Help Interpreting Tarot Love Reading Please

  • Hello,

    I am kind of new to the world of tarot and was hoping that someone with more knowledge/experience could tell me what these cards mean. I received the reading online and did not get a lot of information or details from the reader. Thanks in advance for your time and assistance!

    The questions:

    Will I receive contact from my ex in the next 3 months?

    King of Swords, Queen of Swords, and The Chariot

    What will the outcome for a possible relationship be (marriage, short-term, etc.)?

    Queen of Cups, The Fool, and The Sun

  • Also, please feel free to draw new cards and answer the same questions yourself :). Would LOVE to hear your insights!

  • hi aquarius79

    I saw your cards and it seems pretty clear that YES to that first question. And all of those 2nd question cards all seem to also say YES to a marriage, these are all fantastic cards for a love to develop here! Yay!

    I will also draw some cards I am also curious to see what I come up with to these questions...

    For the first question - Will I receive contact from my ex in the next 3 months?

    I drew

    9 of swords - King of Swords (appearing again) - 4 of swords

    SO there are all of the swords again! Swords are all thoughts and communications so I think the tarot is trying to say yes there is a lot of thoughts and words flying back and forth here. the 4 of swords seems to show some kind of peace made, or quietness, stability. Maybe issues are addressed and put to bed. Your chariot seems to say SOON!

    Your next question:

    What will the outcome for a possible relationship be (marriage, short-term, etc.)?

    King of Wands - Hanged Man - THe High Priestess

    Well, I see a King and a hanged man I am thinking a man at the altar. And the High Priestess seems to be whispering to you "Hey, I am watching out for you... even though sometimes life doesn't add up... trust me." So some secrets and mystery here... the presence of the High Priestess in this questions is a most auspicious card of good news for you aquarius79!

    Together with your major cards that you had - The Fool and the Sun... that makes 4 major arcana cards out of the 6 and all of that says Heaven has your situation well in hand and you can trust that it will turn out perfectly, perfectly, perfectly for you.

    Hope that gives you something to consider...

    blessings! Have a nice week.


  • Wow, Astra, you are an absolute DOLL! Thanks very much for taking time out of your day to read for me!

    I will say this, the original reader actually did not see marriage, she said The Fool card means noncommittal, how do you feel about that? Of course, I tend to like your version better 🙂

    The King of Swords coming up twice seems significant, can you tell me more about that card?

    The 9 of Swords seems to be a pretty negative card to pull...

    Also, can you clarify what you mean "man at the altar?" Do you mean marriage?

    Thanks, Astra!!!

  • Hey aquarius79,

    Well, the Fool card is the beginning of "something", a journey, a lesson, a love, something, and since the question involves love, then I would simply say the beginning of love. You have to be a fool to believe in love and Love will demand that of us eventually. There are no short cuts. Non committal? Ask the Fool (as he is falling headlong off the cliff) about that "noncommittal" step he took as he walked off the precipice.

    Readers all vary in how they interpret the cards, there are no set rules. I would find a reader you are really comfortable with and trust, and stick with one. (I may not be helping). People aren't doing themselves much good getting too many differing viewpoints. Actually to be quite honest, NO one should be doing any readings for anyone, the Tarot was intended to be a private and personal dialogue between you and Spirit to help you evolve, mature, transcend the fleshly aspects of life and set you in higher places. The "readings" people ask for pentacle concerns usually, a person, a thing, a job, a situation... this, that and the other... the best path is to simply draw cards for yourself and then dialogue about it with your guardian angel (Spiritual Jesus Christ) and let the understanding develop over time.

    Anyway... sri didn't mean to get off on a tangent there...

    9 of swords is not negative at all, it is only negative because someone once painted a picture of a woman crying in bed late at night and ever since then people concluded it is bad news. She could be laughing as we can't see her face! Typical negative conclusions reached for no good reason. (we do not need more negative junk in our lives including doom and gloom sword interpretations. I say the 9 of swords is the best card in the Tarot, next to the 3 and 10 of swords. The 10 is even better as it shows you in great place intellectually while at the same time being offered some new options.

    Swords are simply referring to the "air" and so back centuries ago perhaps, the tool that worked in the air was a sword, slicing the air, separating thoughts into logical sequences and order. So a 9 of swords is the absolute PERFECT place to be in your thinking, solid, developed, mature, steady and with "all the dots connected". 9's are always fulfillment, so a 9 of anything is conveying fulfillment energies I don't care what the suit is, The suits really don't matter it is the number they represent that are the essential energies. Angel numbers. Numerology.

