Hi Captain!

  • How are you doing? I am okay.

    I was working on my flight instructor certificate and had to stop for a few weeks because of jury duty and my liver appointment this Tuesday. While at class, I was offered an interview for a regional airline once I complete my training (next week i hope).

    My family has given their support if I get hired. So, the big question, is do you see this as a good route? I hope to make it to a major airline one day.

    Also, after this dr appointment and the blood tests (I will get it after my training), do you see all returning to normal and i can live a normal life? i started running and had a race today and was i slow and sore.

    I hope you are doing well and watching lots od dr who.

  • Yes to both questions. But don't push your body too hard at first. You have had a long illness and your system is only starting to get used to wellness. Psychologically too it will take you quite some time to fully believe in your good health. Small steps...

  • I think i have post traumatic stress from this whole thing. i am going to talk to a specialist (non medical) just to get a grip on my mental state.

    I will see my new liver dr tomorrow. i know my primary dr is not worried so i know i will be okay.,.plus you are right on target 🙂

    now, if you could only see what airline hires me lol.

    do you see anything elsr on the horizon, both good or bad?

    thanks again!

  • Yes I feel a new job coming but I'm sorry I don't know what airlines you have over there. Something with a compass direction in it.

    Good idea about the PTS.

  • Thanks! Well there is a compass airlines here 🙂

  • I saw my dr today and she thins its a simple issue. i need to drop 10 pounds and get running and it should be okay. so you were right! thank you again!

  • Good for you! Full steam ahead...

  • I am still amazed how accurate you are with me. My dr thinks inhave fatty liver from my massive weight loss and gain when i gained it back. I had to eat fatty foods to get back to health but i continued to eat when i was better and not resume running. Now, if i eat and run, all shoild be ok. :).

    Your insights have helped to keep me sane and now i feel i will be ok again.

  • Hi Captain!

    You are right about mentally believing in my good health taking time. I have to stay off the internet especially without a diagnosis lol. My dr thinks i may have fatty liver from the rapid weight loss while sick or eating poorly after I recovered. Of course I beat myself up for either one. If there are complications (corhossis), it can take decades to occur. I hope that is something I dont get. Now, I know you said my liver issue will be ok, but will I ever move on from the worry and just finally understand that I will be ok?

    I had to delay my flight training until the end of the month. I will take the test with the FAA. Not fun, as they fail most the first time. Oh well, I am sure I will do just fine.

    Do you have any new feelings good/bad going on in my life? How far can you sense? I was curious if my liver issue will cause problems down the road. You are the best!!!

  • "will I ever move on from the worry and just finally understand that I will be ok?"

    You don't need a prediction for this - it is your choice (or not) to move on from worry. I just wish you would concentrate on the present and leave the future to take care of itself since it hasn't happened yet. You only have the present moment to live in and enjoy. Stop worrying about "What if?" and enjoy the good health you have earned.

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