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  • Hey fluffy ninja

    Is that 2/7/90 as in Feb 7 90? Sometimes folks place the month second. If its Feb 7 90 then you are Aquarius with a LOT of activity in Capricorn. So while you are dreamy about love, and very open and flexible by nature, the actual way love gets expressed for you is very down to earth, practical and sometimes you may be hesitant to take a risk (caps can be calculating the pros and cons).

    Your Moon is down there in Cancer along with Jupiter and Chiron, so that would seem to say that you dream of love that is very home-oriented and family is very important to you, you have emotional needs there that are realized in a developed family or home environment. So all of your Capricorn practicality is balanced by a very emotional, kind of mystical family love life. I know that sounds weird. Maybe you kinda like weird... Aquarius... can be into some unusual things just for fun. So I would say the perfect partner would be someone down in that area, Cancer, Leo. Ideally a partner whose sun is on the cusp between Leo and Cancer would seem to be nice for you.

    Of course if your birthdate is actually July 2, then all of that may not apply haha...

    Okay the cards...

    I ended up with 9 cards for you. 9's are completion, so that is already energy that is wanting to complete your desire for love, finish that, set you in an amazing place in love. So we are off to a good start.

    Death (nun, or 'fish" in the Kabbalah) - well this is simply a sign that you may be experiencing a lot of growth right now.. intense at times maybe, as your life is evolving, developing, and preparing you for love. You are looking at life with searching eyes, you like to take walks by yourself. Maybe some tears at times as you feel your emotions how beautiful they are and you seek to understand your heart. So you are a very searching person, not afraid to look at facts, open, desiring the highest, best possible relationship and life for yourself. So you in a 'transformation' path, so I am guessing that the proper companion for you is someone who is also in a path like yours, deeply searching for God, the Universe, true love, truth in all things.

    Then the Knight of Swords, the Page of Cups and the King of Swords all in order.. so wow, that looks very positive for a person of interest entering - Soon!

    Then the Ace of Wands is saying YES! to that, and then we have some pentacle adjustment (5 and a 4 leading to a stable physical setting) so you and this person could be establishing some real solid physical connections by point 6 on the timeline. Could be 6 days, 6 weeks, 6 months. I am not that good at predicting time frames, someone else on the forum here is probably better at that sort of thing. However I do see the 'relationship' beginning soon, like point 2,3,4, so that could be days, weeks or months. I want to say weeks - why not? Or why not say days! How long do you want to be waiting for love? Why not dream it happens today I say!!! : )

    After the pentacle adjustments there is another "Yes" wand the 2... then the FOOL card I would guess is the Marriage for sure. So by point 9, you are getting married is what I see. Get a good pre nup. Talk everything, everything, everything over with them, everything before you sign on the dotted line.

    My gut tells me these are months. Maybe 9 months? 9 months... hmm... The Fool could also be portending a baby's birth... however for that to happen something will need to be developing for you in a relationship very soon. WIth that Cancer Moon of yours unless I read the wrong date you would love love love to get a family going asap I bet. You would be a wonderful mother, with all of that Cappy practicality in you. Along with dreamy Aquarian freedom to embrace the fullest potential of your 3 children.

    Hope that helps? blessings to you!


  • Here are the cards....

  • Omg thanks for this reading. 🙂 i was checking the forum and this made my day lols. but im a feb 7 birthday so you are right!! and you are very spot on as always on my current situation. my feelings have been intense lately something i havent felt in a while. its strange how you pick up on it!!! but i do have one concern... do i happen to know this guy like mutual friends or did he come out of thin air lols 🙂

  • Okay, well I can look at this...

    "do i happen to know this guy like mutual friends or did he come out of thin air?"

    Knight of Cups, 6 of Cups, and the 9 of Pentacles

    I want to say this is someone you have known - none of these cards are "thin air" cards (swords or wands) so I believe this is trying to say someone you know.

    Knight of Cups could be showing some aspect of a past "emotional" connection of some sort with him.

    The 6 cups is often connected with a past relationship or rekindling something from the past. It is a nice love card for sure! Could be someone you have had a working relationship with.

    The 9 pentacles is VERY solid and grounded energy, so this seems to hint at someone near at hand? Could also be a clue as to this person's financial/material life being very established and solid.

    That is what I got


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