Quick reading? someone? should i travel in few hours or not_?

  • my college started, and im sick, but i want to go today, but i need to travel a lot, and i dont know if it is good idea to go?

    my sign is virgo

  • yes, I drew the Knight of Pentacles so that is motion for sure. Pentacles Knight takes it slow and easy though, so take plenty of rest stops or whatever you need to do?

    Then the 9 of pentacles so that seems to show a successful conclusion of the trip.

    Hope that helps nency... I pray you get to feeling better.

  • thank you, i didnt go yesterday, i had fever, i fall asleep really quick and that dosent happen ever.

    So i visited my doctor today, and i got antibiotics. I really wanted to go, but last time i was going somewhere sick, i ended up in hospital.

    So i hope i will go 3 or 4 october with my dad.

    And can you please tell me, will i find place to live soon( this week maybe) cause college alreadx started, and i dont have a place to live there 😕

    Thank you again, i hope i get well soon

  • Hey nency

    Sri you are contending with that illness thing I wish it out of your life.

    I drew the Hanged Man (present condition, which is you taking it easy as you get better)

    then 2 ACES, Ace cups and Ace swords

    So according to the cards, YES you should be finding a place soon!

    best wishes


  • thank you a lot , im going tomorrow to look at some places 🙂

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