Jennifer Hoffman: The Energies of October

  • The Energies of October

    By Jennifer Hoffman – October 1, 2012

    We’re moving closer to that anticipated date of December 21, 2012. But the date we need to really think about is December 22 because life, the earth, the universe will all go on. The question is, where do we want it to go and what do we want to be doing?

    It is more important than ever that we focus on our day-to-day journey now, as with each step, choice, lesson and experience, we are shifting the dynamics of our entire Ascension path. And October brings us some important energy to encourage us to start taking action on what we have learned. In fact, the keywords for this month are ‘reclaim’ and ‘repurpose’.

    There are several major events in October that present opportunities for us to reclaim and repurpose our energy. The first is the movement of Saturn from Libra, where it has been since October 2009, to Scorpio. This also takes us full circle from the last Saturn change from Libra to Scorpio, in December 1982.

    What decisions or choices, opportunities or events were happening then that are being repeated now? Saturn in Libra showed us just how much our individual and collective realities have been allowed to get out of balance. For the next 3 years we can go within to discover where we can restore ourselves internally so we face the world from a more balanced and empowered place.

    We are learning from what is happening in the world that outer power is an illusion if it doesn’t have an inner Source. We also have Mercury entering its shadow on October 18 as it prepares to retrograde in November. And we have the ongoing effects of the Uranus/Pluto square that are shaking out anything that is not aligned or in integrity with our highest purpose, even if we don’t really want to see it. All of our wounds, insecurities, misalignments, misconnections and fears are presenting themselves for release. Decide to let them go because they are a huge energy drain that impacts your energy levels and how you process new energy downloads.

    Whether it happened in the last two minutes or twenty years ago, every traumatic situation holds a piece of our energy and light and we unintentionally and unconsciously sustain those connections energetically. Then our energy feels scattered and unbalanced, because we can’t focus on our present journey with so much of our energy glued to distant past events.

    New energy downloads are also leaked out to these past traumas so they prevent you from experiencing a shift in energetic frequency because you are not fully integrating the new frequencies, they are being leaked out to your scattered energetic parts. When we reclaim our energy we call back those pieces of light and energy that have been sustaining realities we no longer wish to experience. We repurpose this energy the moment we decide that we are ready to make different choices.

    Repurposing energy simply means that we use it within the context of a different purpose than we have in the past. If our former purpose has been to heal, then our new purpose is to put our healing into action. It’s easy to get stuck in healing cycles, repeating our healing and never moving forward. We have learned, cleared, healed, and released so much, it is now time to re-purpose that energy and start thinking about our lives beyond healing.

    It’s time to set powerful intentions because we have everything we need for them to manifest. The only thing that can limit us is not having all of our energy to support our intention, from the energy that is leaking into our past traumas. Once we clear them, we are free to move on.

    Our mastery path requires 100% of our energy so as we move into October, pay attention to any areas where you may be leaking energy, any places of regret, judgment, fear, lack of self love, anger or criticism. Remember that you are leaking energy into each of those places and reclaim your energy so you can use it to fully empower your life in this moment.

    And as you reclaim your energy, remember to repurpose it too, set a new intention for it, one that empowers your dreams, supports your soul’s desire for your highest good, greatest energetic expression, and being in-joy in your heaven on earth.

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  • No wonder we feel so tired at times - leaking all our energies out to people and past situations when we should be using it for ourselves to reach our present goals. Or else allowing others to steal the energy away from us while we passively pretend there is nothing we can do or that it's right and loving to 'give your all' to other people. Regret, guilt and anger are such a waste of our time and energy.

  • I agree.

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