Astraangel this is my answer...

  • Hi Astra,

    a year ago you asked me this question:-

    "You must answer one question from me first...

    You are alone on the earth. There is no one else. An angel appears before you and says

    "Caribchic" you can have any man you want. He will be perfect for you in every way. He will love you tenderly and passionately. He will treat you like a Queen. It will be extremely s e nsual and s e x ual. You will be head over heals in love with him. He will be head over heels in love with you. You will repopulate the earth with babies. You will share a deep soul mate connection with him that will send you to heaven every day, and it will get better with each passing day....

    You can only choose one man. Not two, not three, not a hundred. "

    i choose Gregory.... June 12 1961.

    Now what do i do?

    Hugs Carib.

  • Hey caribchic...

    Okay that was an exercise to help narrow the focus! Good for you!

    So that is a good step. You now have a specific person in mind.

    Next, write down all of the nice qualities in this person that turns you on. WHAT exactly is it about Gregory that excites you? His looks? His conversational style? WRITE a description about these qualities and post that here and we will go from there.

    So that is your homework. Tell me all of the things about Gregory that you like.

    Blessings caribchick!

  • Hee Hee that will be an open love letter 🙂

    Have to really work on that !!

    thanks Astra


    Carib 🙂

  • Oh Astra with this new forum style I'm having problems accessing the page.... I had written a whole bunch down and then alas... it i'm trying again...

    What I like /love about Greg.

    I like how your hazel green orange eyes sparkle in the sunlight

    I love how we had an amazing connection 14 years ago that never seem to cease regardless of time and space

    I love how you pursue and I keep running

    I love how you and I seem to get each other without even knowing how

    I like our friendship that seem to endure even after all this time and without my even wanting it or maintaining it. that must mean something,,, maybe karma

    I like how your easy going gregarious nature so laid back no heavy brooding to deal with ...

    Thats' it astra 🙂

    Now what

    Carib 🙂

    G. says that I dont encourage him what does he mean by that???

    and how we can be together later down the road!!! How much later down the road he wants... ??? its 14 years !!

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