The Week Ahead: Energies that Want to Work With You

  • a message from Rev. Angela Peregoff

    One of life's most fulfilling moments occurs in the split-second when the familiar is suddenly transformed into the dazzling aura of the profoundly new." ~ Edward B. Lindaman

    While my feet are firmly planted on the path of evolutionary ascension sometimes the business of participating in a human incarnation takes over and I'm pulled into the swift tide of daily existence. Such has been my experience over the last week and I regret to tell you that I was not afforded the "time" to sit and transcribed an energy read for you. It was a hospital-and-doctors week for me. As many of you know my mother is having the experience of lung cancer and we are quickly finding out that FLOW is a constant companion on this journey. The healing path is often set with unexpected turns and twists - good and less-than-good.

    So that you don't feel too abandoned I am sending along a colleague's channeled piece. Her name is Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D. and I just love her guides and the information they share with us. If you like her messages you can visit her web site:

    I'll add my comments on the week ahead via my FaceBook page. I know there have been a good-sized share of planetary shake-ups this September and that trend will continue so I'll post so you can avoid the tendency to be confused.

    Love vibrations to each of you,

    Rev. Angela

    September 27, 2012 - Messages from the Masters

    We greet you with the essence of creation and infinite possibilities. It is that in your now there are openings occurring that are unifying the dimensional structures one with the other, all intertwined and intersected as a common reality. It is that which skews your senses of time, that which leaves you perhaps feeling ungrounded. As you move into the coming planetary alignment, a streamlined effect is in occurrence. We have said previously:

    The last of the seven star gate systems, the Dendor, will begin its opening on November 12th, 2012 and will continue its process into January 13th, 2013. The ancient Egyptians built the temple of Dendera over an even more ancient temple which will be found to exactly state the expression of the star gate system openings. There are two others as well that have opened in the before times, which will also be found as described in the subterranean temples there. In the temple, they speak of the times of the night, in which the sun was blocked by volcanic ash, and your earth seeped lava and acrid smoke. But humanity survived.

    As this last star gate aligns, which is already beginning to happen, there is a rush of energy that will sweep across all reality. Temporarily, this rush of energy may leave you feeling ungrounded, without instructions, even disoriented as to yourself and all other things. This is because when there is such an event, there comes a unification of all realities in a simultaneous fashion. When this occurs, it becomes difficult to have any sense of individuality. Consciousness operates from a perspective of oneness, and perceptions come of different sources than the simple human brain.

    At the same time your consciousness is stretching beyond its common abilities, energy forms are distilling into fractal formats. Each fractal is a library of information geared toward potential outcomes. When the fractals arrange, what occurs is a powerful expression of reality that is potent in effect. The fractals are moving in spiral form, which is not unusual, but what is different is that the fractals are moving in double helix format, the same way your DNA works. It is this energy format that is whacking so many of you so intensely. This form of energy expression is deliberate in nature. It is very much as if creation is currently on a mission to recreate itself, using the strength of its very format to communicate more fully and more completely than has been available to human beings, ever.

    Because of these changes, consciousness is following suit. Consciousness is able to move through creation from the perspective of oneness rather than a reaching out of singularity. Because of this, everything is possible, and quickly.

    We realize that much of what we speak seems beyond human experience, and yet, there is a knowing, and it is given, that it is time for the nature of humanity to awaken to the greatness of their being. Humanity has forgotten that which is the entirety and has become mired in individuality in which the perception of duality, human and spirit has become the norm. What is not yet remembered but is quickly coming, is that there cannot and is not a separation of humanity from that which is Divine. You are one and the same.

    There is by virtue of creation, an innate marriage of humanity and divinity. Imagine that you are a DNA strand. Your Divine nature is one side of the ladder, the human aspect the other side of the ladder. Together they are an entirety filled with instructions for a perfect life, perfect light. Even when these strands split and replicate, they carry the very nature of their being onward into every cell of the universal body. That body is you. Creation works not only around you or in the heavens, but within you as well.

    In all of your humanity and all of its perceived imperfections, each of you is becoming more God like in every moment. Think of it this way: If you knew you could create a perfect world, how would you imagine that world to be. Imagine that; then, let it go. Know that you have been heard.

