AstraAngel your in sight appreciated

  • Hi AstraAngel,

    I'm cleaning out my emotion closet these past few months. Challenging to keep focus on my intentions but I remain determined. I most would like to have my house sell this month-its been on market 6 mo now & to meet a man ready to give & receive love & enter into a love relationship w me.

    Your insight & honesty is appreciated



  • Hi Amused

    I just did this reading for you and it really spoke to me, you have good news coming I do believe!

    I tried this "multi-level" reading where I have a piece of glass on some cups, and it allows me to bring cards up and down depending on their congruencies. It is a nifty way to see how the energies are working and what points on your path you "ascend" to higher places and enjoy a higher perspective.

    Anyway, I see where your home sells! Looks to me like around a "5" mark, so that could be 5 days, or 5 weeks. Hopefully not months!

    We start out in the lower room, with a 7 of pentacles so that seems to express your "longings" to get that house sold! 7's are all dreaming and imagining energies.

    Then the 6 of swords which sounds like your "intentions" energies, cool, calm and focused this is a very nice intellectual energy, so keep your thinking steady as you are doing.

    Then - ah - A 3 of Pentacles so we are getting warm on this house selling, this is a very nice "working" energy, where things are in motion, the buyers are there, they are checking it out, looking it over, there are communications...

    Then, a Page of Pentacles. So, how about that, a little love all of a sudden pops out of nowhere.

    I want to say that right in the midst of this house selling, or closing, someone nice enters your life. Isn't that just like heaven to mix things up to keep us awake haha. So, a Page of emotions and feelings, so this encounter is nice and innocent. So things begin smooth......

    Then - bang! the house sells here. How do we know that? Because now we draw the Magician card and in Kabbalah that card means - HOUSE! Isn't that cool? It's the Hebrew word "beth" for house. PLUS.. this card is congruent with the one before which sends it to the "upper room". (or the layer of glass I have on some cups). The congruency is because the Page of Cups shares the same "cup dots" as the Magician card, and so the card's energies are very compatible.

    Also with the 4 cups within the Magician card that seems to continue this burgeoning love that you are starting to experience. So I feel good that by (I want to say week) 5 you should have that home sold.

    So now your life is on a higher level... and we continue the path around. Your home is sold... your love life is developing... and all of this may have your head spinning a little because the next card is the

    8 of Wands, and that is touching the Magician card (house) so those are GREAT energies to get that to sell FAST! So you have a lot of help above working to move that.

    Then the Queen of Pentacles, and that is you in a very happy, complete, house sold and monetarily you must be a great shape here. Then...

    The Moon... and I want to say that this is picking up on the relationship again. So some night time romance here, maybe some questions, a little mystery it all feels like love to me.

    Then the lovely temperance card which is all about mixing and blending, another very nice love card as you come into union with this person...

    Then the Page of Swords some messages surrounding this...

    And then, The High Priestess which takes you to an even higher level and she is all about secrets, mysteries and very nice spiritual progress for you. I think she is "ovbershadowing" your dialogues with this person of interest, and helping to keep that moving along.

    So I see your house selling within 5 weeks and a person also entering about the same time! I see your life largely concerned with the home for a while. Selling and moving... and this relationship seems to be flowing along nicely... nothing too dramatic, just the right amount of love and friendliness.

    Your reading ends with the High Priestess who is such an amazing card to have show up in a reading - very positive vibes about you and your questions. I see some fantastic developments coming very quickly! Yippie!

    So in your life right now the High Priestess energy is very strong and helping you. I would encourage you to read up on that card in some of the good Tarot books. The High Priestess in the Kabbalah is gimel or 'camel' and speaks of trade and commerce too. So if in your life situation you are needing commerce, travel, business connections, and just connections with people in general this card is a great talisman to channel that higher energy into your life. If you have a tarot deck you could leave that card out where you look at it.

    You are working with Magician, Moon, Temperance and the High Priestess as your major life energies at the moment.

    Wouldn't surprise me that you meet "someone" in the course of the house sale, who you develop something with. I would look for a Magic looking person... maybe he walks into that house to look it over... he wants to see the kitchen... "certainly, right over here." He wants to see the living room... "sure thing, it's over here... (and he smiles)".

    Then he asks to see the Master Bedroom... "ABSOLUTELY! Follow me..."

