Birthday reading please :)

  • Hi

    My birthday was September 30.(1969) I'd really appreciate some insight on the year to come.... romantically speaking.

    thanks and blessings


  • Here is a reading,

    I get the feeling you put all your eggs in one basket, but your not sure you picked the right basket

    your ready for a new beginning

    i get the feeling your ready because something just blew up...tears fell

    your question is on false starts... you want joy but it is very misty and you cant see far

    good news is the burden you just went thru tested you and made you stronger

    next two cards are tied together...figure out what two things you are trying to balance. plan it out, i get the feeling your going to pick one of them

    because the other card throws the cation flag... look at what you are doing...not just from emotions but walk around it and look at it from different perspectives.

    You have a feeling about a guy...he can be mean to you but you want him anyway...(just me.. if someone is mean and you look the other way... oh he is going to change...or its just one time... is that what you really want?)

    There is another guy that is nice and good

    I'm not sure who this is but the one is a strong personality, can be domineering and you like the strength

    your ready to put your new goals into action

    hope that helps

  • Hmm tarot nick,

    "I get the feeling you put all your eggs in one basket, but your not sure you picked the right basket , your ready for a new beginning

    i get the feeling your ready because something just blew up...tears fell "

    that seem to be on the mark!!

    there are 2 guys but one is more domineering and macho man type that might be the one with the caution (R)

    the other is , macho man type also lol but not as domineering. (G)

    I want to know which one has the best interest in mind for me or have more feelings for me, which way i should go ?? marriage with any ?

    Thanks for such a great reading 🙂

    Hugs Carib

  • and its true (R) seems to be mean to me at times, mixed with kindness and i make excuses for the meanness... hoping it would change... or was wondering if it is a mask that hides his feelings ?

    so that is spot on too!!!


    can u elaborate a bit??



  • Hi Carib,

    So you only have the one basket and two things to put in it. You want to know which is the right item.

    Look into your heart, use the experences you learned from.

    I can't tell you which direction because we are different... but I can say if you bring up marriage; that is a long term commitment and takes a ton of work, love, laughing and tears. Look at values, at commitment and can you grow with the person... the little things never go away...some eventually blend together, but you can't close your eyes and hope them away.

    If your not ready don't rush, keep building and growing and learning. Make that decision for the right reasons...and still you will look back and go what was I thinking....hahahahah

    hope that helps

  • I,m the kind of Libra girl whatever decision I make I will still be saying what was i thinking..... that is where your guidance comes in.......

    Is there anything else I should be wary of?? I dont see marriage really in my future as I'm 43 and divorced and the guys here have me emotionally drained. that is why i asked you if you picked up anything...


    Carib 🙂

  • Not wary, just think things through. It's hard to juggle a few things at a time and if you just jump in without thinking... I think that is where the caution came in. Your looking for joy and you had stop and starts and If I'm correct sometimes you lead with emotions first then see what happens. What I picked up was think about it first then let your emotions in; so not to be wary but just not to lead with emotions.

  • well thats what i get for being a romantic Libra .... sigh...... 🙂

    thanks anyway Nick.

    I finally told the mean one to get lost.... (R)...

    was really hoping that would work out... 😞

    Carib 😞

  • If it means made me happy.

    I would never say do one thing over the other... that is for you to decide, but no one deserves to be treated ill;

    There is always that fine love/hate one....what was i thinking....hahahah but when things turn mean and you look the other way... theres no need to be treated like that.

    Keep being romantic...that's who you seem to be...just learn what not to look for in the next one...if the same pattern happens thats when you need to adjust

    Lots of luck


  • thanks NIck 🙂 sending a splash of caribbean sunshine your way 🙂



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