    ANyway that's my 2 cents which is 2 cents more than what the real value is haha....

    Sri... got off there again...

    The King of Swords appearing twice would seem to emphasize this as a person and not simply King energies (which are resting and releasing.) So I would say someone of interest for sure.

    Man at the altar, I see the Hanged Man and I sometimes think of the marriage "altar". A place where they tie your hands with a bunch of dumb vows that no one can keep. We should be professing our LOVE for one another and part paths as soon as it is going nowhere positive. Forget vows, get a good pre-nup and vow nothing. Some may not agree with me.

    Here I will draw some cards to look more at this King of Swords...

    King of Wands - (he) is creative, passionate about life, mature, wise and has his path well in order, someone you can trust to make smart choices.

    The Star - (he) is a very optimistic person and will always see the bright side of any situation. His disposition is very sunny and cheerful, he has probably known some adversity in life and has had to arrive at his own truth apart from the pain of the past. He is also very tender, kind, gentle, appreciative, empathetic, nurturing. He sees both sides, he waits to make a decision sometimes as he considers all the angels. I mean Angles. 🙂

    The 8 of Pentacles, (he) is very down to earth and a hard worker. He knows burns the midnight oil quite often. He doesn't give up. He is practical and you will not be having to play games with him.

    A lot of pentacles in his cards, (4 pents in the Star card) = 12 = 1+2 - 3, so this person is very successful with his career and work. And 3 wands in the King card shows him as a very strategic and thoughtful "life planner" who is a visionary. A single sword within the Star card shows him to be very bright, kind of an "idea person" who dares to think outside the box (we could use a few more of those types these days) and (his) love style may be all about trying new things. Surprise picnics, adventures, unexpected detours just for fun!

    The Universe - Divine will, sort of a universe's offical seal of approval. Fulfillment, the "they lived happily ever after" card.

    3 of Pentacles - another great "career" card to go along with the 8, so the work, income, aspects and the physical aspects in general with (him) are solid, dependable, sure-footed, skillful and dependable.

    And the 4 of Cups is the Manifestation of love, that is mature and established, you can build a family on a four of cups love, that is quiet and reverent emotional bonds, spiritual connections, with much room to grow and deepen the relationship.

    Hey I hope that gives you more to consider? Weigh it in your own heart and you could interpret these cards for yourself too. You may see some other cool things about this! We all have a unique viewpoint, no one is any more "gifted" at this than anyone else. Some just play with it more is all. I happen to be up late because the cat woke me up at midnight and so I saw your reply and wanted to respond.


  • Sorry for the late reply, AstraAngel. I just wanted to open by saying THANK YOU to you and your kitty (for waking you) for your help!! You exceeded all my expectations! Clearly, you know your stuff!

    Regarding The Fool card, I think she was saying it's not a serious commitment/long-term relationship kind of card. But, like you said, everyone interprets the cards differently. Couldn't it also mean a fresh start with someone new?

    Also, can the Queen of Cups represent his mother? I am wondering if she will come in between us (originally pulled for the outcome with The Fool and The Sun).

    That is the first I have heard that people should not be doing readings for anyone other than themselves. I have tried reading for myself, but I always find the cards don't really fit or make sense to me. Then again, I am new to tarot and don't really feel connected to my cards or the spiritual world just yet. I meditate, I pray, I ask for signs, yet I don't get anything. I would think it's better to get someone else to read for us because they can look at matters objectively, it's very difficult to do that for yourself.

    I really appreciate the fact you view the cards in your own way and put a more positive spin on them. I think I get caught up in what the cards are supposed to mean, rather than what they mean to me. I feel like there is a right and wrong interpretation. It's interesting you think the 3, 9, and 10 of swords are the best cards, as they kept coming up in my readings immediately following the worst breakup and heartache of my life (with the person I enquired about). I associate those cards with that difficult time, and wince when I see them now. I'm curious why you feel the suits don't matter, don't all the suits mean different things? If they didn't matter, why have different suits, why not just have numbers? I am also learning about numerology, so thanks for the insights.

    Okay, so you think The King of Swords is a person (probably my ex, since that's who I asked about). What does it mean when a person appears in a reading?

