Men uuuggggghhhh (cap man issues)

  • Ive been seeing this cap guy and he is so respectful, and down to earth. But... he never talks about "us" and the last 10 months or ANY emotions or feelings. He isnt the kind of person who likes to be push on those subjects. Is this "relationship" just dead weight or should I hang on??

  • My opinion is that cap men arent the more "feeling" types of the zodiac signs. He is more motivated by logic and "thinking". If you have been seeing each other for 10 months and I am assuming you are intimate by now than you have the right to know where you stand. pay more attention to what he does for you. Does he call you everyday to say hello? Does he spend a decent amount of time with you? Does he act considerate of your feelings? Does he do nice things for you or say nice things about you? Does he take you around his family or friends? these are all clues that any man is into you and the relationship. Hope this helps

  • Yes they can be that stiff 🙂 perhaps you should shake things a little bit. ask him a surprise question and see his reaction. if he says no, and yet it takes him more than 10 seconds to say it, then you know he feels the same, he just doesn't say it or some stupid responsibility makes him says so. being a leo, I have no slightest clue why my Cap husband was all about rules, work, formality and all that is boring to me. but I love him and just when he was being all formal, I asked him will he marry me. I caught him off guard lol and it took him like 10 seconds to say yes and his friends said he was all shiny happy when he told them he was getting married. Caps don't do things unplanned, they can be so slow to act you'll wonder if there is a life in them at all. But one thing is for sure, if this guy doesn't have the slightest feeling for you, you won't be seeing him, you won't even know his phone number. 10 months is long enough, it may be time to surprise him 🙂 good luck

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