    Nice. : )

  • Oh oops... I meant the Page of CUPS not pentacles after the 3 of pentacles.

  • WooHoo!! I'll keep the High Priestess in plain site & let you know what develops.

    thanks for your time & energy on my behalf



  • Hi AstraAngel,

    How are you?

    I have a follow up question, the answer may be follow my instinct but I'm wondering what you meant by look for a Magic looking person? Like on the Magician tarot card? Merlin? or magical in some way to me

    ........."Wouldn't surprise me that you meet "someone" in the course of the house sale, who you develop something with. I would look for a Magic looking person... "



  • Oh I don't know... I can't even remember the reasons for what I wrote... you want I can draw some cards and we can open that out?

    For example. let's ask the Tarot:

    Q: For Aprilca dear Tarot, who or what should she be looking for as this "magic looking person"? Can you provide some details or develop our understanding of this phrase? Thank you Tarot!

    So, now we can draw some cards and see what turns up...

    Center card - page of Pentacles... so I that seems to suggest a younger person. Pentacles I think earth, dark browns. Green. So darker earth color clothes perhaps. Sandy hair. Disarming and friendly, down to earth...

    Now. card to the left. The Magician. Haha... so there is the magic again... The Magician is very colorful too and can be zipping around, surprises. So perhaps this person sort of pops out of nowhere, like all of sudden and there he is!

    Right card... The Sun... day time situation. Could be brightly lit room too! Happy occasion is when you would see him. Celebratory. Seems to be a party even! I can see a large room of folks. Good music haha...

    I hope that gives you some ideas? I think the "magic" is in the fact that when you see him, you will know this is the guy... like magic. That sort of idea perhaps?

    Blessings to you too! I feel excited for you like something very nice is developing for you : )


  • AstaAngel,

    Thanks for this reading you've brightened my day. Your generosity is much appreciated. Sure has been a roller coaster of emotions lately, have you felt it? I'm up for some magic & hopefully magical moments with a special guy....... I'll keep you posted about my house selling & this new guy entering my life.......both will definitely add sparkle to my life........

    Hope something or someone adds sparkle to your life



  • Hi AstraAngel,

    How are you? I live where its very cold now 6 F & windchill below 0 F!!

    I'm writing to let you know I sold my house 7 moved in Dec to a house of my dreams! It was a stressful event but I'm here & quite happy. I have been getting out & participating in singles' events but have yet to meet anyone. I wonder if you have any insight as to a new guy entering my life?

    Thanks for your time on my behalf


  • Hi amused59

    Hey that is wonderful news on your new place! Good for you I know that had to be a really wonderful development, and getting out to meet people, sounds to me like very nice things happening for you... and the cold weather, yeah. not as cold here, snow sticking around though. 9 windchill, that is a little nippy for sure. Add a few extra logs to that fire you have going. 🙂

    Okay, I drew some cards... looking at you... I could run through all of the cards, the answer however is YES you have someone new entering pretty quick. A Magician dude. Then... 9 of cups, that is the two of you in heaven... very happy together. Judgment (resurrection) ascending together I believe... 3 of wands, something very beautiful in a path together. Yearning, the two of you yearning... for that happiest, most rewarding work of heart together. This appears to be something really amazing... like the Ace of Swords at the end. A new idea, something that is brilliant, simple, so lovely, it takes all of these swords from the past and hammers them into one sword of divine beauty. This is a sword of love, and it has this one thought, that you can't keep a good person down... forever.

    Yes, he is out there for sure... loves you already I am sure...

    love and light,


  • Hi Astrangel,

    Thanks. Seems the Magician keeps coming up, that's amazing to me. I'll keep getting myself out there, enjoying life & hope to meet him soon. I doubt he'll come knocking at my door -but you never know!! I'll keep you posted

  • That is funny that you just posted this as I wrote a short post on how it is the girls that fall in love with a boy and then the boy reflects back her love to him. So the guys are wasting energy chasing girls. it is a joke. You (the females) are falling in love with a specific male, and then you just have to wait for the wheel to turn to bring you together. The guys are clueless really... the females are the ones in control and determining everything, you are all angels. The guys are dumb as rocks.

  • astra ure making the girls chase the boys!!!!

    why dont they chase us and make us feel secure???


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