    Ha, that's one way of looking at marriage. I have never thought of the Hanged Man as a marriage altar. I would think it depends on how you view marriage for the Hanged Man to represent a wedding altar, no?

    Okay, so regarding all the clarification cards on the King of Swords (the cards you drew do sound like my ex), it appears he is very focused on his career (I would agree to this, and think it might have something to do with why things ended). It would also seem he is available for a loving relationship, but hard to say if it's with me or not, lol. I know you told me to weigh things in my own heart, but this is where things get clouded and muddled, I just don't know. I know what I would like to happen, but I also have my doubts. Based on what you've drawn and the previous cards I provided, how can you reconcile my 2 questions? You seem very positive and optimistic that I will hear from him, and we will have a happy future together. I, on the other hand, am not so certain...

    Sending a BIG cyber hug to you ^^. Thank you for your kindness and guidance!

  • Hey aquarius

    You are welcome, thanks for your insights too! I am still learning.

    Regarding the Fool card, I have read from one Tarot author that whenever that card comes up, the reading is over. In other words it is sort of locked door or something. I dunno, I just see it as a leap of faith, or trust in some situation is being asked.

    Yes, certainly that Q cups can mean his mother... I wish we were face to face, so that kind of dialogue can happen... maybe some smart person will eventually figure out how to make tarot forums more interactive like Skype or something so we can have a real conversation around readings, and not just me saying a bunch of stuff.. that may or may not be right depending on what is going on in your life. Were we in person, then you could have mentioned that during the reading and we could begin to dialogue about that and the reading would then be more alive, real.

    As for people not reading for one another, I probably mis spoke, There is nothing "wrong" with all of these readings for one another, they are fun.... as long as they are fun. It places a lot of responsibility on a reader to "get it right" when we read for one another and I don't need that to shoulder. Which causes me to conclude that the true "higher energy" place for the Tarot is for personal use only. However I like giving readings too...

    The sword cards, well we could go round and round on that forever. The "consensus" is that there are certain swords which mean something not so nice... and that is where I have an issue. However I am not going to bother to try to change the prevailing meanings, people want them to mean gloom, that is up to them. I think sometimes the "sorrow" of certain cards can be an emotion addiction to sadness, so that we "relive" the pain of the past as it causes the lousy memories to return... oh no... the 3 of swords... yes, I remember what happened back there with so and so... WHO CARES what happened back there it doesn't matter and I am not interested in repeating those crappy experiences, so I prefer to see the Swords as GREAT CARDS of intellectual power and mastery, not some dire prediction of how someone else feels about me. whatever.

    The suits matter... the numbers matter... you can draw a pile of cards though and reduce the whole thing down to one number if you want.

    For example, I drew these cards this morning, 9 of them.

    Page C, Strength, Temperance, Page of Wands, Tower, High Priestess, 5 Pentacles, Lovers, and 8 Swords.

    I can reduce ALL of that to one number. Watch.

    Page Cups = 2

    Strength = 7

    Temperance = 7

    Page Wands = 2

    Tower = 7

    High Priestess = 0

    5 Pentacles = 5

    Lovers = 3

    8 swords = 8

    So, add all those number up and you get 41 and 41 reduces (4 + 1) = 5.

    So for me right now in my life at this moment, 5, or change energies are the prevailing number energy, so I am experiencing some shifting and adjustments right now (which I can attest to).

    So it depends.... that is the wonderful thing about the Tarot it opens up so many fun ways to use it, interpret it, and receive good things from above. I have even used it to receive communications from extraterrestrials, although I can't prove it. I have jokingly considered the possibility that the Tarot is alien technology, that ET uses symbol sets to create reality. So all they have to do to integrate their existence into a new planet to colonize, is "seed" the Tarot into the race history... and wait... eventually the tarot - along with any other consciousness raising toy, will bring the planet's population into the same "mind" as ET, and they colonize that way. Sound weird? I have lot more weird stuff where that came from haha....

    You can even play games with the cards... I have been playing around with some games with them. Also gambling, you can use a Tarot deck as a great card deck for gambling purposes, like Tarot Stud Poker, Tarot Hold'em. And so on. Its basically just a deck of playing cards with some extra cards thrown in for fun. (the modern Joker card in most decks is the Fool card from the Tarot)

    I wont charge you for that.

    King of Swords... well, he popped up twice, so that means one of 2 things.