    The critical mass that all have been so diligently working toward for so many years has come to pass. Enough of you on your planet have stepped into your sacred being, with the intentions and perceptions of great peace, great love, and great change. Creation has heard you. You are evolving more quickly than in any time ever in all of creation. The idea that you are helpless or anything less than perfect is ridiculous. You can be nothing less than an aspect of what is, an aspect of God, a reflection of all things as they express in human form.

    Imagine. You have the ability to walk your earth knowing that you are that expression of God. That aspect that at the same time carries free will and the innate ability to choose and change at any time. There is great power in that. There is great love in that. There is great and infinite possibility as well.

    You wonder what will come to be after your benchmark of December 21 of this year. You must understand that the evolution of you will continue to fast forward. There will be a continued polarization amongst human beings, as some are more aware than others. This too shall pass into a time where there comes a unification of your tribes. Always there will be those who carry the memory and tendency of war while the majority of you will turn to each other in human fullness, sharing resources, information, your hearts.

    What will come of this will be a different way of being amongst peoples. This will take time to fully evolve, but it is coming. It is the only way that you as people will make things work. There will come a time when there is a world coalition that will seriously consider what is to the highest good of all. Members will be chosen not politically, but by their actions.

    With the arctic melting currently in occurrence there is a strong possibility of changing temperatures in your ocean and deep sea desalination. Do not take these events lightly as the combination of the two possibilities can lead to both oceans rising and to extreme climate change. As it stands, these changes are changing your weather patterns and the pattern of your jet streams. When this occurs the weather norms you are accustomed to change dramatically with great amounts of precipitation where it has been dry and dryness where it has been more tropical. At the same time, temperature extremes can occur both hot and cold. This may result in extreme winter conditions and droughts. Sea levels may rise two to four inches over the next ten to fifteen years.

    The weather, earthquake and volcanic activity are all relative to the geomagnetic forces upon your planet. As the earth's resonance continues to change, there will be areas of heightened activity in each of these. Where there are areas of heightened geomagnetic activity so will there be relative weather anomalies, earthquake activity and volcanic eruptions. As your gravitational forces ebb and flow the geomagnetic relationships around your planet will change as well. What this means is that there will be a steady movement of event locations. Of course these will occur over years, not days or months but you must remember that the earth has had its balancing issues much longer than there has been human life. These events are part of the natural rhythm of your planet.

    The key is for you to learn to live within that rhythm. Learn to feel what is happening within your planet. Learn to live upon your earth in ways that allow for it to balance and evolve with you. It is entirely possible.

    World finances will continue to experience upsets and refinements over the next ten years. There will be after a time, a refinement of currencies in which there will be less of them and more value to those that remain. This will be part of the global coming together. Gold, silver and copper will remain to be excellent investments over time.

    What is vital and paramount for each of you is to remember that you have come to the planet for the experience of life. There are no have to's or musts, except to fully live the life that you came for. To edit or discredit yourselves on any level is to deny the very forces of creation to work through you in the natural way. That denial, that resistance that you experience is only perception. Creation will continue to provide for you from the truth perspective.

    When there is resistance, when there is perception of lack, when there is a feeling of being anything less than perfect, creation provides that as well. What you must understand is that it is a creative force that is driven by consciousness. That consciousness comes from you, communicating your every aspect into the creative process. Then, that process brings to you exactly what you have expressed. This simple understanding can change life experiences across the board. Knowing this is vital to the truths you came to experience. Knowing this is vital to each of you as a soul, an aspect of creation, not just existing upon your planet, but joyfully living in every way possible.

    We are grateful to each of you for the opportunity to assist you. Be in peace.

    End of transmission.

    To visit Meg's web site click here:


    A prayer by Steve Mcintosh,

    Dear Heavenly Father and Universal Mother:

    If it be in accordance with your will,

    I pray that this new age in human history

    be a time of spiritual renaissance,

    a "second Enlightenment" that will heighten values

    and help everyone to realize their true purpose in life.

    I pray for peace and justice, and love and light.

    I pray for an abundance of beauty, truth and goodness

    in the lives of all the inhabitants of this troubled world.

    May there be harmony, sustainability, and evolutionary progress

    in the physiosphere, the biosphere, and the noosphere.

    Thank you for this gift of consciousness, dear God.


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