Past lives??

  • i always wanted to know what i was in past lives and how i can figure that out is there a form of meditation i can do to know.. been itching my head to know this stuff... things like this just brings me such joy and positive energy :] so i wont stop till i know

  • JJ, I am getting a recent life for you as a priest or monk in a very secluded monastery. You yearned to find out more about the world but couldn't becuase of the confining nature of your life there, just prayers, a bit of gardening, not much talking, and abstinence. In this life you really want to make up for that and discover all the knowledge and secrets of the world. 🙂

  • really wow thats pretty cool i want to know did you figure that out did it just come to you or there is more to it?? i am really curious to know

  • I am a psychic reader - I get 'feelings' about people and things. Sometimes I also see, taste and hear.

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