    A) this is in fact a person of interest, maybe your ex...


    B) The reading is focusing on you releasing something in your thought life that you need to let go of. And that could be your "ex".

    In general we are all better FORGETTING whoever is in our past, all of it. And focus on connecting with Spirit and let Spirit work that sort of thing out or not as Spirit wills.

    It comes down to Thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven. Whoever is at the helm of this thing is calling the shots, not me. So I am happy to submit to that higher power and let him/her/it bring the ex's back, or consign them to the history books. Fine with me either way I am moving on.

    The Hanged Man. I made some dumb association with that and Marriage a while back and it gives me a chuckle... let's say you "think" you fall in love with someone, and you "think" they are as wonderful as apple pie... then you get "married" with the vows, and instead of it being something wonderful, it turns out to be a "who is in control" contest... well in that case the Hanged Man represents you being "bound" in a situation that you are helpless in. You are "hung" and basically receive the shaft in the relationship. Happens a lot.

    However, the Hanged man in general (to me) is only a sign of sort of stuck, but still having a good time. Like writing a novel while in prison...

    As for your last paragraph... I would say the Healthier choice for you (and I am not "drawing cards" here I am just talking to you as a friend) is, to forget him. If there is nothing really happening with that relationship you are expending energy hoping to bring something about that may not materialize... while other, probably much better candidates are crossing your path every day.

    I know that is in contradiction to the reading, and I gave you some positive signs... as I am a positive person (or pretend to be sometimes) and am always looking for that silver lining... there is nothing really wrong with hoping someone returns though, Its just that I personally wouldn't waste time doing readings about stuff like that. I can do that for you if you want... is it really helping?

    So, now... let me draw some cards! : ) ANd we can see what the cards say (although it is really only me sharing what the cards call to mind).

    Why not just ask the Tarot straight up,

    Q: Is the King of Swords in the previous readings referring to the ex of aquarius79?

    Knight of Pentacles. Ugh. see, I don't really see that as either a yes or no. What about you? Do you associate him with the Knight of Pentacles?

    This is where a more interactive Tarot interface would be perfect... we could fast track a reading to get to the heart of the matter instead of me shooting in the dark..

    Let me draw some more cards to try and clarify the identity of this King Swords...

    I drew the Queen of Cups, the Ace Swords, the 3 of Cups.

    Without knowing this ex of yours, I would say these cards paint this person (if it is a person) as

    Strong emotional maturity - was your ex emotionally mature, did you really learn a lot watching him, how well he controlled his emotional self? Was he very calm, poised, emotionally?

    The Ace of Swords - represents a very singular thought life, very focused on one thing. A good idea person maybe. Intellectually sharp and clear headed. Sees through the bull easily and get to the heart of the matter quickly. Does that describe your ex?

    The 3 of Cups would be planning energy (3 energy) related to the emotions. So not only is this 'person' emotionally mature, they are also very cheerful and wonderful to be around, always positive and happy and always planning fun things to do in the emotional/feeling realm.

    Does all of that describe your ex? Yes? Then my next question would be with all of that good stuff, why in the world did it end? Sounds like a dream companion to me.

    If that does not exactly describe your ex, then I would say it describes your Guardian Angel and the Heavenly realms - who are your TRUE companion... and THEY will bring you a physical companion who is perfect for you if and when the time is right. Who probably fits all of that description.

    There.... that is a lot to chew on... thanks for letting me share... I make no claim that anything I say is dependable... I have walked a long path in Spirit and still have a lot of questions... I would say pray about it and let the Lord/ess guide your heart aquariius79

    Blessings! and have a wonderful day!

    I wrote too much! 🙂

  • A good prayer to pray for relationship is something like

    Dear Father/Mother in Heaven

    I am your son/daughter and I expect to have a nice person in my life as my mate (hey the animals get them why can't we?)

    So I trust you to bring someone nice and perfect for me, and I release me own efforts to bring anyone back, or find anyone out of my own strength. (Because I have learned that when I seek someone it has not worked out in the past). SO I trust you, to bring me the perfect person when the time is right, you will work it out, and I will spend my time worshipping Spirit and the Higher Realms while you work your magic!

    In Jesus name (or you can put any name there for the Universe, fairies, dragon guardian whatever)


    (I still like Jesus as I grew up in church so Jesus is in my background. I like a fun Jesus though, not this phony religious icon the establishment religions created).

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