Can somone please do a short reading without needing DOB or Astro sign!!!

  • HI!

    can someone please do a love reading for me. what do you see for me in my love life for 2013? will i remain single or start a relationship and if so when?

    thank you


  • You won't have to wait until 2013.

    You have someone new entering in November according to the cards! (Ace of Cups in November).


    Dec 2012 - Planning a role with this person ( 3 wands)

    Jan 2013 - Dreams of love's possibilities! (7 cups)

    Feb - Hope and bright tomorrows! (The Star)

    March - A new identity for you, happy and a love life! (Ace of Wands)

    April - Material/financial adjustments... no problem. It will work out. (5 pentacles)

    May - Mastering your thoughts. Some concerns about that April adjustment, no problem you have it together. (Queen of Swords)

    June - Identity adjustments. You and him figuring out the details. (5 of wands)

    July - Affirming a new identity. What you chose is working for you. (2 of Wands)

    Aug - agreeing with your decision to do this. All systems go! (2 of Swords)

    Sept - Mastering your path. Feels good, keep it going! (Queen of Wands)

    Oct - Taking a physical risk (could be a move)! (Page of Pentacles)

    Nov - Dreams of role/path. NEVER stop dreaming! 🙂 (7 wands)

    Dec - Focusing on LOVE. Forever... (Knight of Cups)

    October of this year shows you focused mostly on your physical life, practical and wise material choice. I hope that blesses you!


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