Please pray and send healing thoughts to my community :((

  • I hate to bring such a negative dark cloud to the forum, but once again my community has been struck with a violent crime. I understand crimes happen and are coming up on the 3rd year anniversary of a mother who was murdred in her own bed with her daughter having been brutally attacked. This past Thursday a woman home alone was sexually assaulted by a man who got in through an unlocked door, in broad daylight around 3pm in the afternoon. Even with the horrific event that happened most of us never locked our door. The woman was sent to the hospital with non life theatening injuries, but I am worried if he escalates. :(( The panic that has set in is just so unnerving.

    The authorities only investigated for 3 hours before publically announcing he had left the area. This past Saturday around 8 am a man was spotted peeping through windows wearing black with duct tape in his hand.

    This has chilled me to the bone and our community is on edge. I just have such strong feelings about this person, but am not sure if its my being in thick of it all, I live right in between where both incidents happened, within 4 miles of each other. I am just so angry that someone is terrorizing our little town like this and hope he is caught soon.

    I am not asking for help with anything other than your prayers as our town could use some loving healing light.

    Thank you all.


  • CGFH

    I certainly will pray for your community.

    Before you go to bed at night pray and ask that angels be placed on the North, East, South and West of the community and your dwelling.

    God Bless and Protect


  • Keeping you & your community in my prayers



  • Thank you,

    I will Shuabby.

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