps...

  • AstraAngel, thank you so much, you have definitely brightened my day. I was feeling so frustrated and your kind words and knowledge has lifted me up. I am willing to relocate and yes communication is very important to me - this aspect was lacking in my former marriage.

    Thank you once again. I will follow your advice and affirm that 'I WILL FIND LOVE, I WILL FIND THE COMPANION THAT THE UNIVERSE HAS CHOSEN FOR ME'

    God Bless.

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